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Abby Eagle challenge everything for the truth

Feedback about Osho Zen Meditation events held by Abby Eagle... Phone 07 5562 5718 or send an email to book a free 20 minute telephone or Skype consultation. NLP Hypnotherapy and Meditation. Gold Coast, Robina, Australia.


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Feedback on this page is about the following courses:

Zen and the Art of Living - The Art of Meditation - Deeksha and Meditation Event - Beyond Hypnosis Workshop - Inner Discovery

Scroll down the page to read the feedback...

Read feedback about NLP Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Read feedback about Osho Zen Meditation.

"My experience, my realisation and my understanding in working with Abby Eagle in a personal consultation is that it's like touching God. I believe I have tasted the unlimitedness of my potential. It's not a question of achieving goals but a commitment to my life. With Abby I felt I tapped into the life force and the divine energy. As a result I am utterly convinced there are no limits to what I can achieve. I have tasted the infiniteness of everything. I have experienced the ultimate achievement of returning to the source. Now I feel that, nothing less than going for my ultimate potential - nothing less than striving for God's likeness is worth the effort. It reminds me of the story of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. No matter what anyone else says or what obstacles life presents I am convinced I can and will achieve my unlimitedness." Chris Pola, Coomera, Gold Coast Qld.


Zen and The Art Of Living

A course which combines NLP with Zen Meditation

"After Zen and the Art Of Living I have less stress, a calmer more relaxed nature and a clearer head which helps with decision making. I walk around now with this good feeling in my chest that I can't explain but I like it being there. As a father having a calm, relaxed outlook on life and an understanding of others and yourself is an invaluable thing to pass on to your children as they will look at me and hopefully learn this as well. I feel I am a better person after this course (better understand myself) and with ongoing practice I hope to even further improve/discover myself. Thanks Abby and well done." Matthew Rahmate, Registered Nurse/Trader Tweed Hospital, Cudgen, NSW, 12/03/2007

"After the course I feel excited with life and more positive. I have learned to focus on what I want and not on what I don't want. There is less stress, I am more relaxed and at peace with myself. I am able to express what I am feeling rather than keeping the emotions inside. I enjoyed the course - it made me feel happy and at peace with myself." Julie Sinclair, Sales Agent, Tweed Heads, Gold Coast Qld 12/03/2007.

"In this meditation course I have discovered how to free myself from my child hood conditioning. The course has made me even more aware of who I am and what wonderful blessings I have in my life. It has given me confirmation that I am on the 'right track'. I loved the course. Thank you very much Abby and much love, Neri" Neridah Leishman, Singer/Songwriter, Miami, Gold Coast Qld 12/03/2007.

Abby's meditation course helped me

"I felt the techniques were clean and easy to understand even though I have never done meditation before. They were big enough to be able to comprehend without going overboard. My enthusiasm was maintained with each class. I didn't think that I could get this excited about Zen and the Art of Living but I was and most of my friends noticed the changes in me. After the course I am more calm, more aware of what is around me and I feel more confident." Lavinia Rampino, Event Management, Visionthing, Gold Coast Qld 12/03/2007.

"This course has challenged me to make the positive changes that I need to make so that I can be my best. Grace Hawkins, Naturopath, Gold Coast Qld, 12/03/2007.

"Brilliant course with plenty of tools and techniques to use in everyday life. A profound moment for me was when we did the See Through This Meditation and my headache disappeared." Enzo Massignani, Carpenter, Oxenford, Gold Coast Qld 12/03/2007.

"I feel that I'm much better able to deal with situations that in the past would have caused me a lot of stress. I'm able to witness my emotions more. I don't dwell on the past. I'm more positive and I don't feel the negative emotions that I used to associate with certain people in my life." Stephanie Laine, Studio Otto, Kirra, Gold Coast Qld, 12/03/2007.

"I enjoyed the techniques - some of them were fun and some were challenging to participate in, like the gibberish and laughter meditation which was liberating and fun to do in a mutually supportive environment. After the course I have a greater sense of compassion, relaxation and openness to exploring new possibilities. I also feel a sense of peace and acceptance of being okay as I am now. Luke Sawle, Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast Qld, 12/03/2007.

"I love the Shin Ti Do Meditation. I practically do it all the time now to help give me more energy and calm my emotions when I need to. After the course I have a clearer idea of what I want from life. Even my superiors at work have noticed a more positive attitude and have responded by guiding me forwards in my career. The most important benefit that I gained from this course is learning how to apply the law of attraction. First we learn how to access the unconscious mind. Next we learn how to clear negative emotions and replace them with positive feelings. The techniques build upon each other giving you a set of great tools that when applied bring about tremendous positive personal growth." Terrence Bourke, Retail Assistant David Jones Robina, Gold Coast Qld 7/05/2007.

"After the course I feel that I can attract absolutely anything that I want! I really loved the Tardis exercise and the Money Magnet. A wonderful course to change negativity into positivity - especially after a hard day at work. Abby has a lovely manner and is genuinely interested in how people grasp the techniques. He is very helpful and takes the time to explain. I can definitely recommend Zen and the Art of Living." Valerie Beattie Southport, PA for a Gold Coast City Councillor Qld 7/05/2007

"Good course, enjoyable, well presented, good resource manual, good venue, pleasant and sincere presenter. Abby appears to have amazing awareness and be in the moment". Nick Elflett, Consultant, Mermaid Waters, Gold Coast Qld 7/05/2007.

"The best moments for me during the course were: 1. Understanding and using the power of the mind. 2. Finding inner peace. 3. Realising ways to deal with life in a positive direction. 4. Eliminating fears - and now I feel much calmer." Linda Lonsdale, Banora Point, Gold Coast Qld 7/05/2007

"Fantastic course. Abby you have a wonderful gift and if it is from the love of wanting to help your mother in the garden then we have all been blessed. Thank you. I think that you are doing an amazing thing helping people to find their source of inner power." Fran Hardy, Personal Assistant, Banora Point, Gold Coast Qld 7/05/2007.

"I really enjoyed the 'Gibberish and Laughter' meditation. It was really fun. The 'Mustard Seed' meditation changed my sense of self and my boundaries. 'Bliss', 'Kindness and Compassion', 'See-Through-This' exercises - lots of great meditation techniques and a fantastic array of tools for self improvement. After the course I feel calmer, more centred and more aware. I also feel that I am a better mother, calmer in daily crises and not so caught up in a moment of disaster." Clare Bryant, Currumbin Waters, Gold Coast Qld 7/05/2007

"The Gibberish and Laughter meditation helped me to snap out of depression. The Money Magnet has given me a feeling that I can attract more money. After the course I am a lot more content, relaxed, focussed, more positive, and am attracting more good things into my life. The course has helped me to open up and worry less about what others think of me. I can't wait to send you an email when all my visions start appearing.' Natasha Thompson, Gold Coast Qld. 7/05/2007

"My relationships that I was wanting to heal are now fantastic. I am more comfortable within myself and judge myself less. The healing and compassion within myself has flowed on to a significant other in my life that I felt we had lost all hope and connection for. The course has me being more enthusiastic at times to get out and try new things and activities." Luke Sawle, Psychology Student, Mudgeeraba, Gold Coast Qld 7/05/2007

"Building a personal chi kung was the most significant moment for me during the Zen and the Art of Living course as I'm looking for a life partner and he came to me while doing the exercise. I did not see his face but I saw his hair, body type and clothes. Now I just have to find him. Since the course my relationship with my ex partner has improved immensely. I came to realise that he was not the only one to blame for our problems. Now I am having a lot more fun. I no longer accept second best and I am prepared to wait for what will be better. I also have a lot more self confidence. Highland Park mother. (L.N.) Name with held by request. 7/05/2007

"I loved your passion and drama when demonstrating the NLP and Zen Meditation techniques. The training was very interactive - not just words. The goal setting session really started something for me - an awakening. I loved the Shin Ti Do meditation and can do it anywhere, anytime I need to rejuvenate. I liked the See-Through-This and the Drop-Through-This meditation techniques - turning negative thoughts and experiences into positive energy. After the course I am more aware of my life purpose and how to focus on achieving it. The course has helped my mental well being and inner understanding. The course has helped to provide and clarify the tools to feel happier and be at peace with myself. I loved the course - it's been quite a journey!" Specialist Teacher Tallai (K.C) Name with held by request. 7/05/2007

"I really liked the Money Magnet technique (I will use it at work in sales); the Gibberish and Laughter Meditation and watching the internal dialogue. Now I can turn off the internal dialogue which has really helped me in everyday life - I feel calmer. Zen and the Art of Living has helped in my career - there is less stress, I have a more positive outlook on life and I can access resource states. It has helped my relationships big time. I loved the course." Emily O'Neill, Sales and Marketing, Palm Beach, Gold Coast Qld 02/07/2007

"Abby has created a very comfortable experience for all participants who were encouraged towards feedback and group discussion. Abby was very thorough with introducing each technique accommodating all visual, auditory and kinesthetic personalities. I personally enjoyed the metaphors used throughout the course. Well done Abby! Congratulations on a great delivery!" Name withheld by request. D.L. Benowa Waters 02/07/2007

"I enjoyed the Vastness Meditation, Kindness and Compassion Meditation and the See-Through-This Meditation Technique. I have used the techniques with my clientele to good effect. I feel more open. I feel like I am further along in my journey and heading towards a better state of mind. A really valuable experience that has taught me a great deal and opened up so many new areas for me. I take away a great deal for myself and a lot to share with my clientele, family and friends. Zen and the Art of Living has also been lots of fun." Deidre Venz Socialwork Counsellor 02/07/2007

"The NLP techniques are powerful in detaching past negative memories. Everyone can benefit. Meditation is a great way to quieten the mind and become more aware of what lies in the subconscious that may be the cause of any life circumstances that we are not happy with. A great course, heaps of information and good fun." Ryan Hill Labrador, Gold Coast 2/07/2007

"Abby is a great trainer. He always gave us positive feedback. Everyone in the group was very friendly and welcoming, and it was great to see everyone get involved and ask lots of questions. Abby always explained the exercises very well before we started. It was almost like we did it twice every time. Zen and the Art of Living has helped me to feel more relaxed and has dropped my stress levels. I now find it easier to communicate with my partner on how I am feeling. Thank you for an amazing experience. I really looked forward to our Monday night classes. Meditation and NLP exercises are and will be a part of my everyday life. I look forwards to what the future holds." Cara Hyam Sales Rep. Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast Qld 2/07/2007

"I was able to use the techniques from Zen and the Art of Living to deal with situations that arose in my life over the period of the course. These situations caused periods of anxiety, stress and a loss of confidence and self worth. I was able to use the techniques on all of these situations to return to my inner peaceful self. I have been able to witness what was going on around me, specifically people interactions, stay centred and not get caught up in their stuff i.e. emotions, drama, perceptions and be able to stand in my truth and integrity. I am more able to be myself in uncomfortable or confronting situations. I am more willing to express my authentic self, say what is so for me, even when I think what I have to say will be judged or not received well.

Zen and the Art of Living has helped me to gain clarity and to let go and transition to a new expression of my purpose in my career. I feel the techniques learned in class will support my success on many levels. The course has helped me see that I have a lot to offer and it has validated my own learning and journey so far.

Each week I felt uplifted and fully supported. I always got value and was able to utilise what I learned in class throughout the week as situations presented themselves. I appreciated how Abby listened to participants questions and gave everything he could to answer these questions with love and care. Abby's humour and lightness of heart was very much appreciated. His demonstrations of the exercises were fabulous, enjoyable and understandable." Name withheld by request. C.R. Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast Qld2/07/2007

"At the end of the day I am really happy to have enrolled in Zen and the Art of Living. This is my first full "contact" with meditation and I am happy to be in Abby's School of Meditation." Simona Jerman, Gold Coast Qld Australia. 27/08/2007

"I have improved in regards to my original goal of improving procrastination. I am studying more efficiently, doing better, etc. I found the SUCCESS model assisted me with my goals. Overall a relaxed nice environment to learn meditation. I enjoyed learning the science behind meditation and the manual is an excellent reference that I will keep for a long time." Steven Tobin, Crestwood Heights, Gold Coast Qld Australia 27/08/2007

"Since attending Zen and the Art of Living I feel a lot more motivated and more in control of where my life is heading. I am able to control my emotions better and step out of those dark head spaces I often find myself in. The course has helped my attitude towards work and helped me stay in control of my business and helped me to be happier in my work. It has also inspired me to find more time to do the things that I enjoy." Oliver Fraser, Carpenter, Currumbin, Gold Coast Qld Australia. 27/08/2007

"I enrolled in Zen and the Art of Living course because I wanted to find a calmness and peace in my life. During the course I felt a positive shift in my belief systems and became confident for the first time in my life. After the course emotions have less control over me; life is less serious and I feel more confident about my future.

This course has helped my business - it has given me the motivation and confidence to start my own business - something I had not planned on looking into yet and now I can't wait to start.

NLP and meditation have given me confidence

I am less angry and more aware of the care my body needs. It has helped my relationships because I now feel more of a 'oneness' with everyone. I am less afraid of being me and feel more adventurous.

Abby has put so much of himself into this course and it shows in his care and patience. I felt so comfortable from the very beginning and I fed off of his belief and love. I will forever be a better me and I thank you." Narelle Ayres, Full time mum/volunteer, Gold Coast, Qld Australia 19/03/2008

"I enrolled in Zen and the Art of Living to find peace and happiness within myself. During the course I noticed a feeling of changing and of becoming more relaxed. I felt happy and positive after each session. And I enjoyed the out-of-body experience that I had during the Mustard Seed Meditation.

After the course I am more relaxed, more tolerant to physical pain and sad feelings and am happier with myself.

NLP and meditation has helped my relationships

The course has helped me with my school work because I am more relaxed and happier. I am happier with my relationships and feel closer to my mother than ever before. I feel more calm, fit, focussed and more aware of my surroundings.

During the course I felt very respected and was treated like an equal instead of a kid. (I am 13 years of age.) Everyone in the class was supportive and I appreciate the equal feeling everyone gave me. I really enjoyed the course and thought it was put together very well. I loved it and will be using everything I learned in the future. Thank you for the inspiring and very enjoyable course." Taylor Ayres, Student 13 yrs, Gold Coast, Qld Australia 19/03/2008

"I enrolled in Zen and the Art of Living to learn how to deal with strong anxiety and because of an interest in meditation.

After the course I am more relaxed with a positive outlook upon life, with the understanding I will be successful and I will win at this game called life. This course has helped kick start my motivation for my Personal Training Business. I don't get anxiety episodes anywhere as frequent or intense as I used to and I am also more understanding of my girlfriend.

The most important reason for enrolling in Zen and the Art of Living would be to install a belief system to know unconditionally you will achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations. The course gives you the tools and techniques to allow positive outcomes to unfold. Abby has a way of simplifying feedback and making it personal to each individual.

In some shape, way or form every human being should develop a sense of awareness at some period and meditation is hands down the best way to do it. However in the West we don't allow ourselves or have the understanding of how to do it. However due to Abby's experience, wisdom and compassion Zen and the Art of Living gives you the confidence to perform quality meditations without having to wait years." Phil Eton, Personal Trainer, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast Qld Australia 19/03/2008

And six months later Phil continues the feedback:

"I had a problem with anxiety for four years. I spent about $1,500.00 on Counselling, Doctors visits and anti- anxiety medication. I was not satisified with the results.

I decided to try something different. From research I found out that meditation is excellent treatment for anxiety. I did Abby Eagle's Zen and Art of Living course. Actually getting to the course was a significant achievement for me. I learned how to become a witness to the anxiety and finishing the course knowing how to meditate.

As a result I got an increase in focus in my workouts. Oh yeah! If one follows Abby's course then results are gauranteed. My anxiety has been greatly lessened and I now have a much better outlook on my life's purpose. The course has allowed me to have the confidence to start my own business and given me faith in myself to see my goals to the end.

Regarding Abby's approach: This way is the only way, the right way and the way of the future." Phil Eton, phone: 0416 611 244, Personal Trainer, Sportys Personal Training, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast Qld Australia. , 23/09/2008

"The Emperor Technique is the most powerful technique that I have yet come accross!" Amber Goodwin, Life Coach in training. Gold Coast Qld Australia 20/10/2008

"In the past few weeks I have found what I have learned from the first two classes of the Zen and the Art of Living workshop to be so successful for myself that I want other people to also enjoy it for themselves." Amber Goodwin, Life Coach in training. Gold Coast Qld Australia 27/10/2008

"Zen and the Art of Living has shown me a greater insight into the human psyche and spiritual entity. I have felt relief in learning about essential energy and feel stronger and happier about living my own truth.

The greatest benefit I have achieved from the course is becoming more aware of what I am capable of, by learning how to control my mind to do what I want and being more aware of my spiritual needs. As a result I feel more powerful and peaceful.

I think Abby has done a wonderful job of combining NLP with meditation to create easy to grasp powerful mind tools and techniques that enable people to have tools for change -- and to create more peace, more love, energy and strength in their lives. " Amber Goodwin, 0401 597 129, Ballina NSW Australia

"Abby you showed how easy it is to live our lives without stress and how quickly we can materialise what we choose to have in our lives. You answered all questions with great thought and clarity. I no longer allow my emotions to control my life and I have a great sense of direction. The course has many techniques to use in every day life. I wake up daily feeling motivated and happy." Thelma Dunning, Southport, Gold Coast Qld Australia

"Zen and the Art of Living was my first introduction to meditation. The Steven Spielberg techniques were amazing, so was everthing else. After the course I was able to change negative thoughts and attract what I wanted. It has helped me to improve my relationships with negative people at school and in general. The course has made me reconsider how I deal with problems. The course was fabulous!" Jessica Goodwin, Student, Ballina NSW Australia 19/12/2008



A seven week meditation course

"Combining movements in the exercises was great. I loved the laughter meditation, it really helped me to relax and go deeper into meditation. The drop-through technique was profound and yet so simple and quick. I have already started using it in my life, as I have the other techniques.

I now have a more open and positive view of other groups and their meditations, and a better understanding of how their techniques and teachings actually work, and how to use them properly.

I feel more empowered, and I have become open to new experiences, and change. Life just seems to be easier and a whole lot more fun. I feel more positive about my future and at peace with the present." Michael Magee, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast Qld, Australia 2005.

"I enrolled in the meditation course because I wanted to learn how to relax, destress, be still in the mind and to let go of tension in the body. The three most important understandings for me during the meditation course are: 1. That I don't have to do or achieve anything in particular in order to meditate -- awareness is enough. 2. Learning how to laugh freely without having to explain why. 3. And how giving the body and voice the freedom to express itself before sitting in meditation makes it easier to meditate.

After the course I feel calmer and I can look at a situation first before reacting. My body feels more connected to me because I have learned how to watch pain and see how it moves and comes and goes. And I have more awareness of myself and others.

Abby's 7 week meditation course was really different to any other meditation courses that I had done in the past. The course was very structured, the material was informative and interesting, and Abby was supportive and answered my questions with a clarity that made me feel good about myself. Everything that we did had variety, reason and logic to it, so it was very easy to follow and participate in the exercises." Grace Hawkins, Naturopath student, Currumbin, Gold Coast Qld, Australia 2006.

"Abby's meditation course is exceptional and great for stress release. I found the course to be very informative and inspiring. Abby has a relaxed and respectful manner which makes the course extremely pleasant to be apart of. He answered the many questions we had to a high level. I recommend this course to others." Karen Collins, Currumbin Waters, Gold Coast Qld, Australia 2006.

"Abby's meditation has given me more confidence in myself to achieve what I want from life. I feel more inner health and unblocked of emotional issues than before I started the course. I am less judgmental of other people and more open to fulfilling discussions and relationships with my children and spouse. I felt uplifted during the course. It was like a heavy burden being lifted. I would not hesitate to recommend Abby to anyone wanting to find inner balance and harmony." Debbie Frazer, Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast Qld, Australia 2006.

"I enrolled in the meditation course to find some inner peace. I have been able to change bad feelings into good feelings with the sitting and vastness meditations. At work I have a higher threshold of pain. My energy levels are up. I have a better understanding of others feelings and views, and I am more confident with some people. It is a very good course" Chris Mason, Tugun, Gold Coast Qld, Australia 2006.

"Some of the most important moments in this meditation course were when my mind stopped for a few seconds, when the feeling of my body disappeared and noting how my consciousness was able to move. After the course my whole life changed, I feel heaps more confident, people notice me now and things have started flowing. Meditation has helped my business because I seem to get more done with less effort. Combined with the NLP I seem to have more energy and need less sleep. Since enrolling in Abby's 7 week meditation course I have found my perfect partner in every way. This meditation course has helped me to live my life again and made me understand how powerful meditation is. I feel so alive, meditating with intention is great. "Enzo Massignani, Oxenford, Gold Coast Qld Australia 28/08/06

"One of the most important moments for me in the 7 week meditation course was the joy of experiencing the depth of self. After the course I am less judgmental, more open minded and more peaceful. I am looking forwards to going deeper into the experience of oneness. Meditation has helped my business and income as all these areas are enhanced by a deeper understanding of self and other. I think a lot of people I know would benefit from doing this course. "Jenny Flatow, Conondale, Gold Coast Qld Australia 28/08/06

"I enrolled in Abby's 7 week meditation course because I had been experiencing hindrances in relation to meditation to the point where I had found it to be a chore that I avoided. I was hoping to get a new perspective and renew my motivation. During the classes I found that I was able to stop fighting with myself. I found the vastness meditation very effective. Noticing my thoughts instead of trying to ignore them was very helpful. Remembering to drop down into myself was also very helpful. After the course I looked forwards to meditating at home. I generally feel happier, less reactive, easily able to access feelings of love and compassion, more tolerant and more intuitive. I think this is also partly due to the NLP stage workshop that I did with Abby. Regarding my business I feel more centred and motivated. I feel more creative and am more inspired by so much around me, in short I feel good. Regarding my relationships I feel more tolerant,understanding and accepting. For those who have struggled with other types of meditation or are in need of a new perspective I think this course is excellent but I am not so sure that a complete beginner would get as much out of it. I thought Abby's meditation course was excellent and I am looking forwards to meditating regularly." Stephanie Laine Gold Coast Qld Australia 28/08/06

"I have been managing a daily meditation for the last couple of weeks, which thanks to your 7 Week Meditation Course, I really enjoy and now look forward to." Stephanie Laine Gold Coast Qld Australia 26/09/06

"The 7 Week Meditation Course gave me the motivation to step up my meditations to daily one-hour sessions and the sessions have been amazing regarding sensing changes occurring in myself. One of the most important moments for me during this course was experiencing the stillness within me. Since the course I feel that my level of consciousness through out both my meditations and my day is higher, which is creating a peace within and happiness around me. My interactions with work colleagues is more positive and there is more potential for opportunities, and consequently financial increase has become evident. The meditation seems to go hand in hand with my physical fitness, complementing it while also strengthening my mental health also. The development in my awareness has allowed me to take more responsibility for my words, thoughts and actions resulting in far greater happiness in my relationships. I now have a more positive perception of myself, others and my life. This course has been a timely experience for me with regard to launching me more completely into my meditations and life, both because of the wonderful techniques and information as well as Abby's infectious passion for the wonders within. Well done and thanks." Craig Goddard, Energex Electrical Linesman, Greenslopes, Qld Australia 23/10/2006

"Abby knows his stuff and passed it onto us well. Some important moments for me during the meditation course were realising the importance of regular practice; new ways of dealing with emotional issues; and being reminded of the peaceful states of mind that meditation practice can produce. After the course I noticed a new awareness and appreciation of living in the moment, and a new confidence that there are ways in which to cope with life's difficult challenges. I now have new ways to deal with anger issues and feel I am able to let go of anger more quickly when it arises." John Piekarski, Gardener, Miami, Gold Coast Qld Australia. 18/12/2006

"I smoked Pot (marijuana) for 15 years. I was never a heavy user but working in Hospitality I would often get home late at night and Pot was the only thing that would help me get to sleep. Since I did Abby's course, Zen and the Art of Living a few months ago I have had no desire to smoke at all." Guy D. Restaurant Manager, Gold Coast Qld



Cravings for sweet foods banished after a 30 minute self-hypnosis session.

"My problem was that after three kids I had begun to stack on the weight and I had constant sugar cravings. So about five days ago Abby showed my how to do one of the exercises in the Beyond Hypnosis manual. He showed me how to use a pendulum and then ran me through a self hypnosis exercise which is designed to eliminate bad habits.

Anyway, since then my sugar cravings have diminished by 90%. It's absolutely amazing. Usually at least once a day I look for a chocy biscuit but no, not anymore. There has been an unopened packet of chocolate biscuits in the cupboard for a few days. And usually when the kids are home on holidays I reach for sweet foods but not anymore. If I want a snack I just eat a raw carrot. The change is that fantastic.

And the amazing thing is that I have not had to use any will power or concentration. I just don't feel like eating sweet foods anymore. Sugar cravings are no longer an issue. And that is saying something because sweet foods were once a huge weakness for me." Lavinia Rampino, Gold Coast, Event Promoter, Australia.

"I used to snack on salty foods all the time. Since Abby showed me how to use self hypnosis two weeks ago I have lost 3 kgs. It's awesome because it only took 30 minutes to learn how to banish the food cravings. Now when I go to a friends place I just eat a meal and that's it. Before the hypnosis session I used to compulsively think about what else I could eat. Now I am now longer interested in the food that is around." Anja Cass, Gold Coast Australia.

"I visited Abby Eagle four weeks ago for a NLP hypnosis session to help me deal with weight loss issues. I have got excellent results. Even though I don't weigh myself I know I have lost weight because my clothes fit differently now. Since the NLP session I have not been eating any snacky foods. For example the family went on a picnic. We took the usual cheese dips but also fruit and salad. I found myself naturally eating the grapes, nuts and tomatoes. It did not require any will power. It is much the same as when I was pregnant and my body craved healthy steak and vegetables."

"Since the Hypnosis for Health Nuts workshop I have naturally discovered better eating choices, without effort; my stress levels are reduced; there is no emotional eating and I have lost weight. Tracy Kearney. Managing Director Ensenada Enterprises. Broadbeach, Gold Coast Qld Australia.

"I lost 10kg in 7 weeks. I don't know what Abby did but it sure worked. It's amazing. I have had no interest in carbohydrates since the short hypnosis session I had with him at a hypnosis demonstration. Even when I make a sandwich for my child there is no tempation. I just have no interest in carbs any more. I am making healthier food choieces and when I want to give myself a reward I just have a glass of water. That may sound funny but it feels good." Tiarna Hull Gold Coast Qld Australia.

"The three most important momemts for me during the hypnosis workshop were learning to use the pendulum, testing the food and recognising issues. After the workshop I think I will be more positive and more balanced in my thinking, and I think I will understand why I act the way that I do in particular situations. It was a very good workshop with plenty of interaction with the other participants, and with good practical exercises to use at home." Ann-Maree O'Neill HR Consultant 'The Suppliers', Benowa, Gold Coast Qld Australia.



Relief from chronic pain

"I have had a pain in my shoulder for ten years and during the last deep meditation the pain went away. The meditation instructions are excellent. Now I feel so relaxed and calm." Gail Saxby Accounts Assistant at BCS, Elanora, Gold Coast Qld Australia.

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