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Abby Eagle challenge everything for the truth


Act as-if. Be total in anything and it will become real. Act like an emperor and the kingdom will grow up around you. Osho.

NLP and Hypnotherapy Testimonials: For success in business & in life skills. Step up to the next best version of yourself. Quit alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, binge eating, gambling, weight loss. Forex Trading, Currency Trading Coaching. Phone 07 5562 5718 or send me an email to book a free 20 minute telephone, Skype or Zoom session. NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Meditation.


Abby Eagle Gets Impressive Results With NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy

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NLP and Hypnotherapy

"My experience, my realisation and my understanding in working with Abby Eagle in a personal consultation is that it's like touching God. I believe I have tasted the unlimitedness of my potential. It's not a question of achieving goals but a commitment to my life. With Abby I felt I tapped into the life force and the divine energy. As a result I am utterly convinced there are no limits to what I can achieve. I have tasted the infiniteness of everything. I have experienced the ultimate achievement of returning to the source. Now I feel that, nothing less than going for my ultimate potential - nothing less than striving for God's likeness is worth the effort.

It reminds me of the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. No matter what anyone else says or what obstacles life presents I am convinced I can and will achieve my unlimitedness." Chris Pola, Coomera, Gold Coast Qld. Australia


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"Six Weeks Ago I Wouldn't Have Believed That I Could Have Jumped Ahead To The Person I Am Now!"

"This letter is just to let you know how much I have improved after only 6-7 weeks of training with Abby Eagle. After one personal consultation with Abby I made a huge improvement in my life - I now feel more worthy and can go out and get what I want. I also feel more motivated.

After the 2 day "NLP For Personal Growth Workshop" I learned powerful tools and techniques to work on my self, my life and my career. I now have the tools to not only remove barriers to success but am able to be a success.

Abby Eagle is a really good coach. Firstly I learned to do what's important not what's urgent. It has become second nature. I have learnt how to do proactive goal setting - how to set outcomes and plan backwards from the future which means you decide what you want based on your hopes and dreams not on your past performance. It's brilliant! The truth is your success is in the future and I am now succeeding at my own business and going for it. My business is going really well - it's happening naturally and moving ahead as fast as it can considering my start up financial constraints.

Abby Eagle is supportive and offers clear, practical useful advice. I learnt how to focus and stay on track. Most importantly I feel more a sense of deserving; it's deeper than self esteem, more a sense of self worth. The work with Abby Eagle has had a profound effect on my entire life including my relationships. I have developed a congruency in living my truth and honesty. I still have a fair way to go but am able now to learn from the feedback that life offers - in a nutshell - I trust myself more.

Six or seven weeks ago I wouldn't have believed I could have jumped ahead to the person I am now. A good friend noticed recently that I have become more resilient to job pressures. I'm more assertive in some situations when I need to be. It's the best feedback I could get considering I was fired from my last job for not being 'aggressive enough' as they put it.

Now I feel strong and am not willing to tolerate other peoples rubbish. I have raised my personal standards. I am living my own truth. It's really amazing and wonderful. Abby is a God send person!" Chris Pola, Coomera, Gold Coast Qld Australia


NLP Coaching

"Abby was able to coach me in such a way that my confidence soared and I was able to see and express myself in new ways I never thought possible." "It is now approximately twelve months since I began to train with Abby Eagle as a Promoter. I have the utmost respect for his ability and manner in the training I received in this position. My previous experience was in sales and I had reasonable confidence in my abilities, but Abby was able to coach me in such a way that my confidence soared and was able to see and express myself in new ways I never thought possible. I have become more inner directed and focussed on my goals, and time management has become a priority for me, which I thank Abby for, which in turn brings more success." Lorraine Atkinson, Banora Pt. Gold Coast NSW Australia

"Recently I needed to make some improvements and changes to my life to become the change in me I wanted to see. Abby facilitated the necessary changes with motivational inspiration to clearly and concisely instruct me on how to achieve and effect change without a moment of doubt or hesitation in my old self. The necessary changes to a  fresh OS or Operating System  for my computer like mind  were nothing more than installing a discipline of practical mental and emotional hygiene  principles. But it was not what he said but how he said it with utter conviction and re assurance that this was all can do-ee. He saw, he said, he convinced and I became the dream new me  from the  new  way of operating from a platform of new found confidence.
I have no hesitation in recommending Abby Eagle as a positive lifestyle coach." Martin Tullemans, Professional Surfing Photographer and Writer. Gold Coast Australia 14/10/2014


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"Abby's sensitivity to people's needs and his profound intellectual understanding of the structure of human behaviours, make him to be at the very best in achieving desired outcomes. The high-tech NLP models truly do magic in his hands. I highly recommend his guidance to anyone who wants profound personal changes in ones own life or desires a team or company to perform on peak." Alex Najee, NLP Practitioner, Southport Gold Coast Qld. Australia

"I enrolled in Abby's NLP Coaching program to improve the way I think and the way my thoughts help create better experiences. I was not having any specific problems but I just wanted to improve my life. Abby helped me come up with a very nice framework to have a conversation with myself asking certain questions and this has helped me temendously. Every session had an objective and a summary of what we reviewed with clear Action Items for me. Every session allowed me to probe my own thoughts and bring more clarity on the issues/problems that I was trying to resolve - and every session was very interactive. The coaching method is excellent and the key is to come prepared to each session with one's problems. I would also like to say that I like Abby's youtube videos and the free materials on his website are eye-opening." John S, California 15/02/2022


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I visited Abby Eagle because of a huge block which prevented me from going forwards in business and making and keeping money. I had this problem for almost six years, had 10 kinesiology sessions, 2 visits to a psychologist and various other counsellors - it cost me well over a $1,000.00. I was satisfied with the kinesiology but I still had the problem.

I had 2 consultations with Abby Eagle after which I had the feeling there was nothing left to work on. After the first session I felt more confident and at peace. And after the second session I had more energy and felt very positive that the block had been cleared. A year later I believe the results are permanent. We moved to Sydney where I got a job. Then promoted twice and moved to Melbourne as state manager of a company. In summary I got immediate results after the first session - I really didn't believe it but my family noticed the difference. It felt great. The problems have gone away. Financially we are now stable and growing - what a relief. Abby delivered what he said he could quicker than I expected! I recommend Abby Eagle to everyone! I felt very at ease throughout the sessions and came away feeling great. He not only did what he said he would but I also enjoyed the sessions from a professional point of view. I would be happy to have Abby work with me in my clinic. Many thanks." Nigel Gould, Safety Beach, Vic. Australia

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NLP and Hypnotherapy

"Abby's presentation at QAMH was outstanding." James Curry, Lecture to Queensland Association Of Mental Health, Brisbane. Australia

"Of all the seminars I've been to, this was the first one which in such a short space of time I understood what it was all about, to the point where I said, 'Yes, I want to have more'. The talk just flattened me. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it made sense. Abby Eagle was fantastic the way he presented the seminar. It was quite an exciting event in such a short space of time. It was absolutely amazing to learn how to make permanent long term change in such a short space of time. There was no gray areas - it was absolutely positive. This is honestly how I felt about it. I want to book a personal consultation and I want to do the workshops with Abby and look forward to getting rid of the old rubbish. Abby oozes positivity and makes you feel you can achieve what you want out of life." Marg Uren, Coomera, Gold Coast Qld. Australia

"It takes a lot to impress me but in this Seminar I discovered the one thing that encompasses everything else that has prevented me from being as successful as I know I can be. Nothing else has given me this realisation.

I now firmly believe that the only way to 'get on with life' is to clear out what is holding us back from achieving whatever we value most.

I was enormously impressed by the 'NLP Life Direction Seminar' and know that Abby Eagle has a simplistic method that will automatically direct us towards achieving what is important to us in life." Marie Rudd Miami, Gold Coast Qld. Australia


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I'm age 36, I've taken medication for asthma everyday since I was 8 months old. I'm thrilled to report that I haven't used my inhaler for over a month since I had a session with Abby. The changes in my body and mind are fantastic." Kate Cornwell Wilston Qld. Australia


NLP and Hypnotherapy


Liam Wayne Hypnosis Liam Wayne Zen Meditation Liam Wayne NLP

Liam Tattersall Australian Country and Western Singer MySpace

I am a country and western singer. I came to see Abby to learn a healthy way to manage stress. My presenting problems were 1. needing relaxation and meditation for stress. 2. how to deal with anxiety when meeting new people. 3. how to increase my creativity. The first two I had had for at least ten years the creativity problem for 1-2 years.

The three most important moments for me during the consultations were the NLP timeline exercises, creativity anchoring exercise and the modelling exercises. After each consultation I felt very calm and relaxed. Conversations went a lot smoother and I generally felt a lot happier. I also got an increase in creative thinking and improvement in music performance.

I'd say the first problem, 'stress', is 95% healed and I believe this is permanent.

The second problem, 'anxiety when meeting new people' is 80% healed and permanent.

The third problem, 'lack of creativity', is 50% improved.

I thought the techniques that Abby used were unusual but surprisingly effective. The consultation's were very thorough and professional however I would appreciate a written summary of each session and the techniques used to use at home. (I am working on this area. Abby) Liam Tattersall, Country and Western Singer, Brisbane Qld Australia. 22/12/2007 MySpace

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NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I enrolled in the NLP workshop because I had gotten good results with Abby previously. Becoming aware of my unconscious mind having a say was a very emotional moment for me - it was like embracing the 'inner child' - like healing hurts from years of neglect and letting an unheard part at least be heard. After my previous personal consultation with Abby I became free of reactions to certain events that once would have set off a whole chain of emotions and tensions. I have found those results to be permanent and expect the same of this workshop. I was surprised at how available and how useful are the trance states with self hypnosis. I now understand that I don't have to dredge up all the painful past experiences and relive them to release them. I now have the ability to clear emotions 'right now' and I can do it myself - it is simple. I know there is no need for heart rendering emotional overload. There is no need to spill all your emotional guts out on the floor. To merely remember an uncomfortable event was enough to effectively deal with it. The processes were personal and any sharing was comfortable and non-traumatic because there was no need to disclose your private details. It's a relief to be free of memories that were so loaded with emotion.

It was a great workshop. Full of simplistic techniques for getting free of those old emotional tapes. And none of the distress of encounter groups." Leigh King (ND) Beerwah Qld. Australia


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I enrolled in the NLP workshop because I wanted to gain more confidence and learn how the mind functions. I learnt effective tools to clear behavioural patterns and work with conscious choice. I now feel more in my body and have a greater sense of beingness. I feel many other therapies are not getting to the core of problems - they are only Band-Aids. The workshop with Abby Eagle was empowering and I feel the changes I made are permanent. I now believe it is possible to change our lives in whatever way we want.

I learned a great deal on the weekend and look forward to learning even more as I continue to put the tools into practice. Abby's teaching style was great and allowed me to feel comfortable at all times." Bev McMahon Landsborough Qld. Australia

"Hi Abby, I am feeling great after our initial work together, thank you! I have definitely made a lot of changes! The speaking resources are working great - that was a very powerful process! I have been stepping into my speaking mentors every day, it is quite phenomenal how good it makes me feel and how much it has empowered me!

Things are flowing much better, I feel like the hand brake has been taken off and I am now more naturally moving through the day. I would like to do some more coaching with you in a few weeks." Todd, Gold Coast Qld Australia


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I now have more confidence, discipline and direction in my life. Once I learnt how to communicate with my unconscious mind I was able to clear out anger and hate towards loved ones which I know I would have held onto much longer if not my entire life. I now have a lot of 'warm fuzzies' in place of the old emotions. In this workshop you learn to heal the problems yourself without giving away your power to the therapist. What's more the procedures feel more thorough that other therapies.

I was also surprised by the spiritual principals being applied to such a scientific system - a true union of mind and spirit and what's more I realised that we are taping into total perfection- that is - the unconscious mind is the connection to the higher self." Poss Hogan, Queenstown NZ.


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"It's been over three months since I attended the 'NLP For Personal Growth Workshop' with Abby Eagle. Before that time I used to be a social drinker and smoker, and it was not unusual for me to have a heavy night drinking and smoking.

Since the workshop I have hardly touched a drop of alcohol and I've had no urge to smoke. I've also lost 5 kg in weight and 3 weeks ago I joined a gym.

The only reason for these changes has been my attendance at the NLP workshop with Abby Eagle." Jill Stonnel, MacGregor Qld Australia

"We visited Abby Eagle two months ago to stop smoking. We have stopped smoking and are doing well. Now all we need is to fall pregnant and have the life we have been dreaming about... We want to thank you again for what you have helped us to achieve." Brett and Lauren Mueller, Varsity Lakes Qld Australia

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NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I visited Abby Eagle because I needed something to change my ways, stress, worry and binge drinking. I had these problems for over 10 years and had made lots of visits to my doctor and took pills that did nothing. I was not satisfied with those results so my husband took me to see Abby. I have had four consultations so far.

In four consultations I have come to realise that I do have a life and my world does not have be to controlled by stress. I have learned that I can settle down and relax and if I get stressed I now have a means to deal with it. I now have more control over my mind and myself.

Abby you have helped me in lots of ways that are difficult to describe. I still think that I will need to visit you every now and then, and the ebooks that you have given me are good reading and certainly help.

The therapeutic approach was very deep.The sessions were relaxing and meditative. I now have tools to control my mind. I am less stressed and know how to deal with it." Julie Edmonds, Hope Island Qld Australia

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how I stopped drinking alcohol NLP Hypnotherapy testimonial

Click the Image to Watch on YouTube

how I stopped drinking alcohol NLP Hypnotherapy testimonial

Click the Image to Watch on YouTube

how I stopped drinking alcohol NLP Hypnotherapy testimonial

Click the Image to Watch on YouTube


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I suffered with manic depression and an eating disorder for 10 years. I saw countless psychiatrists and psychologist but to no avail. I had 4 sessions with Abby Eagle and now my eating disorder and manic depression have gone. I got a real big result. I enjoy food now. My relationship with myself has improved. I don't look at people so critically anymore. I feel I have gone to a higher realisation of myself." Melisa Huyghebaert Nerang, Gold Coast Qld. Australia



"My experience of NLP with Abby Eagle in dealing with my anorexia was very gentle. I did not have to experience emotional trauma to gain a different perspective on my life. In 4 sessions I was able to achieve significant changes in my life and relationships and NLP has played a part in assisting me to do this. I feel confident that my healing's are permanent." Natalie Griffith Worongary, Gold Coast Qld. Australia


Eating Disorder

"I am 22 years old and have had major anxiety, depression, insecurity, anger and emotional issues for most of my life, an eating disorder for 10 years, and alcohol problems. I have seen that many doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists that many times I've lost count. I would be satisfied somewhat at the time but my problems never got better.

"I am at a time in my life where I have admitted to having problems and I want to change for me, my family and loved ones I have had one consultation with Abby Eagle and I can't wait for the next. The most important things I got from that session was learning how to relax, letting go of anger and learning to see the world differently.

"After the session I was so happy, nothing could get me down. My partner has been trying to push my buttons and can't get a reaction. Everyone around me who has problems, they don't affect me anymore. I am calmer and explain my emotions and am aware of them. I've been good when drinking. I feel great about the change in me. I believe I can and will get better and I've reacted completely opposite to the bad way that I used to react.

"I was lead by my own will to read the book, The Secret. I no longer start a fight with my partner from my emotions. I haved realised how beautiful the world is when you are happy and I no longer care about people who don't have the time for me.

"The results are definitely permanent. I believe one step at a time and I can't wait for my next session with Abby Eagle. Abby's therapeutic approach is very relaxing, amazing and mind blowing. I have learned to help myself, you showed me I can be who I want. I am able to help others around me, now I'm not angry or empathetic, I can be the girl I'm needed to be. I have learned to help my relationship, by doing this therapy my partner is so happy it's worked."

K. L. (name withheld by request) Nail Technician & Beauty Therapist, Gold Coast Qld Australia. 4/12/2012


Recover from Eating Disorder (Ani)

"Going to Abby I was desperate to get help for my eating disorder after 7 hospital admissions for anorexia and bulimia in the last 6 years. I always knew the common sense about eating disorders being an addiction and relief to deeper issues and traumas but that alone is not enough to heal. With Abby, I finally had the permanent relief from the traumas and negative emotions I was trying to avoid with an eating disorder. My family always suggested another admission, but that never helped, with Abby I felt safe enough to address and process my pain and thus, there is no need for an eating disorder now.

Working with Abby has made my whole family so immensely happy because finally, after 'eating more' and 'eating less' to cure my eating disorder, after years of tubes, binge eating and purging, spending thousands on hospitals, hypnotherapists, celebrity personal trainers, luxury lifestyles, surgery, and avoiding my issues with a shopping addiction and blaming my parents, I finally feel total relief of my eating disorder.

The progress I have made is permanent and there is no painful 'recovery process' or keeping my balance I have to go through, the negative emotions I used to avoid with my eating disorder (which initially, I didn't realise the eating disorder was false advertising/false relief) whether it was bulimia, binge eating or losing weight are no longer there and my happiness, relief, health and inner/outer peace is permanently here. As someone who had struggled for years despite getting treatment several times, I know how hard it is to process your pain safely and not get vacuumed back into it, yet Abby made it so easy, permanent and simple.

My weight had been from 35 kg to 78 kg with a height of 5'8, meaning my illness was manifesting in extreme ways. My eating disorder was detrimental to my schooling, my relationships, and university studies despite how passionate I was about my studies, my integrity and more. My weight is becoming stable, healthy, and a manifestation of my good health.

The food I used to binge on is no longer appealing and I have no need to restrict nutrient dense foods from my diet! I eat to live and am developing an amazing relationship with my body - meaning feeling good, staying active and nothing on the outside of myself has felt threatening. Getting rid of an eating disorder means looking and feeling your best, but it's not just getting on a new diet labelled 'recovery', it's working with Abby to release negative emotions and develop permanent good health which comes with the inner peace I developed with Abby.

Working with Abby, I am no longer a people pleaser, no longer overspend on shopping, no longer have an eating disorder, no longer grind my teeth/cheeks when I sleep, no longer look for approval from anyone else but myself, no longer have complex PTSD, anxiety, depression and feel refreshed.

After working with Abby, I no longer feel like a victim to others, life or any circumstances at all. I am creating my dream life with no bumps along the road that I used to self-medicate on with food, and my past PTSD has no impact and is just a plain memory of the past. The results for healing were very instant, because releasing the negative emotion is instant and does not take much time. I don't have to find my balance anymore or relapse anymore, as without the negative emotions of the past I am healthy! Addictive behaviours seem unnecessary, impossible and vulgar and instead I'm enjoying meeting my needs, desires, goals and ambitions.

Abby was very understanding and accepting of what I was going through and did not judge, or project on as a lot of well meaning people do. I felt completely safe talking about what I was going through with Abby and he addressed my inner dynamic and assisted me to become my healthiest version - which reflects in all areas of my life now. I no longer have to put my life on hold after years of battling an addiction to an eating disorder and suffering with PTSD. Abby is very understanding and gave me the space to heal, which I honestly did not think was possible after so many years. But now, it feels truly IMPOSSIBLE to have an eating disorder again, or self-destructing in anyway. Abby taught me the techniques to deal with triggers and negative emotion and now, my eating disorder which was never about food, is gone. I am ecstatic to take care of myself and my health in ways that my eating disorder had not made it possible to in the past.

Thank you so much for saving me so much suffering, hospital admissions and time. I'm finally waking up happy to create my day, building stable relationships and more and only regretting I didn't see Abby sooner. :) " Ani Nazaryan, Sydney (12/09/2017)


Bulimia Eating Disorder (H. M.)

"I visited Abby Eagle to get some help with a five year long eating disorder (bulimia nervosa). I haven't done much therapy before, only a few therapy sessions equating to a few hundred dollars. Unfortunately whilst they pointed out WHY I had the disorder, it didn't help me move forward to making the changes and I felt it placed too much emphasis on the problem instead of looking at the cure.

NLP hypnotherapy with Abby has been one of the most eye opening therapy sessions I've ever completed. Unlike other forms of therapy, this directly targeted my desired outcomes instead of focusing on the problem which ultimately fixed the latter. So far I have had 2 sessions each 2 hours long. The most important moments for me during these sessions were:

1. Looking at my life as a long timeline and being able to go into the future and set certain goals and cement them with the hypnosis.
2. Learning to communicate with the unconscious mind through the pendulum.
3. Utilising hypnosis to go back and relieve the trauma of past events so that they carry less weight in the 'now'.

By putting in place some of the techniques I learned in the session my eating disorder has not been present at all. Of course it still takes work and my recovery is not devoid of effort, but Abby has given me the tools to make a conscious effort to change. My mind is much clearer and focused in all aspects of life including health and fitness, studying and generally a larger appreciation for my life at the moment.

I have not had my eating disorder at all since the first session - 8 days ago. It's difficult to quantify whether the results are permanent however the techniques he has taught me are definitely permanent and can be utilised forever. It will be up to me to continually employ them.

I love the coaching method. I would recommend it ABOVE all other therapies. NLP seems to attack the problem NOT delve into what I see as excuses for the problem. Abby's employment of hypnosis is something I've never experienced before and allows me to as Abby puts it, "Imagine myself in the drivers seat of my life", which then enables me to execute it in the real world.

In summary the three most important benefits from working with Abby are:
1.Motivation - very effective, especially through use of hypnosis.
2.Stop binge/purge cycle - very effective.
3.Pointing out my behavioural type. This allowed me to re-analyse the way I think put more emphasis on the areas that need improving. It also helps exemplify why I had been thinking a certain way."

H. M. Gold Coast, Australia (25/02/2014)

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BInge Eating - NLP & Self Hypnosis

I visited Abby to get some help with obsessive thoughts of binge eating which I have had for about 15 years. I had seen 4 different psychologists many times but I never saw results and wasn't finding it helpful hawking back over past emotions and history.

I had heard great things about NLP so I gave Abby a call. I only had 2x2 hr sessions - I would have liked more but I had to move interstate.

The 3 most important moments for me during these sessions were:
1. Writing out a list of what is most important to me in life.

2. Focusing on what I want in life and looking forwards rather than backwards.

3. Using the hypnosis pendulum tool and calibrating it to help me answer questions in my subconscious brain.

After each session I felt focused on where I wanted to go in life. It wasn't so much about the food but by realising my goals, wants, desires and passions my focus naturally started to shift off food. I also felt more relaxed, less anxiety, sleeping better and focused on relationships and what I want in life.

Since seeing Abby those 2 times I have only had 2 large binge sessions with food which is amazing for me as usually it happens every second evening. In the last month I have had none and the desire has really decreased to want to eat these large amounts. I am happier in myself and actually have tuned in to hunger signals and listen to what my body is feeling a lot more. I am more in touch with my eating and feel focused on using other techniques to deal with emotions other than food.

Abby makes you think about life in a different way, it was a relief not to actually have to talk about the problem over and over as I have in the past but rather look forward at other methods to heal

The 3 most important benefits I got from working with Abby are:
1. To stop punishing myself with food - learning life skills I had never thought about.

2. To handle my emotions in healthy ways - refocused on moving closer towards what is important to me by writing lists

3. To find methods to handle my food addictions -using NLP technique at home in my own time as Abby provided me with the physical tools and skills to do so. L. M. Gold Coast Australia (31/05/2023)


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I had a debilitating problem with fear after a series of Rebirthing sessions, so I visited a kinesiologist to heal the fear but the results only lasted a couple of days while a visit to a Homoeopath did not help at all.

I had one NLP session with Abby Eagle. Immediately there was much less fear and anxiety, and I felt more at peace. I now understand the fear was irrational and only a matter of perception. Two years later I can vouch the results I got with Abby are permanent." Melinda Gniot, Sorrento, Gold Coast Qld. Australia

"I visited Abby Eagle to find my true self again, to conquer anxiety and depression and to find peace within myself. I have been on this quest for as long as I can remember. I had previously seen a therapist for over 10 sessions but it did not help me what so ever.

Abby's NLP Coaching method was easy to follow and understand. After my first session I was extremely satisfied and felt like I was reborn. The most important moments were help with my anger issue, ways on how to control my thoughts and learning how to believe in myself rather than listening to what others thought of me. The most important benefits that I got are self healing, inner wisdom and self love.

I felt like a new person, a new born entering the world for the first time. I learned different approaches on how to talk to people instead of losing my cool when things being said were not right. Even though I've only had one consultation so far I can see this will be a permanent positive change in my life." Dennis Voukelatos

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NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I had relationship problems, grief from deaths of 3 children, poor self esteem and lack of confidence. In 3 sessions Abby Eagle was totally successful in identifying and healing my problems. It was also a relief not having to disclose my problems in detail. He is extremely intelligent and gets his message across in a way that you can understand." Sheila Pratt Goonellabah NSW Australia


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"The NLP techniques were really powerful. Dealing with my negative emotions - guilt, frustration and jealousy was very moving because I could actually feel the shift in my body. And after the workshop I felt incredibly calm and level with a deeper understanding of where my issues came from. Doing the workshop with my husband was comforting and I'm sure will give us a better understanding of each other.

I now realise there is nothing in my life I can't alter or change. I've learnt techniques to clear long standing issues and how to change beliefs about myself. And I've learnt that out of negative emotions/issues, positive outcomes are possible. I've gained a greater understanding of my feelings and my reactions to negative emotions.

I'm looking forward to putting it into practice in an everyday situation. I also feel I can help my children learn a few steps to better their life. I found the way Abby taught us was gentle and compassionate to everyone in the workshop." Donna Hannan, Caloundra QLD Australia


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I did the 'NLP For Personal Growth Workshop' because I'm going through changes on personal, relationship and levels, plus because I'm seeking new direction in life.

After the workshop I have feelings of renewed confidence in my abilities and have a desire and motivation to succeed on all levels.

I also discovered that you must make the changes yourself - no one else can make you change; that fear can be overcome; that success can be programmed as I discovered immediately after the workshop; and that you can rapidly build and amp up feelings of joy and self esteem that are long lasting." Caroline Nelson, Burleigh, Gold Coast Qld. Australia


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I did the 'NLP For Personal Growth Workshop' because I wanted to learn self hypnosis. I was able to let go of negative emotions using the Timeline techniques. And I learnt how to go into trance and how to use hypnosis on my self and got my own ideomotor responses or communication signals with my unconscious mind.

After the workshop I felt much calmer and more at peace with myself. I also have a stronger purpose and deeper realisation of why I have and wish to achieve certain goals I have set for myself in the past." Karl Roland, Byron Bay, NSW Australia


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"It really works. I cleared out a negative emotion and found it replaced by a feeling of confidence which permeated my entire body."

"NLP really works... I've been to so many health professional to find an answer to my low energy levels - fuzzy thinking and lack of physical energy with no success but in this workshop I got the answer. I cleared out a negative emotion and found it replaced by a feeling of confidence which permeated my entire body. My energy immediately returned, My head cleared, I was more alert, my body felt energised where it previously felt lethargy. I can't find words to express how this occurred. I spent years in support groups where you have to tell your story and go through your stuff to heal. After working with Abby I realised that change work can be quick and painless. I'm still pinching myself to believe it really happened.

Now I am more focused and motivated to achieve what I want and am absolutely convinced that change work can be quick and painless because I have experienced it for myself." Lorraine Atkinson, Banora Pt. Gold Coast NSW Australia


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I am retired and had memory problems and a loss of co-ordination. In 2 sessions I got the results I wanted. Abby gives an excellent service - to the point, gets the job done, concise and thorough. You get immediate change and most importantly he makes healing fun."

"You couldn't get a better product or service than the one Abby Eagle offers - nothing comes close." Reta Learmond Bussleton WA Australia


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"It's been 20 years since I went to school and I was worried about studying for a massage certificate. Without Abby's help I know I would not have passed my exams so easily. I got an average of 89% on 3 subjects including 100% for Advanced Therapies. I feel it was my first step in starting not just a career but a new life. Thank you Abby. Diane Collins, East Burleigh, Gold Coast Qld. Australia

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NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I suffered with migraines for 25 years and weekly for the last 10 years. I haven't had a migraine since I had 3 sessions with Abby at Hippocrates 3 months ago. The results are phenomenal. I've not been able to change my external environment or other people but I have changed and this has made a big difference to how I cope with the external world. Abby has opened my eyes to the fact that there are tools you can use to empower yourself - it's an amazingly liberating thing." Kathy Altman Toorak Vic Australia


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I was desperate to find someone to help me change the way I was feeling. I was sick of being so negative. I had seen a number of counsellors but the thoughts and feelings kept coming back. In two consultations with Abby I let go the negative emotions surrounding a number of relationship problems. It was straight to the point. I didn't have to re-run my life's trauma in great detail. I still remember the past problems but I have no negative feelings about them. In fact I feel positive and stronger from having had these experiences. I am laughing so much more and attracting positive new friends. I am amazed at how quickly the changes have occurred. I enjoyed the consultations and the way he taught me to change my thought patterns. The results are fantastic and permanent!" Simone Sleep, Broadbeach, Gold Coast Qld Australia


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I had a problem over reacting to my teenage son's moods plus a problem with heart palpitations. Being a Naturopath I had spent a lot of energy on remedies with some results, but even so several areas remained deadlocked. After 2 consultations with Abby Eagle there is less palpitations. And rather than feel frustrated by my son's antics I feel more amused. I now have the ability to choose my emotions and can even take a positive feeling and move it into other situations where I want to feel that way. Even though my son is trying harder to push my buttons the results feel permanent. In comparison to some other therapies the approach was very gentle. During the consultations there was only a short focus on the unpleasant item which was dealt with quite objectively. I felt that several issues, where previously I had been unable to break a pattern, were suddenly lifted away. The NLP process goes right to the issue and allows you to break the habitual pattern of reacting. It is such a relief to not feel the same old buttons pushed and to no longer feel powerless to react like a robot.

I found Abby extremely alert, subtle, kind and perceptive. He was able to sort through all the stuff I threw at him, and pull out several kernels that would, when handled, represent the majority of the issues. The process was non-threatening and well paced which allowed me to relax and accept the flow of it. At no time did I feel out of my depth." Leigh King (ND) Beerwah Qld. Australia

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NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I suffered with back pain for 18 years and even though I had a lot of chiropractic treatment the pain always came back. After 2 sessions with Abby Eagle, in which he helped me deal with some emotional problems, the pain has permanently disappeared and my chiropractor is also impressed with the results." Bethe Deane, Byron Bay NSW Australia



"I have had a pain in my shoulder for ten years and during the last deep meditation the pain went away. The meditation instructions are excellent. Now I feel so relaxed and calm." Gail Saxby Accounts Assistant at BCS, Elanora, Gold Coast Australia.



"I am a promoter and coordinator for the Gold Coast Show. One morning at the last show, a heavy metal folding chair fell on my foot fracturing my big toe. It was very painful and because of the demands upon my time I was unable to take time off to see a doctor. I went to see Abby Eagle who had a hypnosis booth at the show. He spent ten minutes doing some hypnosis for pain management with me.

The pain went away - in fact the toe went quite numb. I was then able to walk around the show grounds all day, doing my job. The toe stayed numb until the end of the show.

gold coast weight loss with hypnotherapy

In addition some time back Abby helped alleviate the pain of tooth ache for me." Lavinia Rampino, Gold Coast Royal Show Promoter, Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast, Qld.

"My nine year old daughter Xocel was complaining about a baby tooth that had become loose but was taking its time falling out. Abby spent ten minutes doing some hypnosis for pain management with her. Xocel then described her tooth as having gone numb. The tooth took about four weeks to fall out and during that time her only complaint was that she missed the fun of wiggling the tooth, as children seem to enjoy doing." Lavinia Rampino on behalf of Xocel, Gold Coast Show Promoter, Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast, Qld.

hypnosis for pain control


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I did the 'NLP For Personal Growth Workshop' because I wanted to get control over my eating habits; to deal with panic attacks; and to increase my self worth and self confidence. I now have more confidence and am less worried about what other people may think. In fact now I'm more relaxed and also excited about the future. I feel a sense of serene motivation. I believe these results are permanent.

I now understand that you need to ask the right questions in order to get the results you want for yourself and most importantly that you need to be very specific in the instructions you give to your unconscious mind- you get what you think.

My panic attacks have gone and I am eating less and already losing weight. I'm eager to put the NLP methods into practice and looking forward to the new me that has already begun." Jackie Stewart, Ashmore, Gold Coast Qld Australia


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I visited Abby because of panic attacks and a fear of drowning. I was also undecided about buying a house. I only had one session in which I let go anger and fear. The next day I bought the house I wanted - the money just came together and I booked a trip to Disney World. I was able to go on the water rides, through the rapids and under the waterfalls. My fear of drowning has totally disappeared. My panic attacks have disappeared and I haven't felt so good in years. My husband was so pleased with the results that he immediately booked a consultation for himself." Anne Wilks, Gold Coast Qld. Australia

"I visited Abby for help with anxiety and panic attacks that I had had for at least fourteen years. I have seen a number of GP's, 3 Psychologists and 3 Psychiatrists. I have had monthly appointments with my GP for the past 10 years. In this time I have been prescribed numerous depression and anxiety medications and experienced a wide range of side effects and associated costs. I had also in desperation tried marijuana and alcohol in an attempt to find relief a few times.

I'd estimate I spent $3000 on depression and anxiety medications. There have been a number of other medications, vitamins etc that I have also tried which added to the overall cost. The energy expended in taking this route of therapy cannot be measured.

I like my GP very much and he has always been caring, but have not found relief from my anxiety in the 10 years i have been with him. Other medical assistance I have found to be traumatic and ineffectual. Some staff and practitioners in the hospital system have been quite hostile while others have been gentle and kind. However nothing any of them have done has worked.

My sister found out about you and encouraged me to give it a try. I had lost hope, my life had effectively ground to a halt and I was daily considering suicide due to the severity of the anxiety and the trauma of trying so hard to find a solution within the usual medical channels and finding no answers. Sadly, I came to you as a last resort.

I had one ninety minute NLP hypnotherapy session with you. The most important moments for me during that session was when you asked me to try and find the anxious feelings and i could not. And when it clicked with me that I could "frame" situations in order to obtain a new perspective.

After the session I found that I could eat and drink again. (I hadn't been able to very well for four days.) The constant fear and anxiety were no longer present and I felt hopeful for the first time in years. I no longer had suicidal thoughts.

I am looking forward to my future and suddenly the possibilities are exciting. As soon as I left my appointment I chose to no longer take the valium which I'd been prescribed and i have also chosen to slowly come off my medication.

Since the session four days ago I'm experiencing a slight nervous feeling in my body but i feel it may be a temporary situation resulting from changes that i have implemented in my medications. I am not overly concerned about it and am able to function normally around it. I had one moment where i felt the faintest stirrings of a panic attack but it was almost like it just couldn't escalate. I was able to just continue on with what I was doing. I do feel like the positive changes I am experiencing are permanent.

I believe that the NLP hypno therapeutic approach is the first that I have found that offers me any solution or relief from symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks.

I am incredibly grateful for the result that I got. Abby, you conduct your sessions in such a way that I felt safe, positive and empowered (which in itself is incredible since I had been contemplating suicide just the night before). I cannot thank you adequately. I am hoping some of my friends and relatives will also give your approach a go and have already talked to them about this. I was impressed with the speed with which results can be achieved, especially in contrast to the last ten years of inadequate medical care that I have experienced. Bless you." Jannine MacQueen. 0478 030 228 Lismore NSW Australia (12/1/2012)

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NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I had a spider phobia and cat allergy for over ten years. After one consultation with Abby the phobia and the allergy have completely gone. A few days after the consultation certain events occurred that reiterated how powerful the NLP had proved. I am so impressed that I have decided to study NLP myself." Kristi Stott, Gold Coast Qld. Australia

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NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I was sexually abused at 4 years of age. The abuse wrecked all my adult relationships with men. I tried all sorts of therapies but nothing worked. I got sick of things like emotional release. I felt better afterwards yet the same emotions and problems would come back. I became an expert at catharsis. Two sessions of NLP with Abby healed it all. There was no tears, no big drama, nothing, simple understanding, clear understanding, that's all." Ms Punitama Byron Bay NSW Australia


NLP and Hypnotherapy

I enrolled in the NLP workshop because of previous successful consultations with Abby Eagle. I soon discovered how easy it is to use self hypnosis to remove problems. I realise I have tremendous potential to heal myself and be a more relaxed woman. In one weekend I learnt how to communicate with my unconscious mind; how to improve my meditation and how to clear out negative emotions. It was a very positive experience which I believe will help me tremendously in my spiritual growth." Sheila Pratt, Goonellabah NSW Australia


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"It is hard to believe that something so simple can be so effective and the best part is it has freed me to move forward in my spiritual life." Priscilla Ward, Burleigh, Gold Coast Qld. Australia

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NLP and Hypnotherapy



"I've been running seriously for five years. I'm 46 years old and thought I'd reached my peak. Since having two consultations with Abby I now feel that I've only just scratched the surface of my full potential. I'm looking forward to getting faster and faster by incorporating the NLP techniques into my training program.

My times over 10, 12 and 16 km have improved by an average of 20 seconds. I ran a club 16 km event last week in 1.06.47. I'm looking forward to running my second marathon in under three hours this year." John Carpenter, Mosman Park WA Australia



"My NLP golf session with Abby helped me a lot. The techniques he taught me are really powerful. Anxiety is no longer a problem and I can keep it under control. Negative thinking has been replaced with positive supporting internal dialogue. When I am on the course I am able to turn down any negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts that make me feel good. I am getting good results on the course and my score is improving. I am able to learn from my mistakes more quickly and use the feedback to improve myself. The NLP session with Abby was better than traditional hypnosis. It was more a combination of meditation and self hypnosis - it feels like learning how to use my conscious mind to get in tune with my unconscious mind. Seriously I want to recommend Abby to other golfers. I would also like to add that since the NLP session with Abby not only has my golf improved but my lifestyle is changing too and I am getting improvements with my family and other stuff. I am feeling good." David Lee, Korean American Pro Golfer. Hope Island Resort, Gold Coast Qld Australia 05/01/2007

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NLP and Hypnotherapy

"Over the last couple of years I had lost a stack of weight but I was having difficulty losing the last few kgs. When I visited Abby three weeks ago for a hypnosis session I weighed 67 kg - I am now down to 63 kg. I am so thrilled. I was able to cut down on bread real easily and I don't snack anymore. In addition I have stopped smoking. I went from 10 cigarettes a day down to 1, and now I have given up smoking all together. I am saving a fortune." Loralee Thomas, Broadbeach Waters, Gold Coast Qld Australia 2/06/2009

"I had one 2 hour session with Abby Eagle to help me stop smoking cigarettes. I had smoked for 29 years. I had tried books, homeopathy and network. I had given up smoking many times in my life... yet always snuck in one or two whilst socialising. So never actually breaking the addiction, and it was always difficult.

I really wanted to stop smoking and researched hypnosis and NLP. I liked the idea of positive motivation instead of fear based therapy.

I was extremely satisfied with the results that I got with Abby. I have not had a smoke since the session four months ago. Over the couple of days after the session when it is most difficult I had all the tools I needed to mentally cope. I am also seeing change in many other areas in my life.

What stands out for me are. Seeing my sub conscious respond physically and seeing the big picture for my future. When Abby helped me to erase the thoughts for a cigarette in all the situations where I used to smoke. At the end of the session when Abby asked me if I was going to stop and he looked at me and said, "I believe you can and you will."

After the session I had the tools to get past the first week of quitting. Before seeing Abby I always felt that smoking, drinking, and socialising were one. After my session I see the layers and have been able to separate the three activities. I don't have to smoke or drink to connect with people. I also see other patterns and have much more clarity about my goals and relationships.

I still have times when I struggle with smoking only for a fleeting moment. My husband still smokes all the time. When this happens immediately my mind shows me the big picture and says that is something that I used to do! I do believe that I will never smoke again. It is amazing . So much so it has inspired lots of reading and research and future study.

When I booked the session with Abby I wanted fast results and I most definitely got that. Abby's gentle and unique approach was fantastic, so much so I recommend him to everyone I talk to. I never thought that in 2 hrs so much could change." Michelle Blake-Lambert, Self Employed, Currumbin Valley, Gold Coast, Australia. 5/10/2013

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NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I attended the workshop because I wanted a method to control extreme stresses in my life. I learnt how to do this in one weekend. I was able to cleanse past experience that were distasteful to me and learn something positive from those occasions. What's more I learnt a way to achieve my ambitions and improve my life's values. Now I can relax my mind and body enough to meditate.

Abby's workshop has opened a whole new world for me - previously I felt that workshops such as this were of little or no benefit. I appreciate the doors that have opened for me." Colin Hannan Caloundra Qld. Australia

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NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I enrolled in the 'NLP for Personal Growth' workshop because I had been searching for a way to take control of my life again. What surprised me most was the concentration on present and future rather than the past. Once I understood the processes I was able to work on the future without delving into the past. I was also impressed with 'finding what people are doing right' and emulating them, rather than going over negatives. In the past I had conflict between my heart and my head usually to the detriment of my heart. Going with the flow of life is easier now that I have learnt to read my body signals. Abby showed me how to take responsibility for myself. I now realise you don't have to 'relive' events and go through 'emotions' to change. What's more, I don't have to beat myself up over the past to move on. I also appreciated the personalised attention during the workshop and not having to 'air dirty laundry' in front of others." Wendy Scott Birkdale Qld. Australia


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"The future visualisation therapy works. Healing past trauma works. My goals are much clearer and I'm in the driver's seat." John Eriksson Tallai Qld. Australia


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I had a problem with being over weight for ten years. I had tried many weight reduction diets and fancy weight loss clubs but still had the problem. I had three sessions with Abby Eagle. Now I am able to make educated decisions about my eating habits and what is beneficial for me to eat. I am disciplined in what I purchase; its nutritional value, fat and fibre content etc. I plan my meals and I'm taking the time to enjoy my food. I have lost a steady 1.1 kg a week since the first consultation. I have made a definite mind shift to fitness and healthier eating habits. Because I'm feeling fitter I'm more motivated, self assured and confident. I'm sure the continuing improvements will amaze some people but after my NLP experience I expect total success.Abby's knowledge, gently confidence, calmness and his ability to teach me the necessary techniques to improve my lifestyle have been a joy to experience. It's important to realise that you're in control of your life and can, and should play an active role in this amazing process." Jackie Stewart, Ashmore City, Gold Coast Qld Australia


Cravings for sweet foods banished after a 30 minute self-hypnosis session.

"My problem was that after three kids I had begun to stack on the weight and I had constant sugar cravings. So about five days ago Abby showed my how to do one of the exercises in the Hypnosis for Health Nuts manual. He showed me how to use a pendulum and then ran me through a self hypnosis exercise which is designed to eliminate bad habits.

Anyway, since then my sugar cravings have diminished by 90%. It's absolutely amazing.

gold coast weight loss with hypnotherapy

Usually at least once a day I look for a chocy biscuit but no, not anymore. There has been an unopened packet of chocolate biscuits in the cupboard for a few days. And usually when the kids are home on holidays I reach for sweet foods but not anymore. If I want a snack I just eat a raw carrot. The change is that fantastic.

And the amazing thing is that I have not had to use any will power or concentration. I just don't feel like eating sweet foods anymore. Sugar cravings are no longer an issue. And that is saying something because sweet foods were once a huge weakness for me." Lavinia Rampino, Gold Coast, Event Promoter, Australia.

Cravings for salty foods banished.

"I used to snack on salty foods all the time. Since Abby showed me how to use self hypnosis two weeks ago I have lost 3 kgs. It's awesome because it only took 30 minutes to learn how to banish the food cravings. Now when I go to a friends place I just eat a meal and that's it. Before the hypnosis session I used to compulsively think about what else I could eat. Now I am now longer interested in the food that is around. -- Two months later I have lost 8 kgs. I slowed down a bit in the cooler months but have started losing weight again."

And about twelve months later, "By the way, I've lost 20 kilos now and maintaining the weight by having a balanced acid/alkaline ratio!" Anja Cass, Gold Coast, Australia.

lose weight with ease with hypnotherapy


No will power required to lose weight.

"I visited Abby Eagle four weeks ago for a NLP hypnosis session to help me deal with weight loss issues. I have got excellent results. Even though I don't weigh myself I know I have lost weight because my clothes fit differently now. Since the NLP session I have not been eating any snacky foods. For example the family went on a picnic. We took the usual cheese dips but also fruit and salad. I found myself naturally eating the grapes, nuts and tomatoes. It did not require any will power. It is much the same as when I was pregnant and my body craved healthy steak and vegetables." Tracy Kearney, Managing Director Ensenada Enterprises, Broadbeach, Gold Coast Australia.


No desire to eat sweet things, drink soft drinks or eat chocolate.

"I visited Abby Eagle to get some help with weight loss. I was eating too much - things like potato chips, chocolate, sweet things and soft drinks. I had this problem for about 10 years and I spent a lot of time and energy visiting my doctor and spent loads of money on various solutions but i was still having the same problem. Then I had one session with Abby. I felt that the whole 90 minutes was very educational and beneficial to me.

Since the session ten days ago I have not felt the need to eat sweet things, drink soft drinks or eat chocolate or potato chips. I haven't lost any weight yet but feel that I am now able to control what I eat. I am very pleased and happy that I went to Abby and he was able to help me. His technique is amazing." Jean Walsh Australia 14/3/2012


"I just wanted to say thank you for your help. Kind of wanted to come and see you for a NLP Hypnotherapy session every week but that would be an even more expensive habit to have. Remarkably my chocolate cravings have been less and less but still love It. Hope to send my partner to you in the not so distant future and will keep applying what I learnt from you to myself. All the best." Sarah Barns Gold Coast 15/03/2013


Surprise at how effective NLP hypnotherapy is for weight loss.

"I visited Abby Eagle because I wanted to lose weight. I have always been overweight but of recent times it has been getting worse. I tried a weight loss program years ago called Slim Down Express. I paid around $200 for it off an infomercial. I got good results from it but it was unsustainable for me with my occupation as a professional driver as I could not have meals at regular times.

The reason I started looking around for another weight loss program was because my sons friend said to him one day, "Why is your dad so fat?", and for the first time in my life that comment hurt. My weight was now affecting my son and that is not fair to him.

I had 2 ninety minute sessions with Abby. The next day I got up and I thought to my self, this is not going to work, and since a friend of mine was on a protein diet I thought I would give it a go so I had 2 poached eggs by themselves and after eating them I felt full.

The night after the hypnosis session I was eating my favorite meal of silverside and veggies but I only ate a quarter of what I would normally eat and I was full. I love silverside so I made a decision to over eat and when I put a piece of meat in my mouth I had a sudden feeling to throw up. I had to spit out the piece of meat in my mouth.

Two weeks after my second session my niece had a birthday party. She was 3 years old and after tea they brought out the cake. I was full but not over full. I was given a piece of triple choc mud cake that was really moist but upon eating the first mouth full for some reason the cake tasted like crap. Everyone was raving about it but I did not enjoy it at all

Since the hypnosis sessions with Abby I am unable to overeat. The feeling that this can actually work was empowering. Weight loss began immediately. I lost 4 kg in the first week and 2 kg in the second. I also noticed my bank account was healthier as I was not spending over $100 a week on junk food.

I don't know if the results are permanent yet, I can only say that I feel as though this is forever but time will tell. In summary losing weight is really important for my health and my kids. Having the fitness to be able to run around with my kids is so important to me." Jason Moore Coach Driver Australia 30/7/2012

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NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I battled with alcohol abuse, depression, low self esteem and compulsive eating for 20 years. I spent $1500 on a Gastric Bandaging operation but became regretful and angry when I realised the underlying issues had not been addressed. When life became intolerable I finally visited Abby Eagle for a series of 5 consultations. Immediately I noticed a spasmodic lessening and softening of the problem. After each consultation there was a sense of knowing I was OK, feeling unstuck from the past, and looking forward with hope and excitement to the future. I began to open up emotionally to other people and to myself. I was able to allow whatever emotion I was experiencing to be there without the old urgent impulse to suppress and deny it. And then came an understanding, a trusting that the emotion would pass. But more importantly a realisation that all emotions are a natural expression of me.

The changes are so subtle - an unforced new way of being just easily and gently permeated my life. I feel the results are more than permanent - the 'results' are due to the cleansing of the old stuff. Abby's approach is unique because as well as being gentle and non invasive, it gets profound results." Jenni Walker Nerang, Gold Coast Qld. Australia


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"I had 2 consultations in February 1996. One of the problems we worked on was claustrophobia. A year later I can say the claustrophobia has totally disappeared. I saw Abby again for 2 problems in November 1997. The first being weight loss and the second gambling. You see, some years ago after going through menopause, I steadily began to gain weight. Using the tools and techniques I had learnt from Abby one year before I was able to make considerable improvements by myself. In two months I lost 5 lbs but I still needed extra help to get the rest off. Abby helped me consolidate the work I had started and a month later I had lost another 5 lbs. Most importantly regarding the weight loss I was able to deal with my issues around insecurity. That fixed a whole lot of stuff. My will power is much stronger regarding food - in fact I no longer have any food compulsions. Regarding the second problem of gambling, two years previously I won a considerable amount of money on the poker machines. It was my first time on the machines and after that I was hooked. I gambled every week even though I didn't want to. After one session with Abby and a month later I no longer have any desire to gamble.

NLP is fascinating because it's as if you can go back and rearrange the programs." Priscilla Ward, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coat Qld. Australia


"Since I saw you a week ago I haven't been going too bad in the area of snacking. A real test was the last couple of days when I was assisting with catering for the RFS in respect of the fires around the Clarence Valley. Where we prepare salads etc there is a lot a junk food (sweets, cakes and pastries) for the staff to nibble on. Over the two days I have not had any of this food where usually I would have a couple of lemon tarts, some chocolates etc. I wouldn't say I have been perfect but overall am quite
impressed with myself in how much I have avoided readily available junk food. Will keep at it, things can only get better. Also while on the caravan rally over the last couple of 'happy hours' was able not to eat any of the snack food on offer." Maureen Cunningham, Marrickville NSW Australia


Sinusitis problem improved
NLP and Hypnotherapy

"Hi Abby, Thought you would like to hear how I have been progressing since our session last Wednesday… The sinus problem which has been a problem for months, on and off has been pretty much cleared up.. and I have not had to use sprays etc for a few days now… and I can sleep at night without having to breathe through my mouth all night… thanks for that.

Gold Coast NLP and hypnotherapy for health

The other issues, joint pain & skin irritations I feel I can clear up myself using the tools you provided over the next few days and I will keep you posted and let you know if I need any guidance.

Regarding learning how to use a pendulum - one of the real benefits is being able to test food etc to see how beneficial (or otherwise) it is to me, and not have to listen to what other people say I should or should not ingest. I find that very empowering and I am also working on abundance creation and getting rid of all programs to do with lack and limitations. I do not feel I need any more sessions at this point, however I will be guided on that as required.

I commend you as a true healer; one who does not create a dependency, and provides the patient with tools to heal themselves. Feel free to use this as a testimonial to promote your practice and I wish you all the best in spreading the word." Barry Chick, Eagle Heights, Gold Coast.


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"It has been nearly four months since I visited Abby Eagle to kick a marijuana addiction and make some positive life changes. I had smoked marijuana for twenty nine years and had tried on many occasions to quit by my self but would always crumble in a day or two. I had one ninety minute session with Abby. Since then I have had no desire for the weed. When I get stressed or angry I no longer reach for the pipe to make everything all right. I definitely feel happier and more confident. I no longer have the desire for the weed at all and I truly believe the results are for the long term. I believe the therapeutic approach was the right choice for me. I am now more active, have a healthier life style and a clearer head space. NLP hypnotherapy really works." Vaughan Erueti, Gold Coast Qld Australia


NLP and Hypnotherapy

"Ever since I can remember I have had a problem with anger, and I had been smoking weed everyday for about 3 years. I saw about 7 or 8 different counsellors over about a 6 to 7 year period with no avail, and spent thousands of dollars seeing them. I definitely was not satisfied with the results I got because none of them could manage to help me even control my anger. After years of trying different councilors and wasting money, I decided to try something different. So I came to see Abby Eagle to learn how to manage my anger and stop smoking marijuana.

I had two 90 minute consultations with Abby Eagle.

The most important moments for me during the sessions with Abby were:
1. Learning to control my anger with the thought process that he taught me.
2. The responses the unconscious mind gave me to certain questions.
3. How easily it was to communicate with my unconscious mind.

After the first consultation for my anger I found myself a lot more relaxed, a lot calmer, and anger pretty much does not exist for me anymore, and the second consultation which focussed on giving up smoking marijuana, I was amazed I had no cravings or withdrawals at all. I pretty much got a whole new lease on life, like it was a new beginning for me.

In my opinion the anger and marijuana addiction have been permanently healed. The fact is that I can still hang with mates who smoke marijuana, while they are smoking, and not crave smoking it with them. Abby's NLP and Hypnotherapy is definitely something people should try. I was amazed at how something so simple can make such a huge difference

To summarise:
1. I wanted to get my anger under control because it was taking over my life, I was constantly angry at everything, and I did not want to lead my life as an angry person.

2. Secondly I wanted to stop smoking because that to was taking up my life. I had no money for anything, and with having a baby daughter now, I want to be able to buy her things and take her out to places, which I wouldn't have been able to do if I was still smoking.

3. What I found the most beneficial was the fact that I can still hang with mates who smoke pot, while they are smoking, and not get cravings. I can still socialize with them without having to smoke pot with them." Ayden Hughes Carrara Qld Australia 25/1/2012


Anger management

"I had a problem managing my anger for over 20 years. I had visited my doctor many times to get tablets but nothing seemed to work in the long term. I visited Abby because I wanted to be a better person. I had two sessions. After the first consultation there was no anger - I was happy. I learned how to replace my anger with calm feelings. I have also learned people skills to help me communicate better. I had a total turnaround - so far I believe the results are permanent - so far excellent. I would definitely recommend Abby for anger management skills." Name withheld by request R. K. Gold Coast Australia.


Anger, anxiety and sleep.

"Thank you for all those helpful NLP resources, I have been using them. I can not thank you enough for the powerful lessons you helped me learn in my session and to say that my life has been easier since then would be an understatement! I was open to everything but I never imagined a 2 hour session could have such a dramatic and positive impact. And you helped me see it so simply. I have done all sorts of counselling etc over the years and never had much success. I actually feel like I am well on my way to turning my whole life around. I have not felt any unnecessary anger at all and my anxiety has been at an all time low. I have been sleeping well, communicating beautifully with my partner and feeling focused on the now, driven and calm. I feel empowered and ready to face motherhood and I would not be in this position had I not come to see you! I would like to touch base in a few months to take it a step further after I have had more time to practice what I have learned so far and as I progress further into my pregnancy. Thankyou again, you are a very special person and I feel blessed to have stumbled across you. I hope your long weekend is full of happiness and rainbows (they've said it will rain tomorrow!)" Olivia Scheid, Gold Coast (30/08/2015)

Read more about NLP and hypnotherapy for anger management.


Anger, Self Sabotage and Lack of Belief

"I was dealing with negative emotions which resulted in anger primarily directed at myself, self sabotage and a lack of belief in myself within my career. These problems were holding back my relationship and my career. I had done so much work on myself and worked with a few others but never truly got to the root of the problem. I had been dealing with these issues for about 18 years

I had seen a psychologist once and worked on the issues with NLP students during a training program. The psychologist cost me about $140 and I left feeling way worse.

I read hundreds of books, did courses, got certified in nlp, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis. I worked with Shamans in the Amazon jungle and spent lot's of time with myself trying to figure it out. Although I came a long way, I never could get to the deepest root of the problem. I would still find myself slipping into the problems, especially when life got challenging and I was exhausted.

I was worse off after seeing the psychologist so I never tried another. But I got some incredible results from drinking Ayahuasca with Shamans in the Amazon jungle several times. But still It didn't get to the deepest root. I learnt a lot from books and study but always felt there was just that thing missing. I realise now that it's best to see someone and not try do it all alone.

The truth is I never truly trusted anyone enough to open up to them. I never found anyone else who felt genuine to me - even in the darkest times I did not find a practitioner that I could trust.

I found Abby's youtube videos through my own studies of NLP and really appreciated them. Abby seemed different to me from other coaches. He seemed to genuinely care to help people and I felt an authenticity and congruence from him in his videos so I booked mysefl in for six 2 hour sessions. The three most important things for me were:

1. Every session was a powerful experience with Abby. He opened my mind to new ways of being and thinking through incredible use of metaphors.

2. Abby cleared out the negative emotions I was dealing with. I felt a great shift in physiology and have felt good ever since.

3. Learning the importance of choosing our own frames consciously. Taught to me with incredible skill.

After each session I noticed some interesting changes. For example, I felt a massive shift in physiology after some sessions while I felt incredibly clear and motivated after others, I felt tired yet at peace after others. Most importantly I no longer am having the bouts of anger, sabotage and self doubt. I feel excited about things and see the world through new eyes now.

I have been inspired by Abby to go a lot harder into my work of helping people. I got to see and experience NLP used in a high level way and I am on a mission to master it like Abby. Abby is an incredible human, I am so grateful I reached out to him and I feel blessed to have crossed paths with him.

I can say the worst of my problems are gone. I had been getting strong negative emotions, especially when deeply exhausted. I am very exhausted as I am typing this and I feel fine.

I would just ilke to add that the coaching method is beautiful mastery. Very practical and functional.
It is such a powerful yet gentle method in delivery and experience. Abby has an amazing depth in understanding the human mind and how to rebalance it.

To summarise the three most important benefits for choosing Abby Eagle as your NLP Coach are:
1. Having the support of someone who truly cares. Abby's level of consideration and care shines through his work. You can tell he will do whatever it takes to help a person.

2. Benefit number #2 is Abby's down to earth style of coaching. He is very real and non judgemental. This is felt in the way he listens and coaches.

3. Benefit number #3 is wisdom. Abby's ability to think through a problem, map out an approach to something you want to achieve and speak it to you in a clear, understandable way. I highly recommend working with Abby whether you want to heal or perform." Luke Bunder, Mental Health and Wellness Coach at Luke Bunder Coaching, Brisbane. Phone: 0468 616 707 (21st August 2021)



"I booked a session with Abby to get help with depression, anger and lack of motivation. I had these problems for about 8 years. I had spent some thousands of dollars and about 60 hours seeing a number of pschologists, psychiatrists and doctors but I was not satisfied with the results - so then I made a decision to visit Abby Eagle.

The most important moments for me during the NLP sessions with Abby were:
1. Removal of anger using the Tad James drop down through model.
2. Trance - the feelings of peace, happiness and love.
3. Questions - learning to ask better questions of myself in terms of who I want to be and what I want to do.
4. How to choose and make the right decisions.

After the 6 NLP sessions I noticed that I was asking better questions of myself and making better decisions; accomplishing my goals; earning more money and feeling more self confident.

I also found that I was making progress towards my weight goals; setting long term goals; feeling happier; more motivated to do hard things - and a greater sense of resilience.

Reflecting back upon the changework with Abby overall the depression is much less prevalent. Using the flow technique I can move out of the negative state into a positive desired state much better. On the second session Abby helped me to overcome my anger with a former employer who owed me money and I learned to truly forgive. I love the work I have done with Abby - it's helpful - it's educational and it truly works." Richard Cobbett, More Sales Digital, Gold Coast (3/06/2020)


NLP Stage 1

"After the NLP stage 1 workshop I have a more positive outlook and things are coming together for me. I am very happy I did the workshop and the money was well spent." Ian Stirling Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast Qld Ph: 07 5572 1729 Australia

"After the first two sessions of the NLP stage 1 workshop on rapport, calibration skills and inducing trance I have found that when I first meet a new woman they are more relaxed, trusting, open and conversational with me. It is as if I have caught up with an old friend even though I have just met them.

An important moment for me during the workshop was observing the release of a negative emotion and the subsequent happiness in my class mates. It was a great workshop, a laid back environment and fun to learn in." Michael Giermann, Naturopath Student, Modbury SA Australia Ph: 0414 215 349 2/2/06.

"Oh Abby Eagle, you've done it again. Good work." Mathew Lees, Three Worlds Drumming, Gold Coast, Qld. Australia 2/2/06.

"All the techniques worked and they are so simple. After the workshop I feel more positive, relaxed and excited about my life." Enzo Massignani, Carpenter, Oxenford, Gold Coast Qld. Australia 2/2/06.

"I am a hairdresser/barber and I come in contact with a lot of people daily who want to share their emotional problems with me and I needed some tools to help me handle that. After the workshop I feel much calmer and I am more understanding of myself, family, friends and clientele. Feelings of anger have been brought down to softness and since the beginning of the workshop three weeks ago I am less stressed and have noticed my weight dropping." Ken Bowdler, Hairdresser/Barber 19th Ave Shopping Centre, Elanora, Gold Coast Qld. Australia 2/7/06.

"I enrolled in the NLP stage 1 workshop because i am interested in becoming a NLP Practitioner and i wanted to see if the NLP techniques were useful in healing others. I had one very positive experience when Mat took us through the golden light exercise. I can relate to the practicality of these NLP techniques. It was a very interesting workshop, very positive and i feel excited about the prospect of using these techniques in the future if I decide to continue along this path."Stephanie Schmidinger, Partner in an Art Studio, Kirra, Gold Coast Qld. Australia 2/7/06.

"Hello Abby. I enjoyed visiting the journey of self awareness that is your home on the web. You are an inspiring individual who brings out the light in others. By sharing who you are you fill the world with earthly hugs and heavenly blessings. I honour and respect who you are and what you do. Know that you have touched many people and that your life and work impress and uplift. I wish you a life of divine power and love profound.

May you journey into truth as you embrace the majestic beauty of the inner self and may you live with integrity and love with honour while celebrating life with spirit."

Yours in Upliftment of Humanity. Micheal Teal. The Ancient One (2/05/2011)



"Attention Traders: Transform your life and trading with Abby. We all trade our biases which hinders our view of the markets. I am trading with more clarity and zero state emotion. Every session with Abby brought a deeper level of calmness, clarity and confidence. Want to change your perception of the world we share together. With Abby as your mental coach, you will acquire tools for your unlimited potential.  

Abby gave me the tools to give up caffeine. I knew this played a huge roll in my critical thinking. I tested my discipline one day by walking thru my favorite coffee shop. I have no desire for caffeinate products moving forward. Caffeine is now behind me.  

Take the sessions with Abby and eliminate your negative states." Chris C Commodity Trader USA

If you are interested in NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy then please contact Abby Eagle using the contact form on this page.







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