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Abby Eagle challenge everything for the truth

Business promo videos - explainer videos - are one of the best ways to build audience engagement. Utilise Abby Eagle green screen studio in Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast. Green Screen film studio hire Gold Coast. NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Meditation. Gold Coast, Robina, Australia.


Business Promo Videos

Video marketing is one of the best ways to build audience engagement.

green screen studio gold coast

Put yourself in the picture.

Shooting your video against a green screen allows you to knock out the green and then insert whatever background suits the context or mood of your video. You can insert a video or a still image in the background.

Watch the video to see some of the possible seating arrangements for an interview or explainer video.

How to seat your client in front of a green screen?

Click the Image to Watch on YouTube

The aim of a video channel is to build an audience who come back to watch your videos because they value what you have to offer. Email lists are great but video is how you really connect with your audience and build engagement.

Video gives people the opportunity to see your face - to hear how you speak such that they get to know you at a more personal level. Just do a comparison between a journalist who writes for a mainstream newspaper and a news commentator on television? Which one do you feel you know the best?

Video also makes it easy for both you and your audience to share your videos on social media – and studies show that Facebook engagement is highest on posts with videos and photographs. We have now entered the era where four times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than to read about it.

And have you noticed that when you search Google that videos posted on youtube display an image thumbnail which makes them stand out from the rest of the listings? This gives you an advantage over the other listings.

Video is a powerful way to build your brand, build an audience, build connections and get repeat business. However rather than trying to compress everything into one video you are better off making a new video once a week or once a fortnight. The intention is to educate, engage, invite conversation, generate leads and retain customers.

How to Start Work on Your Video

Script and Teleprompter

You need a script that covers what you want to say as succinctly as possible. You have the choice to read the script from a teleprompter or to memorise the script and adlib. Using a foot pedal with a teleprompter also allows you to pause, take a breath and adlib. This makes the presentation both professional and natural. A well delivered script also saves time in editing.

The only time when I personally don’t use a script is when I make a how-to-use-Photoshop video. But even so I still have an idea in mind of what I want to say. And the intention is to get the message across as specifically and quickly as possible – so that the viewer gets the feeling that they have been respected and taken care of.

When you write a script remember that you should craft it using questions, statements and commands. Every script will have an introduction, a body and a conclusion – which also includes a call to action. I believe that it is best to personalise your script to the topic at hand but also structure it using the following questions as a guide: Why? What? How? What If?

Length of video.

Business promo videos can be anywhere from 45 seconds to 20 minutes. Two to eight minutes is optimal. (An A4 page in 12pt Times New Roman is about 4 minutes long.) Just address one topic per video. To get an idea of what works watch a few hundred videos on youtube. The best videos are well researched – they get straight into the content – they don’t waffle – they talk to the viewers needs and wants – they are engaging – and they build trust.

Green Screen

Shooting against a green screen means that you can remove the green background and replace it with the background of choice. But you have to remember not to wear any shades of green as that will disappear from the final video.

What to Wear

Do not wear any shades of green. Best not to wear checks or fine stripes as sometimes they may create a moiré pattern.

Simple is Best

Fancy graphics and editing can make the video look amazing but costs time and money – and is it really necessary? There are video channels on Youtube that have been shot and edited on basic equipment yet they get tens of millions of views. My understanding is that people want good quality content combined with personality rather than bells and whistles. This means you can afford to create more videos and build a larger audience. The main thing is to have a good script and use a professional camera, lighting and recording equipment.

Graphics and Logos

It is important to add your business logo and graphics to the video. You can also use screen shots from your website. A possibility is to buy stock images and footage but keep in mind that this can be a time consuming exercise. One of the things that I like to do is to add text to the video to improve viewer engagement.

Makeup and Grooming

I want you to look your best on camera so make sure that you follow a healthy lifestyle and get a good nights sleep. At my studio there is a restroom where you can touch up your makeup.

How to Develop Confidence in Front of a Camera

As a NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist and teacher of Meditation I have 30 years background in working with people. It is important for you me that you are the star of your video. To that end, in the time given I will show you how to use the teleprompter so that you look natural. There is also a TV monitor in the studio which will give you idea of how you look. If you are interested in NLP Coaching then feel free to browse my website.

What Types of Video Could You Make?

1. The elevator pitch video. If you had 45 seconds to 5 minutes to pitch your business to your ideal client – what would you say? What questions would you ask of the potential client – what statements would you make – and what would you tell them to do? (An A4 page in 12pt Times New Roman is about 4 minutes long.)

2. Training and education video. What do your customers want to learn? Make short introductory videos on a range of topics.

3. Take your top ten frequently asked questions and answers (FAQ) and put them into a series of videos. One question per video but film them all at the same time.

If it takes about 2 minutes to answer each question then that is about a total of 20 minutes. The footage will need to be edited to produce 10 separate videos. Each video will need to be exported and uploaded to Youtube so that the videos can be embedded in your website.

4. Product or service video. Choose any product or service that your business offers and make an explainer video for each one. If this is a product video then it may be necessary for me to visit your place of work. (Price on application.)

5. Snippets. You can always take a snippet from a longer video and put it into a smaller video. The rise to fame of many people on Youtube is based upon snippets being used to create a new video. If the viewer likes what they see they will subscribe to the channel and search for your other videos.

* Remember a good video channel will give your business prestige and status.

When you write a script craft it using questions, statements and commands.

Every script will have an introduction, a body and a conclusion – which also includes a call to action. You might start with the 'why', then talk about the 'how', then the 'what' and conclude with the 'what-ifs'?

Consider this system of videos

1. Lead capture video / webpage intro video. (The first video is about 45-60 seconds long.)
- Introduce yourself. Establish your status and why people should listen to you.
- Direct questions to the listener about their present state/problem.
- Ask questions about the listeners desired outcome.
- Describe your product or service.
- What-if you could solve their problem and get them their desired outcome?
- Tell them what they will get.
- Make a call to action.

2. Information and problem solving videos. (A series of 2 minute videos.)
Describe your product or service. Build credibility and status, and add value. Demonstrate that you can solve the listener’s problem and get them their desired outcome. Treat each video as a separate chapter in a book. The lead capture video (45 seconds) is designed to get people interested enough such that they will systematically work through a series of five 2 minute videos. Each video should have a strong call to action.

3. Series of education videos. ( A series of 20-60 minute videos.)
Depending upon the purpose of the video you may offer the video for free on Youtube or you may choose to sell the video - membership site, shopping cart, DVD, flash drive, etc. You could also use the education type videos as a means to build an audience on Youtube. However you do it you need to create a system to funnel the prospects into becoming customers.

Where is the Studio?

The studio is at 3/22 Tourangeau Crescent, Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast of Australia. Feel free to shoot me an email and come down and check it out. Bring a script if you like and get some practice using a teleprompter. No charge for that. And we can also discuss background options, graphics, etc.







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