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NLP Coaching Feedback Form


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1. Why did you visit us and what were the specific presenting problems?

2. How long had you had each of those problems?

3. Had you ever seen someone else for those problems? If yes, then please state type of practitioner and estimated number of visits, time, energy and money spent.

4. Were you satisified with the results you got from those practitioners? Please comment.

5. What motivated you to try our services?

6. How many sessions did you have?

7. Please list the three most important moments for you during those sessions.

8. After each session what specific differences did you notice and what was new in your life experience?

9. What other results did you get?

10. Regarding each of the presenting problems, to what extent have they ameliorated or healed? In your opinion are the results permanent?

11. What comments do you have regarding the coaching method?

12. What are the three most important benefits or reasons for using our services? And for each one please comment how we delivered on those benefits and include any praise or suggestions.

13. May we have permission to quote:

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