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Media Training Events - Gold Coast Australia - learn to become a ferocious and resilient communicator drawing up linguistic skills from NLP and Neuro Semantics.


Join The Peace Mapping Project

The Peace Mapping Project is a Media Training Event


Mission Statement

To explore topics of conversation using the NLP Peace Mapping Model; mapping out the structure of how people think to gain greater clarity and understanding in why people do what they do; such that all involved might learn to embrace their differences; such that all involved might learn to expand their world view; such that they might be inspired to bring about some positive, peaceful change within their world.


What is the NLP Peace Mapping Model?

The Peace Mapping Discussion Groups are an opportunity for the participants to explore the structure of how different people think.

Is peace important to you?

Most people will answer "yes" to that question but how do we go about creating peace in the world when there is so much diversity of opinion? When the world meets our expectations we feel good; when the world exceeds our expectations we feel great but when the world fails to meet our expectations then we feel bad. And when people feel bad they generally take action in an effort to feel good once again - which might make someone else feel bad.

But just because there is always going to be some disagreement does that mean that it always has to lead towards conflict? Isn't there some way that we could turn a heated argument into a more playful discussion? In attempting to answer this question I developed the NLP Peace Mapping Model.

The NLP Peace Mapping Model gives you a way to map out a topic of conversation - get on the same page with others - and track the conversation so that you don't get side tracked or lost in emotional reactions - such that you gain greater clarity and peace of mind - which provides a foundation from which you can make better decisions.

The NLP Peace Mapping Model is not about spin doctoring, distorting facts and winning an argument but about expanding our minds such that we may learn to accept, appreciate and perhaps even hold some awe for the diversity of opinions and behaviours in the world.

Typically if you bring a group of people together to discuss a topic on current affairs you will find that the group becomes polarised between political Left and Right. The aim of Peace Mapping is to map out the distinctions that define the structure of the attitudes and behaviours of political Left and Right. Such that those on the political Right might gain an understanding of how those on the Left think and why they behave the way that they do. Such that those on the political Left might gain an understanding of how those on the Right think and why they behave the way that they do - such that each side might learn to appreciate how the other thinks - such that we might build in a connectedness between the polarities - such that we might initiate some steps to resolve conflict and facilitate more peaceful outcomes in the world.

In the Peace Mapping discussions, participants will be invited to use linguistic tools provided by the NLP and Neuro Semantic Communication Models.










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