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How to Develop Your Psychic Skills and Raise Your Consciousness | NLP

Reminiscing NLP #2 By Abby Eagle (2019)

How to develop your psychic skills and raise your consciousness

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In the second article in this series I will continue to share with you my exploration of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Meditation. In the previous article I told you about Dynamic Meditation and some of the factors that led to my first out-of-body experience. In this article I want to share with you what I learned about psychic skills, hypnosis and NLP – back in the early days.

So in 1984 I took Sannyas and joined up with the Orange People in Fremantle, Western Australia. Jesse Green, an American Psychologist who was a member of the group delivered a weekly class on psychic skills. She had recently moved from the US to Australia soon after completing an NLP Practitioner Training with Richard Bandler in the US.

So let me set some pre frames. Our primary interest was in meditation and personal development. We practised our psychic skills not because we wanted to be New Age Tarot readers but because we wanted to use our psychic skills to explore consciousness. And then with that foundation Jesse introduced me to NLP and then to hypnosis. So that introduction may be quite different to how others entered into the field of NLP.

Anyway I was so captivated by NLP that I bought all the early NLP books by Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Steve and Connirae Andreas, Robert Dilts and others. But let’s focus on the psychic skills training for a bit. If you have watched some of my previous videos you would know that I am quite logical and rational – and that I don’t get into airy fairy stuff. So stay with me.

What we would do is sit around in a circle on the floor - about eight to ten of us. Then we would choose one person to do a reading on. The rest of us would tune into that person and then in turn we would share our psychic pickup – intuition – insight – whatever you would like to call it. We called it a psychic pickup. Each person would do it differently. Some would talk in visual terms, others in auditory terms while others were more kinaesthetic. And then depending upon the person’s personality type and cognitive functions they would express and interpret the information differently. I hope I’m not losing you?

You know there are different personality types, right? The Myers Briggs is the best known personality typing tool. You can follow it back to Jung and then back to China. The main cognitive functions are Introversion and Extroversion, Intuition and Sensing, Thinking and Feeling, and Judging and Perceiving. You can read more about those on my website.

So we would all sit around and tune into one person – then each person would share their pickup. It was amazing because not only did it give us a more rounded understanding of the other person – and at the same time benefit the person being read – but it also enabled us to tune into aspects of ourselves – and develop our less used cognitive functions.

So are you interested in learning how to do a psychic reading?

We start with the premise that you have a biocomputer. A biocomputer is a tool – an interface - with which you can communicate and tap into the power of your unconscious mind and much more.

So imagine for a moment that you have a biocomputer. It has a visual screen, a sound card, a microphone and you can physically type in commands. Every command you input will get an outcome which will be outputted either in the visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory or gustatory modalities.  The output will tend to be in your preferred representational system. That is visual, auditory or kinaesthetic. My pickups are either in pictures and videos or in a voice.

The key to using the biocomputer successfully is to be able to put your mind aside and this is where regular practice of a meditation is enormously useful. Start by relaxing the body, blanking out your visual screen and quietening down, softening and having your internal dialogue support rather than hinder you. The next step is to move from focussing on internally generated thoughts ('In')  to being receptive to input from outside of yourself ('Out'). This is also known as 'uptime' or being in sensory awareness to your environment.

Awareness and judicial use of your biocomputer gives you much more control over what is going on in your mind and body than you may have thought possible. Every program you consciously or unconsciously input into your biocomputer will get an outcome. For example, if you say to yourself,  “This won't work”, then the outcome will be that either 'it' doesn't work or you find yourself in a mental state where you are closed and unreceptive to the fact that it could or maybe it is working. Also if you input sloppy programs you will get sloppy outcomes. This is what can happen to people who do ill-formed goal setting; they get ill-formed results.

So you need to be very clear about what you are doing inside of your mind. It runs twenty four hours a day and it's your mind so you might as well get it working for you rather than against you. When I work with a client I talk about helping them get from the back seat into the drivers seat of their life. Part of that is the conscious use of questions, statements and commands.

The biocomputer is used in psychic work for exploring maps of consciousness, doing energy readings and psychic pickups. In the initial stages practising with simple exercises helps you to clearly identify the subtle responses and outcomes. 

Every state of consciousness including the one you are in now can be mapped and described. As soon as you describe your state you can start moving with awareness into various altered states. The next step is to notice how your state changes when you tune into another person and this is the key to tracking energy and doing accurate psychic pickups.

1. Relax: Sit in your best meditation posture and move into peripheral sensing, in all modalities. That is visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.
2. Centre your self: Bring your awareness down into your belly and your pelvis.
3. Expand: Sense that you can touch the walls and ceiling with your hands, back, front and head.
4. Own the space: Allow yourself to be full of space, to expand and to encompass everything in the vicinity.
5. Uptime: - Put in a command to be in sensory awareness to the object of the pickup.
6. Tune in: Input a clear, specific command into your biocomputer. For example, to tune into the first dimension.
7. Trust: That what you are now sensing in VAKOG is the pickup.
8. Verbalise: Verbalise your experience in the present tense.

Typically the first aspect of your pickup will be like the first scene from a movie, the first note from a song, or the first line from a story or the first step on a path. Once you start describing it the story will unfold. At first this can be difficult because you are building new synaptic connections in the brain but with practise it becomes easier. So once you have given the command to tune in then you trust that what you say will be the pickup. I tell you it works – it is part of the procedure that I use for exploring memories around the birth and past life memories.

Anyway the information tends to come fairly complete within a few seconds. This is also how a number of famous artists, composers and writers have related how they receive their inspiration. The pickup usually comes quickly and easily, however the challenging part is translating the symbolism or getting it down onto paper.

Learn to trust because if you start doubting then the doubting thoughts will be the program going into your biocomputer hence you will get a 'doubtful' response.

With your biocomputer you can explore any state of consciousness imaginable. You can go to Atlantes, go to Faerie land, do accurate energy readings and psychic pickups, and track clients through bodywork sessions and much more.

Some years ago I asked a friend to take note of where she was at 12.00pm on a certain day. I told her that I would tune into the location at that time. I got some obscure shapes and pictures in my mind. There was a sail shape and then also an image of a bridge over a local creek. It turns out that she was at Elephant Rock Café which is on the beach in Currumbin on the Gold Coast. The building has two levels and it has sail structures – which in retrospect made sense.

I also asked my friend to give me the map co-ordinates of three places in the world. Just the numbers. I tuned into the first and got a shape which I drew on paper. I also got images of large ships docked at a wharf. It turned out that the shape was the same as a piece of coastline in northern Europe with those map co-ordinates.

The next set of co-ordinates gave me images of a desert location somewhere in Australia. That was correct.

But the next one was weird. I got images of being deep under the ocean with images of a large shark. It was scary. When I checked the map I found that the location was off the coast of South Africa.

So if you are interested in developing your psychic skills I’ll give you a form exercise to get some practise in using you biocomputer. What we do is explore dimensional states. Starting with the first dimension, then explore the second, third, fourth and fifth.

Tuning into dimensional states is useful for becoming familiar with your biocomputer, recognising the shifts in consciousness and learning to expand your energy. When exploring any psychic state look for shifts in boundaries, colours, identity, feelings, your heart, personality and height. It’s important to note that you cannot understand this intellectually, it has to be an experiential exploration from within the dimensional state.

So imagine that you have a biocomputer. 1. Sit in your best meditation posture and move into peripheral sensing. 2. Centre your self. 3. Get the sense that you can expand and can touch the walls and ceiling with your hands, back, front and head. 4. Own the space. 5. Be in uptime: - be in sensory awareness. 6. Tune in - input a specific command into your biocomputer. For example, to tune into the first dimension. 7. Trust that what you are now sensing in VAKOG is the pickup. 8. Verbalise your experience in the present tense.

So the command that you input to your biocomputer is: “Tune into the first dimension.” Hit the enter key and then take note of the visual and auditory thoughts that arise in the mind – take note of how you feel – and then verbalise your experience.

1. The First Dimension
You should find that the first dimension is like a tiny dot, a single point, it is solid, it has a tightness around the heart. A feeling of contraction. There is a tightness in the forehead – the head is sunk in. It is like the scientist focussed in on a tiny detail. It has a false clarity about it - it has a narrow focus like a straw. One corridor. You can kill for what you want. There is no other. People can go into this when threatened. Rocks and minerals are one dimensional. There is a timelessness or slowness about it.

This is the space that some homeless people experience. Life is just about survival. Not friendly, no space for emotions – vulnerability is covered up with aggression, fear of other, need to be on guard, fangs bared. Night, campfire, the group is together out of need for survival, shelter and food. The individual is contracted and it is not safe to expand without provoking the other. There is no tomorrow - only now.

Now the reality is that the first and second dimensions are not that comfortable but the idea is that by tuning into them you get a sense of what it is like to be in the first and second dimension – then you move into the third dimension and it begins to feel better – then as you move to the fourth and the fifth you begin to get a sense of where those who live in a higher state of consciousness may be coming from.

Anyway at one of my classes I gave the instructions to tune into the first dimension. And then I heard one of the participants say in his mind, “I don’t like being here. This does not feel good. I want to leave.” And when I asked for people’s pickup this guy said those exact words and wanted to leave the class. So I had to work really hard to get him to tune into the second, the third, the fourth and the fifth dimension. Then he was good but geez it was hard work.

2. The Second Dimension
So once you have an experience of the uncomfortableness of the first dimension you add a dimension to get to the second dimension. Just input into your biocomputer, “Add a dimension – tune into the second dimension”. Hit the enter key and then report what comes to mind.

You should find that it is flat but easier to breathe than the first dimension. The tightness in the  forehead begins to relax. People are like cardboard cut-outs. Very much like Medieval Europe where attention was on finery and possessions. This dimension is very much about structure and order which allowed the Europeans to colonise the New World. In the second dimension the other exists. With structure you get a class system. There are morals, punishment, jealousy but no heart. There is a separation - a sense of self and other. Colours are muted - like watching TV or computer generated imagery and cartoons. There are two corridors – a need to be in control, boundaries, not losing yourself, me and the other - separation. You get the front of the body but not the back. No emotions. This is the plant kingdom.

There is more space than the first dimension – it is safer – there is you and the other - more light - daytime. It is more self sufficient and doesn't rely upon the group for survival but relies upon group to fulfil needs. The group work together to exploit others. Something like the centre of the universe.

3. The Third Dimension
Once you have a sense of the second dimension then input a command into your biocomputer to add a dimension and tune into the third dimension.

You should find that with the third dimension that the back of the body comes into awareness. Group consciousness comes in. The other exists. You can breathe easier.  Emotions come in here, there is heart, vulnerability and a need for security to protect emotions. There is empathy, relating, helping the other - an awareness of other's pain and own pain. A sense of moving into the world. The group is together out of humanness – a need to band together as humans.

At the third dimension there is the power of positive thinking and self awareness but not yet the ability to conceive of the fifth dimension. There are limitations, politics and concerns with what other people think. Those at the third learn to set goals for the first time but the goal setting is done by the conscious  mind. Third dimensional consciousness is horizontal – it is not yet vertical. There is  identification with body mind and emotions.

With a bit of practise you can fine tune your pickup and tune into the low level of the third dimension, the mid level and the top level.

At the low third you are totally identified with mind – being a victim, an outside authority defines your reality and survival in the world. Change happens out of extreme circumstances.

The mid third is the arrogant stage - prove it to me that your way of reality is it. An awareness that thoughts create reality. Wanting to understand consciousness, a frustration, but direction is from outside.

The high third is about affirmations, an awareness of the unconscious mind and its influence - problems stem from childhood. Control is given to and defined by an outside authority. Heart opening, strong emotions, easily influenced, off centre. Learning from mistakes, recognising patterns, still involved with dysfunctional and insensitive people.

4. The Fourth Dimension
Once you have a sense of the third dimension input a command into your biocomputer to tune into the fourth dimension.  You should find that time comes into play –  past, present and future all seem to exist at once. I get thoughts of Einstein. There is versatility, timelessness, no personality, only essence is essential. Very light, karmic, past lives, boundaries dissolving, faeries, infinity, levitation, a sense of flying. No personality, no relationship.  Accessing this space is perfect for organising your business.

A sense of travel - going somewhere yet nowhere. Aloneness comes in. Revisiting a place, completing what wanted to do the first time – karmic – getting it right. In the fourth dimension there is a feeling of vastness, spaciousness. Security is not so important.

There is the healing of people and the planet - trusting intuition, psychic abilities – you can create own reality. From the fourth you can feel the truth of the fifth. We get self awareness workshops – spirituality – the idea that you chose your parents, life is an education, lessons to learn, teachers and students, consciousness - mission statements and goal setting is more from the unconscious mind.

Awareness of past lives, psychic phenomena, problems stem from karma, there are gurus, extreme behaviour, a denial of the material world, focus on the spiritual - self responsibility comes in here, catharsis and the belief that you need to relive the pain to heal.

Less influenced by outside authority, follow inner self, manifesting, morality still exists, saving the planet - focus on what is wrong in the world and how to heal it - higher self coming in.

Running workshops rather than participating as a student - looking for truths, becoming aware of half truths. No longer a student, sharing understandings and wisdom.

5. The Fifth Dimension
Once you have a sense of the fourth dimension input a command into your biocomputer to tune into the fifth dimension.  Hit the enter key and what are the thoughts that arise in the mind?

I get images of extra terrestrials, aliens, God, channelling, interplanetary consciousness. The fifth dimension encompasses all of your energy in every dimension. A larger framework - not hooked into saving the planet - planet is evolving - maybe this is the evolutionary process of the planet - accepting of what is, no problems, telepathy, a nice space to hang out in.

At the fifth you have Buddha hood -  I am a master - no beliefs, disidentified with body mind and emotions. Your personal system of morality - trusting in existence – and trusting what is out of conscious awareness.

At the fifth you can handle paradoxes – things are just the way they are – you realise that you have never been in control of anything - life just happens - life flows through you – there are lovers, friends, experiences etc – people, things, activities and experiences just move in and out of life - no attachment, life is perfect. Learning happens and understandings arise. This is illustrated in the story of Mojud – the man with the inexplicable life.

At the fifth there is doing what has to be done without judgement, just that this is the situation, experiences are here and now – acting more from impulse with awareness – experiences of ecstasy, Devas, channelling - vision comes from within - not created by the conscious mind.  Acceptance that I am a rose or I am a wildflower – no judgement or resentment that one is higher or lower than the other.

At the fifth dimension you discover that consciousness has a vertical dimension - meditation and spirituality is vertical not horizontal. At the fifth you are the spiritual master in your own right. The fifth has the largest frame that encompasses all others – there is a yes to existence, nothing is fixed, everything is in transition, your identity is continually expanding

At the fifth you work from your own inner knowing - the witness is fairly well developed here - chopping wood carrying water, no outside authorities, no moral system, truth is the highest value

Wow you are still here. That is great. To make it easy for you I have also posted the transcript of this video on my website.

If you don’t have a group of people to play with then find one person to work with. Ask them to give you a set of map coordinates. Tune into the map coordinates and use Google Earth to check your pickup.

Have different friends take note of where they are at specific place and time for fifteen minutes. Tune in then give them a call to learn the location. If possible visit the location to see how accurate your pickup was.

Remember to stay in sensory based awareness and don’t mind read and project onto others. I don’t like it when a psychic tells someone that the reason they have a certain problem in this life is because of something that happened to them in a past life. This is not useful.  Don’t tell people about their past lives or what happened to them as a child or what others think of them. That does not empower the other person  – show the other person how to do it for themselves. And if you want to identify the root cause of a problem use Tad James NLP questioning procedure, “If you could trust your unconscious mind to know the root cause of the problem would that be before, during or after your birth?” And then keep on asking binary questions until you identify the first event. It only takes a few minutes.

So your intention should always be to teach people how to get from the back seat into the drivers seat of their life. So please don’t be a guru – be the one who empowers the other person to think for themselves.

To close this video I would like to share with you a few relevant psychic experiences. In the late 80’s in Perth at Port Beach, I was walking along the sand with my girlfriend Natasha. In my mind I said, “Let’s run” – and Natasha said out loud, “Okay” and she started running.

Some years later on the Gold Coast the thought arose one evening that two Jehovah Witness women would knock on my door early Sunday Morning. So I made an effort to get up early and finish my breakfast so that I could invite them in for a discussion. Sure enough two beautiful young women knocked on my door but I was still eating breakfast so I didn’t feel comfortable inviting them in.

On another occasion I was addressing a meditation class. I gave my introduction and then I heard a number of voices in my mind at one time. I think my introduction may have been a bit challenging for them. So I repeated back what I had heard five people in the group say in their minds. Their jaws dropped one by one as I told them what I had heard.

And in another class I gave instructions for the Vastness Meditation. As the participants closed their eyes I also followed the instructions that I had given them.

“I tried reaching into the space in front of me with my physical body but it did not feel right. (Obviously because the physical body is designed to explore physical space.) I then explored the space with my mind but it still felt limited but when I began to explore the vast space around me with my heart the experience became profound. At first exploring the space in front of me felt ecstatic, similar to that of sexual orgasm. I then felt as if I was moving rapidly forwards over a long grassy field towards some hills. The feeling of ecstasy changed to a feeling of dying. I then felt as if I had entered heaven where I touched the face of God.” Reference: I have touched the face of God. (8/5/2006)

Thank you for sharing this space with me and please leave your comments below – if you have any questions I will try and answer them – and if you have not done so please join us over at the NLP Hypnotherapy Group on Facebook where you have the opportunity to interact with like minded people.

If you are looking for an NLP Coach then feel free to contact myself – Abby Eagle using the contact form - top right of this page.


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