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Astral travelling
OBE's, meditation experiences. Entering into sleep with awareness. I have touched the face of God. Cosmic orgasms
Meeting Jesus
A felt presence. Deeksha. Authentic happiness.
Osho gives me Deeksha
Meeting Jesus.
Vastness Meditation
Osho and Buddha. You are God.
No Internal Dialogue
Going beyond the mind. Dropping beliefs
The passage between lives
Delving into pain. The brilliance of success. Sleep meditation.
Bardo Instructions
Guidelines for how to approach and experience the passage between lives.
There is no one there
The feeling that I am God. Being conscious in a dream. The river of consciousness.
Past lives. Near death experiences. The mind is silent - what next?
Awareness showers down
Who stands to gain from creating conflict? Be willing to take a risk. War is a play.
Heaven and hell.
Why did Buddha attain to enlightenment?
Gain Inspiration
Stories that inspire and motivate us to action.
NLP Coaching Resources
Empowering you to empower others.
NLP Peace Mapping
Application of NLP Model to resolving conflict and creating harmony.

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Abby Eagle challenge everything for the truth


Notes, thoughts, dreams, ideas and experiences from the life of Abby Eagle... Phone 07 5562 5718 or email me to book a free 20 minute telephone or Skype consultation to discuss anything related to NLP, Hypnotherapy and Meditation. Gold Coast, Robina Australia.


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1. Triggers for astral travelling.

OBE experiences. Watching the body go to sleep. Cosmic orgasms. Deeksha. Brilliant white light at third eye. The night I fell in love with God. Read more.

2. A vision of Jesus.

A vision of Jesus while sitting in meditation. Deeksha initiation. The sense of "I" disappears. A divine presence. Read more.

3. Visions of Osho and Buddha.

Astral travelling and levitation. Internal dialogue disappears. You are God. That which never dies. Mind reading. Hypnosis to explore past lives. Read more.

4. Remote viewing.

The passage between lives. Delving into emotional pain. Freeing the self from the body and becoming a disembodied spirit is not fun. Sleep meditation. Read more.

5. Being conscious in a dream.

Internal dialogue disappears, profound silence. The feeling that I am God. Entering into sleep consciously. Read more.

6. On realising consciousness.

You are the silent witnessing consciousness. What is a near death experience? Once the mind is silent then what? Semantics in religion. Read more.

7. Awareness showers down.

Higher levels of consciousness raining down. Who stands to gain from creating conflict in society? War as a play. Take the path with the most risk? Read more.

8. Why there is no heaven or hell.

What is the environment in which you will flourish? Buddha's childhood created the conditions for enlightenment. Read more.

9. How often do you need to be reminded to trust yourself?

How to deal with fibromyalgia. Discovering an inner strength. Airplane meditation. Read more.

10. Watching the body go to sleep.

Entering into sleep consciously and remaining alert throughout the night and watching the body wake up. Read more.

11. I have touched the face of God.

Ecstasy changed to a feeling of dying. I then felt as if I had entered heaven where I touched the face of God. Read more.

12. On discovering myself in a dream.

"If you are me then who am I?" Read more.

13. Astral travelling and lucid dreams.

Well worth reading if you have an interest in astral travelling, meditation and being more conscious in a dream.. Read more.

14. Abby Eagle Bardo

The bardo is a reminder for the deceased to remain conscious between lives. This version written by Abby Eagle uses NLP procedures. Read more.

15. Have the courage to be yourself.

Society condemns you for who you are but then encourages you to be like someone else. Read more.

16. How to free yourself?

I feel free. I am free of something of which I know not. I wonder who is free? I don't know who is free. Read more.

17. Global consciousness.

To get enlightened all you have to do is point the cursor and click the mouse? This is a parody I posted on an Osho Yahoo list. Read more.

18. Hugging secrets.

Hugging tips and techniques. Hugging positions and hugging benefits. Read more.

19. Communicating with the divine prescence.

Gibberish and laughter meditation as a means to communicate with the divine presence. Read more.

20. Just be yourself.

Society creates a division in people by having them strive to be like someone else. The answer is to learn how to be yourself. Read more.

21. Wong Time Service.

Humourous photographs from Malaysia. Read more.

22. Brilliant light at third eye.

Intense fear replaced by a prodound presence. Deep trance and deep meditation are identical - full body catelepsy. Brilliant white light. Read more.

23. Combine NLP with Osho Zen Meditation.

How to get out of your own way and achieve greater success. Abby Eagle's unique style of meditation. Read more.

24. Mindfulness Meditation.

If you would like to see an end to hate, violence and war in the world then you need to bring an end to the hate, violence and war within yourself.. Read more.

25 Let the other become a window to the divine.

Existence, people, the world reflect back to you - who you are. We are the meaning maker. We create the frame. Read more.

26. An experience of God.

Experience of ecstasy in deep meditation. Full body orgasm / cosmic orgasms. Vastness meditation. Chakra meditation. Enlightenment. Read more.

27. Silencing the internal dialogue.

Early understandings of how to silence the internal dialogue. A point of understanding. Read more.

28 Do you have a fear of speaking in public?

The answer is to totally accept yourself for who you are at the core of your being. Read more.

29. How to get initiated into Deeksha giving?

Deeksha is an age old technique known by different names. Read more.

30. Sex and meditation.

Have you ever had the experience in deep orgasm where it feels like you are dying and disappearing into nothingness and that God is entering you?. Read more.

31 Intense feelings of love, awe and bliss in a dream.

The dream as a different aspect of reality as experienced by consciousness. Read more.

32. How awareness revealed itself to me.

Internal dialogue stops for five minutes while practising tai chi. Witnessed the body going to sleep. Read more.

33. What happens during meditation?.

Obstacles to meditation. Why meditate? How to motivate yourself to meditate? Structure of meditation. Read more.

34 Why meditate?

How to develop a pure witnessing consciousness? Free yourself from the conditioning given to you by society and religion. Read more.

35. Mind reading.

Communication with the universal consciousness. Using NLP to model Christian personal growth procedures. You 'have to' share. Read more.

36. Zen Koan - "Who am I?"

There is a Zen meditation where one asks oneself the question, "Who am I?" The mind comes up with all sorts of explanations. Read more.

37 Mounted police sheperd Gold Coast rioters like sheep.

Burleigh Heads beach side living. Behaviour of pedestrians on busy highway. Attitude of youth. Read more.

38. Does the hypnotist have power over the subject?

What is hypnosis? How does hypnosis work? Hitler as a hypnotist? Advertising as hypnosis. Read more.

39. Did God speak to me in a dream?

An electric current at the perineum, the body vibrated and I was immersed in a golden light. Read more.

40. God showed me many things.

As I listent to God speak my heart opens and I sob tears of joy.. Read more.


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