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The secret to living to 100 years old.

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The Ikaria Effect

Is this the secret to recovering from illness and living to a ripe old age?

By Abby Eagle (2019)

In this article I am going to discuss some of the key elements in living to a ripe old age. Stay with me because this is real powerful stuff. I am going to start with two anecdotes.

Nepal and Coconut Milk

Back in the 1980’s an American man with AIDS was given a couple of months to live so he dealt with his affairs and moved to Nepal. Within a few weeks his blood profile was normal and regained his former health. People credited his recovery to the consumption of fresh coconut juice but there is more to it than that. I will tell you what that is in a moment.


The Island Where People Forget to Die

The second story I like to relate is that of American man dying from cancer who is given a few months to live – so he sells up and moves back to his parents home on the Island of Ikaria. You might already know this story. There is an article on the New York Times website titled: “The Island Where People Forget to Die

In 1976 at the age of 60 years Stamatis Moraitis was diagnosed with cancer. He was given nine months to live so he moves back to be with his parents on a two acre vineyard on the Greek Island of Ikaria. At first he spends most of his time in bed but then he ventures outside to do some work in the vegetable garden. Then he starts socialising with family and friends over a glass of wine at home and at the local tavern. He reconnects with his faith and goes to Church on Sundays. A few years later he builds on a couple of bedrooms so that so that his children can come and stay. He also works in the vineyard until it produces 400 gallons of wine a year. Thirty years later he decides to go back to the States to say hello to his Doctors but they had all died.


The Longevity Archetype

These two stories are archetypal – someone is dying of a serious illness. They accept the fact that they are going to die and so put their affairs in order. This means they have to make a lot of decisions. If you have ever had to do a serious downsize you would know that you have to look at each item that you own – reflect upon its meaning – and then make a decision as to whether to keep it or not. You may give the item to a friend or family member. You may sell it, donate it to a charity or take it to the local tip. But either way there is a process of reflecting upon the past – evaluating your current position – and considering your future destination. Implicit in this process is a review of your values and the conditions that need to be met in order to fulfil your most important values.

So these survivors downsize. Typically but not always they move away from the city into a semi rural, rustic, village type environment. They spend their days centred around a family home life doing simple activities such as growing fruit and vegetables; taking care of farm animals; preparing food; building a simple house and home for family; socialising with friends; focussing on spirituality; working quite long hours at moderate physical work but most importantly working at their own pace and not being forced to work a nine am to five pm – five day work week. And lo and behold they regain their health and live to a ripe old age.


Dr Hammer

And then we have the story of the German Doctor who developed the model known as Germanic New Medicine. In the 1980's Dr Hammer developed cancer after the tragic death of his 19 year old son in a car accident. Dr Hammer cured himself using natural methods and then set his mind to wondering if the trauma of his son's death had anything to do with the cancer. Dr Hammer went on to study 15,000 cancer patients. In each and every one of the cases he identified a significant emotional event (SEE) in the person's life, one to three years prior to the onset of the illness. This was not to say that emotional trauma and stress caused the cancer, just that in those people with cancer there was always a stress factor prior to its manifestation.

So in the two examples that I gave you before –  the man who was dying from AIDS and moves from the USA to Nepal. And the man dying from cancer who moves from the USA to the Island of Ikaria – perhaps in the process of downsizing and moving to a different environment and lifestyle – perhaps their unconscious mind is then able to facilitate and complete a healing process? Keep in mind that one definition of cancer given by the medical profession is that cancer is a healing process that fails to complete itself. Something to think about?


What are the key elements to improving your health?

Step one is to be proactive and educate yourself and build upon your skill sets. Most of you would have heard of the preppers. The preppers are the people who prepare for the worst case scenario. Typically they live in a rural setting. They try and be as self contained as possible. So they may generate their own power. They have a source of fresh water. They stock up on food, and guns and ammunition depending upon where they live in the world. And probably most importantly they develop a skill set that would be essential if they were to survive an environmental catastrophe or war type scenario. So they learn how to do basic mechanics and carpentry. How to grow food. How to generate power.

In terms of health I believe that it is essential that we educate our selves and develop a skill set that would be useful if we were ever to get sick. So if you are educated about nutrition and healing protocols then if you ever got sick you would be ten steps ahead of the ill informed. For example, we all know of people who have had cancer. We should have an idea of the healing protocol that they chose. From this we should be able to formulate an action plan if something similar should happen to us.

Let me give you an example from my own life. A couple of years ago I got two frozen shoulders. Just about everyone I spoke to who had had a frozen shoulder had steroid shots. My doctor suggested steroid injections. I did my research and I said, no way. The side effects are too severe. I made some changes and a year later both shoulders are now at about eighty percent of what they were in my younger days – and that is without using pharmaceutical drugs.

A few years ago I had chelation therapy for heavy metal toxicity from a German Integrative Medicine Practitioner on the Gold Coast. I had EDTA plus 30 grams of vitamin C dripped into my veins with a cannula. I had eighteen IV chelation’s at $300.00 each and then I ran out of money so I did some research and made a list of the ingredients and equipment required. I watched dozens of youtube videos on how to self administer an IV. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a supplier for the EDTA so I didn’t go ahead with the project. However if it ever should be necessary in the future then I am sure that I could find a suitable quality EDTA –  and I know for certain that I could administer the IV by myself.

So anyway I continued my research and learned that liposomal vitamin C in some cases may be as effective as intravenous vitamin C. So I searched Google until I found a patented formulae and now I make my own liposomal vitamin C at home.

These are just examples of being proactive – of being self sufficient – of demonstrating initiative and taking action. Proactive people – preppers – empower themselves by preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. Reactive people leave things until too late and in doing so they limit their options.

And if you look at the lifestyle of those who live in the blue zones which is a term for the longevity zones – then I think you will find typically that these people are self reliant. They take care of their own garden – they take care of their home maintenance – they grow some of their food and prepare most of it themselves. And even if they lack a skill they probably know of someone who has the skill. This is not to say that they don’t draw upon the skills of experts in the healing profession or any other profession just that they have what it takes to wash their own car, so to speak.


How to turn your life around.

Now I am not telling you that it’s easy to turn your life around – in fact sadly some people are just not able to do it – but if you are watching this video then I believe that you probably have what it takes. So let’s look at the key elements in how to create the Ikaria Effect.


How to Create the Ikaria Effect?

1. Clean your room
As Jordan Peterson, the Canadian Psychologist, says, start by cleaning out your room – that is take some action to get your life in order. I would suggest you start by writing an autobiography and updating it every year. I would also suggest that you update your resume.

2. Future selfing exercises
Get into the habit of doing future selfing exercises. I use a large sheet of butchers paper and drawing upon the NLP well formed outcome model – at the top left side of the page I write, present state. Top right of the page I write, desired outcome. In the middle I write, steps and stages. Then you list your present state, present situation and any problems. Top right you set a goal – which could be 6 or twelve months in the future – or even a five year goal. Then use questions, statements and commands to move yourself from the present state to the desired outcome. Make notes as you go along. Bottom right of the page make a heading for your, to-do-list.

The future selfing exercise gives you the opportunity to use questions, statements and commands to see where you came from – see where you are now and where you would like to go in life. If you do a future selfing exercise every few weeks or at least every few months then over time you will get a feel for what works for you and what does not. By that I mean that sometimes you might set a goal that you think is important but in actual fact it is not that important or it’s unattainable. On the other hand you may also discover what is actually important to you in life.

3. Take action
As you work on your future selfing exercise thoughts will arise in the mind. Write down those thoughts – make note of all the things you need to take action on – and then take action asap. If you don’t take action when you are hot then nothing will change. Most importantly get yourself into an environment in which you will flourish.

4. Downsizing
Part of getting your life in order may involve shifting to a new location which will give you the opportunity to downsize. In fact periodically going through all of your possessions and getting rid of the old can be a great way to clear the mind and give you a new foundation from which to step out with confidence into the world.

5. Trust in God
You have the choice to act out of necessity or possibility. Broadly speaking the modal operators of necessity and possibility are related to your away-from values and towards values. You might have noticed that it is only when you need to do something or circumstance dictates you take action do you actually make significant change. For example, it may only be when you have to move house do you throw out stuff that you haven’t used in years.

If you cast your mind back to the two anecdotes that I talked about at the beginning of this video – there was the man with AIDS who moved to Nepal and the man with cancer who moved to the Greek Island of Ikaria. They were both forced to face up to the fact that their lives were over. But rather than lay back and die their unconscious minds propelled them onto a journey to a life of health and prosperity. Was it easy for them? I doubt it but what I admire is that with the resources that they had they were able to get themselves into an environment in which they could regain their health. You may not know what that environment is consciously – and this is where trusting your feelings, trusting yourself, - and having trust in existence and trust in God becomes so important. Which is to say that a functional, life affirmative, spiritual framework is essential.

6. Prepare a video eulogy
Now I left this bit to last but if you are unwell or if you are getting on in years then I would recommend that you write a last will and testament. I will tell you why. About five years ago I had septicaemia from three abscessed teeth. The interesting thing is that there was little tooth pain. Anyway I was dying. I looked at moving to somewhere in Asia but I had left it too late. So I wrote out my will which involved doing a stock take of all of my possession – writing a list of friends and relatives and their contact details – going through my business – compiling a list of websites, bank accounts, passwords – and cleaning up files on my computer, etc. It was a lot of work but I did my best. I also wrote a Bardo which is what will be read to me by a friend after I die. The Bardo is a Tibetan thing – Osho updated it back in the 1980’s and then I updated it once again using NLP. If you would like an outline of the Abby Eagle Bardo you can find it on my website.

Anyway I had the teeth extracted – I remember spitting blood in the carpark after one of the teeth had been extracted and believe it or not it felt so good.  Anyway my health improved significantly but then a few years later I had another downturn so I reworked the will and all the business notes – and I updated the Bardo – I went through all of my photographs – put them in chronological order – and then recorded myself reading parts of my autobiography – to produce a video eulogy which I burned to a DVD.

And then I went through all of my possessions getting rid of stuff that I no longer needed. It was a lot of work but it felt like I had given myself a rebirth – a new life as an artist. It is sort of weird because without those wake up calls I may never have listened to the call to pursue the artistic energy within myself.

So to finish this article I would like to give a summary of the Seven Secrets to Success.

The Seven Secrets To Success

1. Present State to Desired Outcome Model
Get familiar with the NLP present state to desired outcome model – and the NLP Well Formed Outcome Questions.

2. Personality Type
Your personality type is your genius so learn all you can about personality types.

3. Passion / Interest
Get clear on what really interests you. If you follow your passion then you should find yourself in an environment in which there is the potential to flourish. Once you are in that environment then you need to fit yourself into a role which interests you and suits your personality type.

4. Purpose
Purpose, that is values, drive motivation. Learn how to elicit and recognise towards and away-from values – and stay/go values.  And identify the conditions that need to be met in order for your values to be fulfilled.

5. Flow
Flow is defined as an optimal state of consciousness in which you perform at your best. Learn how you get yourself into flow. This is very important because in flow the body is able to heal itself.

6. Intention – Attention – Task – Focus – Concentrate
So to recap. You do your goal setting – that is you do a future selfing exercise. You learn everything you can about your personality type. And part of that is connecting with the right people. I can’t emphasise that enough – do what you are good at – and then team up with the right people to take care of everything else.

So you put yourself in an environment in which you flourish. You engage in activities which interest you. You clarify your values – which means you understand what it is that motivates you. And most importantly you learn how you get into flow – you have got to understand that process. And you have to recognise what knocks you out of flow – and what you need to do to get back into flow.

So once you are clear on the task that faces you -  then you set an intention which drives your attention onto the task at hand such that you can focus in and concentrate.

7. Questions / Statements / Commands.
Now there is another very important element to all of this and that is how you think and talk. If you listen to yourself you will find that you ask questions, make statements and give commands. I can’t repeat this often enough. It is the quality of your thought processes that determine the quality of your outcomes. So what questions do you need to ask? What statements do you need to make – and what commands do you need to give to yourself to create the Ikaria Effect?

If you think I have left out some aspects of the Ikaria Effect please let me know in the comments box below.

- Reference: “The Island Where People Forget to Die”


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