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Coronavirus, Patterns & Personality Type From An NLP Perspective

By Abby Eagle (2020)

corona virus nlp patterns

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In this article I want to talk a bit about the coronavirus, patterns and personality type from an NLP perspective.

Those of you who are familiar with NLP would know that the NLP communication model is a lot about pattern recognition. How to recognise a pattern and model out the key elements. So we get the NLP Meta Model, Robert Dilts Sleight of Mouth Model,  NLP Meta Programs and so on. And then we use the NLP tools in a conversation with a client to model out the structure and processes the client uses in their mind to create their state or do a behaviour – and help them to make transformational change.

So let’s take a look at the situation with the coronavirus. Now I should make it clear that I am not a doctor, scientist or health care professional. I am just a guy who sees patterns. In terms of personality type I am an INTJ which means my dominant cognitive function is introverted intuition – which means I naturally look for the relationship between things and ideas – that is I get a perspective on how they form patterns. If you want to learn more about personality types read this article and as you do so keep in mind your personality type and how you may naturally think in a similar or dissimilar way to me.

So it looks like we could be faced with a global pandemic – it could be true it may not be true – we will only know about a year from now when we get the opportunity to look back on what actually happened. Once again that is about perspective – you can live totally in the present or you can look back on the past or look to the future – and in addition you can play with pseudo orientation in time and take yourself back 3,000 years ago and look towards now – and you could also take yourself out into the future – say a year or ten years from now and look back towards now. Those shifts in perspective can give you a totally different understanding on the topic of conversation.

So when I look at news and memes on the coronavirus I see it just as data. I also have an internal authority sort with an external check meta program – so I don’t just believe what some so called expert tells me is true, and I need to gather a lot of data from different sources. And then in terms of time I reflect back upon the past and from that I think about how the future could unfold. Whereas there are some people who seem to discount the past and either focus totally in the present or on the future. These are all meta programs and influence how people think and act. In terms of forming an opinion – I  am slow – an indicator of introversion – I need to think about things for a while – at times I need to wait until sometime after an event to do that. That is an aspect of my convincer meta program And yet simultaneously I am a prepper – I am proactive rather than reactive.  If you want to learn more about NLP Meta Programs and personality types follow the links on this page and join the Facebook NLP & Hypnotherapy Group for some fascinating conversations.

Now as you read through this article try and keep in mind patterns – look for patterns and try and avoid getting hooked into the content. So you don’t discount the content – just look at the content in relationship to the patterns.

So have we faced a situation like the coronavirus before? We have indeed. Let’s go back to the AIDS epidemic of 1984. That is when I was living in Fremantle, Western Australia. We were told that AID’s would destroy humanity, millions would die. Sadly many have died but it was nothing like the media told us. So back in the 1980’s an American man, dying from AIDS, sells up and moves to Northern India to die but within two weeks his blood profile had returned to normal and he recovered. Makes you wonder.

So he changes his environment and changes his diet and he recovers. Hmmm? So was there something in his environment and lifestyle in the US that caused the health problem? By the way his recovery was attributed to eating fresh coconut but it is more than that. He changed his environment – and the physical, emotional, mental and chemical stressors on the body – and then he ate a totally different diet – and the focus needs to be more on what he removed than on what he began to eat. You will see this pattern over and over again. A person goes on a vegan diet and then over a period of three to six months there is a significant improvement in their health. I would suggest that the improvement is not so much about what they are eating but on what they are not eating because in so many cases the vegan diet is not sustainable. I know this from personal experience with me and a number of naturopath friends. Okay, now let’s not hook into the content – remember, we are just looking for patterns.

And then after the HIV-AIDS epidemic there was the Avian Flu, SIV - Swine Flu,  SARS, MERS, Ebola, Zika – that list is probably not complete or in the right sequence but it gives you an idea.

And with each new epidemic the media ramped up the fear. I remember one Saturday morning listening to a health spokesman on ABC Radio in Australia saying that, “When the SARS pandemic hits, blah blah blah. But the pandemic never hit, thank god, and I never heard him or any of the other experts ever come back onto the radio to give a retraction or an explanation. The pattern the media use so often in terms of time is ‘when’ – rarely do you hear them talking about ‘if’. This could be because they know that ‘when’ is going to ramp up the fear which will get the views to their channel so that they get the ratings and get to sell advertising space. You got to keep in mind why the media deliver the content that they do – for them it is about careers, money and prestige. Even the government funded or I should say tax payer funded ABC in Australia – even these people have an investment in keeping their jobs – and so they also hook the viewers into the content with emotionally charged language.

Anyway, every four or five years the media tells us that we are faced with a global pandemic. The governments, health departments, pharmaceutical industry, businesses, schools, police, military etc. steadily improve their strategies for dealing with a future pandemic. And what do those strategies look like? Are they about helping us improve our quality of life as in cleaning up our environments and eating a healthier diet or are the strategies more about taking away our freedoms and bringing in a totalitarian one world government? Patterns, patterns, patterns – remember to look for patterns – the relationships between things and ideas.

So at this point we need to take a look at Louise Pasteur and Antoine Bechamp. These two French scientists lived at the same time in the 19th century. Pasteur came up with the idea that germs cause disease. He was an extrovert and so he was out there in the market place talking to groups of doctors and eventually his theory became accepted.

Bechamp on the other hand was the introvert. His theory was that the environment creates an opportunity for germs to manifest. So if you throw your rubbish and excrement in the street then it is going to breed all sorts of nasty bugs and provide a home for disease carrying rats and mice. If germs cause the disease then I guess we just spray the rubbish and the rodents with toxic chemicals and that should fix the problem?

But Bechamp says if you create an environment in your body – and I would add in your mind and soul – if you create an environment within yourself which is like a garbage tip then you can expect to have germs and bugs moving in to do what they were designed to do – and that is to clean up shit. And Bechamp went even further to suggest that as you modify the environment within the body that the germs mutate to suit the environment. Now remember that not all bugs are bad for you. A healthy human being can have up to a two kilograms of good bugs in their gut in any one day. And now as people understand that more – there is more focus on the healthy biome and on including prebiotics with your meals.

Okay so keeping Pasteur and Bechamp in mind. Pasteur says germs cause disease whereas Bechamp says the environment is the problem. So let’s look for some patterns. If you look to where disease has manifested itself over the centuries start by looking at the environment.

Let’s start with New York around about 1900 or so. There was poor sanitation, unclean drinking water and add to that farmers diluted the milk from their cows with water from the Hudson river – and so as you can imagine the health of New Yorkers was not that good.

So what action was taken? Laws were introduced to ensure that milk was pasteurised in an effort to kill the bacteria in the milk – but just keep in mind that many of the cows at that time – referencing the article that I read some years back – the cows were unhealthy – river water was added to the milk and lo and behold people got sick. So pasteurisation of the milk was a good idea but at the same time a modern sewage system and supply of fresh water and better hygiene measures was introduced into the city of New York. So on one hand bugs were killed but also the environment was improved on the farms and in the city.

Okay so now let’s take a look at hand washing. There was a time believe it or not when doctors would walk from the mortuary into the labour ward covered in blood. The blood on their clothing being worn like a badge of honour. And then came along a Hungarian physician and scientist, Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis who discovered that the washing of hands with chlorinated lime solution significantly reduced the mortality rate. It took a few years for the doctors to change but eventually they learned to wear clean clothing to work and wash their hands before working with a patient. So you can look at this in two ways. One is that the chlorine solution used to wash their hands killed germs but also that the washing of their clothes and hands with soapy water cleaned the environment.

So Pasteur focused on killing germs while Bechamp focused on creating a healthier environment. If you can keep the environment clean then you don’t need to use toxic chemicals to kill bugs.

Now for those of you who like to meet with friends over a drink in the local pub there was a time not so long ago when they had a trough which ran the length of the bar where patrons could spit, urinate and throw their cigar buts. I wouldn’t actually call that a healthy environment.

After a while spitting in public became unacceptable and people learned to carry a cotton handkerchief, though they seem to have gone out of fashion. Now if you have never used a handkerchief they are great. Look, you can blow your nose on them and if you need to sneeze you can use it to cover your mouth so that you don’t pollute the air around you. For those of you who have never used a handkerchief you use a clean one each day – every couple of weeks you soak them in hot water with a little bleach and then put them in the washing machine. So they are reusable – that makes them ecologically friendly. So all the environmentalists should be out there waving their handkerchiefs in the air.

Anyway up until about 20 years ago I used to iron them. For a lot of people from my era this was standard practice and in my first aid training the instructor would tell us to use a clean handkerchief to bandage a wound because the ironed handkerchief was sterile. Not bad heh? Now I have a proposition for you. If you are interested in being certified in my handkerchief certification training program then join us over at the Facebook Group to get details. This certification workshop is so sterile that we are going to deliver it online. You will learn how to iron and fold a handkerchief – how to blow your nose, how to cough into a handkerchief and fold it carefully and return it to your pocket.

All joking aside, I know that some people use tissues which is good but I see too many people snotting and spitting in the street – it is disgusting – and in some cases people defecate in the street. So why am I telling you all this because there is a pattern. There was a time when people only bathed once or twice a year and ate communal food with their hands. And then there was a quantum leap in consciousness and societies learned some basic hygiene practices such as eating with a fork; washing the dishes after a meal; drinking fresh clean water or fermented ale; washing the hands after visiting the toilet with soapy water, and cleaning the environment to remove dust, dirt, insects and rodents.

And with time people’s health began to improve. But who took the credit – well in many cases the medical industry claimed the improvements in health was because of improved drugs when perhaps the improvements in health were more the result of a cleaner environment.

Do you see the pattern? Pasteur versus Bechamp. The engineers install sewage systems and fresh water on tap – the council workers clean up the garbage and take it away for disposal on a tip. People wash their hands with soap and water and dry them on a clean towel. They stop spitting and snotting in the street – well to a significant degree – the health of the nation improves but the medical industry takes the credit and Pasteur continues to dominate the way we look at disease and health.

So do you see the pattern? A dirty environment is associated with poor health – clean up the environment and the health magically improves. So let’s take a look at some different types of environments.

If you look at the people, birds and animals that get sick and then look at their environment – you will see patterns. And what are some of the patterns? Chickens, pigs and cows crammed into cages in factories fed a junk food diet with antibiotics designed to increase their growth rate. It is just horrible. Any reasonable person would know that this is wrong. The birds and animals are stressed which is going to make them more susceptible to illness.

And then we get humans crowded into factories and crowded into cities. And the humans – what are the humans eating? What is the quality of their diet? In some cases humans are eating unclean animals, birds and insects. In many cases people are eating processed junk food loaded with chemical additives.– you can’t even call it food. So even though the supermarket may be nice and clean – even though the tins and packages all look nice and clean – what is actually in the package is not in terms of chemical additives and nutrition. So how does this affect the inner environment of the person?

And then we have to consider the chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and atmospheric pollution from motor vehicles and industry. Now back in 2003 there was an article in the Wise Traditions Journal Summer 2003 p13 which said that, “SARS disease symptoms are identical to pesticide and air pollution disease symptoms, and these poisons correlate in time and place with SARS epidemics”. Not only that but they found that some of the best characterised SARS disease cases were negative for the SARS virus. There are also articles online which propose that pesticide poisoning may be the most significant factor in the death of birds attributed to West Nile Virus. Hmm interesting isn’t it?

Okay so let’s continue. Now just think of the outgassing from the plastic and vinyl in your car. And you thought that new car smell was good for you. Next time you walk into a shopping centre pay attention to what you can smell– whether you walk into a clothing store or electrical appliance store – or the hardware – what do you smell? Yeah, chemicals. Are those chemicals good for your health? Are those environments good for you – are they good for the employees? I will let you think about that. And then there is the perfume and deodorant that some people reek of. Over here on the Gold Coast there is a perfume section on the ground floor of Myers. That place is so toxic – if I have to walk through it then I do it as fast as I can. It is dangerous. And while we are on the topic of retail stores let’s not forget that those thermal receipts you get at the checkout are covered with toxic BPA.

So then you go home to where it is safe. Really? I don’t know where you live but look around you – fresh paint, carpets, furniture, computers, televisions, electric toasters and kettles, cleaning chemicals all outgas toxic chemicals to a degree – and if there is fibreglass insulation in the ceiling that could be an additional challenge for your body. And then newly renovated offices are probably one of the worst places you would want to spend your day. I watched some tradies renovate the offices next door and I felt real sorry for them. And a little while back I visited the air pistol range at my local gun club. They had recently renovated it but I could only stay in there for a few minutes – it just reeked of chemicals. And while we are on the topic of gun clubs, breathing lead fumes and handling the ammunition with bare fingers may give you something to think about.

Then we get out onto the street. So if you live in a low populated area the pollution may be quite low but wherever you get busy traffic there is the atmospheric pollution. If you go online and do some research you will find that traffic related pollution is linked to heart disease, lung cancer, asthma, bronchitis, tiredness, headaches and fatigue.

And don’t forget that EMF pollution from electrical wiring, mobile phones, microwave ovens, Wi-Fi,  and 5G cell towers may also be a part of your environment. And then of course just about everything we buy is wrapped in plastic - and the plastic ends up in the ocean and pollutes the food chain which finds its way back to us humans. Do you see the patterns?

So you put animals or people into a crowded environment, stress them, pollute the environment, feed them junk with barely the nutrients required to sustain life and lo and behold they get sick. Who could ever have imagined that?

Okay so we learn to recognise patterns. We keep in mind Pasteur and Bechamp. Pasteur’s proposition was that germs cause disease whereas Bechamp’s proposition was that the environment created a situation for disease to occur. In some cases germs most definitely do cause disease but if you create an environment in which you flourish both physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually then the body will find it much easier to deal with germs and toxic chemicals. I remember more than one experiment where a doctor infected himself with a pathogen but he did not get sick – and he never displayed the disease symptoms. So that gives you something to think about.

And still on the topic of health and environment back in the days when TB was a problem in Switzerland the recommendation given was for the patient to go to the mountains where the sunshine was stronger because they believed that the high altitude environment was conducive to health. But what should also be noted is that in the cities of the lowland the milk was pasteurised and yet in the mountains it was taken raw. So there always seems to be a number of variables in play but so often the evidence demonstrates that if you move to a healthier environment and spend more time outside then the body will heal and you will live longer. I made a video on this sometime back which it titled, The Ikaria Effect.

So to summarise this article keep in mind your personality type, your dominant cognitive functions and your meta program preferences as this will influence how you look at data and come to a decision. And I would suggest that you learn to make a distinction between process and content – and learn to look at data as data and avoid hooking into it. Information is just information – look for patterns – that is what I suggest you do – look for patterns – and see how the information relates to other information, things and ideas. For some people this can be transformative.

Thanks for reading this article – please leave your comments below and feel free to join us over at the Facebook NLP & Hypnotherapy Group for a discussion. And if you are looking for a NLP Coach then feel free to contact me on Skype for a free twenty minute introductory session. On Skype search for "Abby Eagle Gold Coast Australia". Or send me an email from this page.


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