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Abby Eagle challenge everything for the truth

Abby Eagle Coaching Background. Phone 07 5562 5718 to book a free 20 minute telephone consultation. NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy & Meditation, Gold Coast, Robina. Online coaching available on Skype and Zoom.


Abby Eagle NLP Coaching Background


Formal qualifications

Other workshops and training events.

Audivisual training materials.

Bibliography of books.

The following lists are incomplete but should give you some idea of my background in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Meditation..


Formal qualifications


Other workshops, trainings and events.


Audiovisual training materials

Bandler (Richard Bandler) DVD set.
Subject: NLP.
Title: Magic in action seminar.

Bandler (Richard Bandler) DVD set.
Subject: NLP.
Title: Paranoid schizophrenia.

Bandler (Richard Bandler) DVD set.
Subject: NLP.
Title: Submodalities and Hypnosis.
1. Amplifying kinaesthetic states.
2. Non verbal elicitation and change.
3. Presuppositions and hypnosis.
4. Redesigning and chaining states.
5. Convictions, beliefs and reality.

Bandler (Richard Bandler) DVD set.
Subject: NLP
Title: Personal outcomes.
1. Personal change.
2. Motivation.
3. Resolving problems.
4. Changing responses.

Bandler (Richard Bandler) DVD set.
Subject: NLP
Title: State of the art.
1. State of the art: making things easy.
2. State of the art: time distortion

Bandler (Richard Bandler) DVD set.
Subject: NLP.
Title: Client sessions.
1. Client sessions: shyness.
2. Client sessions: hypnotic inductions.

Bandler (Richard Bandler) DVD set.
Subject: NLP.
Title: Building and Maintaining Generalisations.
1. Positive motivation strategies.
2. Learning strategies: acquisition and conviction.
3. Elements of understanding.
4. Building new understanding.
5. Time and meta-programs.
6. Remembering, planning, intervening.

Bandler (Richard Bandler) DVD set.
Subject: NLP.
Title: Creating Therapeutic Change.
1. Layering responses.
2. Propulsion systems.
3. Attitudes.
4. Perceptual grids.
5. Nonverbal amplification.
6. Playing with problems.
7. Weaving complexes.

Bandler (Richard Bandler) DVD set
Subject: NLP
Title: Rare Bandler.

Brown (Derren Brown) DVD’s.
Subject: Mentalism, hypnosis and mind control.
Title: Trick of the Mind.  First series and extras.
Title: Trick of the Mind. Series two.
Title: Inside Your Mind.

Dilts (Robert Dilts) DVD Set
Subject: NLP
Title: Sleight of Mouth Patterns

Hall (Michael L. Hall) video set:
Subject: Neurosemantics.
Title: The Meta States workshop.

Hall (Michael L. Hall) DVD set:
Subject: Neurosemantics and meta coaching.
Title: Meta-Coach 2005 training preparation package.

Hall (Michael L. Hall) DVD set:
Subject: Neurosemantics.
Title: NS Trainers Training DVD Training Prep Package
1. Module One--Platform Skills.
2. Module Two--Training Design Skills.
3. Module Three--Accessing Personal Genius.
4. Module Four--Neuro-Semantic Training Business Skills.

Hall (Michael L. Hall) DVD set:
Subject: Neurosemantics.
Title: Mindlines.

Hall (Michael L. Hall) DVD set:
Subject: Neurosemantics.
Title: Wealth Genius 2005.

James (Tad James) audiotape set
Subject: NLP.
Title: NLP Master Practitioner Training Collection.

James (Tad James) audiotape set
Subject: NLP and Timeline.
Title: Time line therapy training collection. Volume two. Mastering the art and science of time line therapy. Master practitioner audio course.

James (Tad James) audiotape set
Subject: NLP and sales.
Title: The five step sales process.

Jeffries (Ross Jeffries) DVD’s:
Subject: Confidence in meeting people and building states of attraction.
Title: Advanced Speed Seduction:
1. Secrets of gold walkups mastery.
2. Fear into charisma.
3. Secrets of irrestible arousal.

Manor (Lior Manor) DVD set.
Subject: Mentalism and remote touch.
Title: The Invisible Touch.

Newton (Andrew Newton) DVD set.
Subject: Hypnotherapy.
Title: The Andrew Newton Australian Seminar, 2008.

NLP conference DVD set. Crown House Publishing.
Subject: NLP, hypnosis, neurosemantics, coaching.
Title: NLP Live - at the 2010 NLP conference in London.

Nongard and Cerbone (Richard Nongard and John Cerbone) DVD set.
Subject: Stage, street and clinical hypnosis.
Title: Speed Trance: Instant hypnotic inductions for stage, street and clinical hypnosis.
Title: Skits and bits: Learn how to create astonishing stage hypnosis skits and routines.

Osterlind (Richard Osterlind) DVD set.
Subject: Mentalism.
Title: Corinda’s 13 Steps to Mentalism.

Royle (Jonathon Royle) DVD set.
Subject: Hypnosis.
Title: A complete course in pseudo hypnosis and fake hypnotism.

Spencer (Don Spencer) video set.
Subject: Stage hypnosis inductions.
Title: How to hypnotise anyone, anytime.


Bibliography of Mainly NLP and Hypnosis Books






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