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Abby Eagle challenge everything for the truth


To correct a problem you first need to understand it. With a 35 year background in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Meditation I can see how parents have created so many problems for their children. In so many cases the parents are the problem not the child. NLP Hypnotherapy Gold Coast.


The Millennial Tragedy - Insights and Solutions

By Abby Eagle (2017)

In this article I would like to share some of my insights into the millennial tragedy and offer some solutions. The definition of a millennial is those people in the 18-36 age bracket in 2017.

These are the snowflakes – the children who were so precious that their parents would not let them walk to school alone. These are the young adults who now demand that the world pander to their every fear, their every whim and their every emotion. Why? Because they are special. So how did they get to be this way?

1. Cultural Marxism.
Let’s start with Cultural Marxism. To destroy the West the Cultural Marxists knew that they would need to destroy the family unit – to control the schools and universities and the media. Now in a family unit the child is able to model both male and female characteristics. Typically the mother demonstrates empathy and the father demonstrates boundary enforcement. In balance this creates a child who is able to move through the world with confidence.

But when the parents separate they get an imbalance in parenting style. In addition the child learns that they can play the parents off against each other – unwittingly to their own detriment.

2. Parental Fear.
Another factor that has contributed to the millennial tragedy is parental fear. Some years ago – I think it was the 1980’s – in Australia and in America – there were cases of child abduction that got a lot of media coverage. The result was that parents became fearful of leaving their children unsupervised so they started driving them to school and picking them up afterwards.

I spoke with a woman yesterday who told me that she got a phone call from her 18 year daughter at 4.00am asking mummy to pick her up. The mother told me that, “There is a lot of drugs and stuff out there so I don’t mind picking her up”.

I thought to myself, “What the expletive”. The 18 year old is not a child. If she wants to take drugs, have sex, get into crime, she could have done all of this by 4.00am. How does playing taxi keep the child / young adult safe?

3. The ego.
At the centre of this is the ego. When a baby is born it becomes the centre of attention – not just because it is a beautiful human being but because it is unable to take care of itself. When the baby is hungry it cries – mummy or daddy comes running. When the baby is scared it cries – mummy or daddy comes running. By two years of age the infant believes that it is the centre of the universe but all being well another sibling challenges that. At school the child soon learns that there are other people in the world. Overtime the child learns to relate to other human beings in a more balanced way. Sometimes the attention is on self and sometimes on other.

But when the parents drive the child to school, when they pick the child up, when they drive the child to after school activities, when the teachers constantly watch over the child – it reinforces the belief that:
- The world is a dangerous place.
- The child is not capable of learning how to take care of itself.
- And that the child is the centre of the universe.

So now in some countries it is illegal to allow a child to play alone out in front of their own home. A British commentator said that parents are chastised if their child is allowed to walk to school without adult supervision.

Now I started school in England when I was four years and nine months old. Mum walked me to school for the first week then I told her that I could walk with my brothers. After a couple of months I walked to and from school by myself. This is at 5 years of age. I had to cross a main road. Not without a few problems though. I remember walking into the side of a car on the cross walk but I learned from that and I moved on. And I remember slipping on ice on the same cross walk – that could be the reason why I avoid walking on painted signs on the road today.

Then we moved to Australia when I was 6 – that dangerous land with more venomous snakes and spiders than any other country in the world. I used to walk half a mile with my brother to play in the bushland down by the Swan River. After a while I used to go by myself. I hitch hiked when I was 15 – I got hit by a car – I took risks but I am better off for it.

At 15, me and 2 other boys were dropped off at the edge of bushland by adults so that we could bushwalk and camp for 2 days. It was dangerous yet we survived. As an adult I was equipped to bush walk by myself. No one knew where I was. There was no mobile phone or GPS – just skills I had learned as a child. Sometimes I think we might be better off without the expensive rescue services that we have – and teach people that they need to take responsibility for self.

But I digressed so back to our conversation. There is nothing wrong with the child but a lot wrong with the parents who believe their child does not have what it takes to live in the world. The parents fear the child may be abducted and yet the child has a far greater chance of having an adverse reaction to a vaccine.

And on the vaccine issue once again we see parental fear. The fear that the child’s immune system may not learn how to deal with dirt and bacteria. So the well intentioned parents go to extreme measures to protect the child yet in doing so they smother the child.

Some of the errors the parents and teachers made were:
1. To constantly remind the child that they were the most important person in the world.
2. That the child could have whatever they desired – no matter how unrealistic that might be.
3. And to give every child a prize. Why did they do that? One reason is because the empathic teacher could not bear to see little Johnny feeling dejected for losing a race. But the real reason is because the Cultural Marxists aim to destroy individuality. The Cultural Marxists want everyone to be equally stupid.

So when every child gets a prize the child who put in a lot of effort does not get rewarded – their efforts are discounted -  so they become disincentivised. The child who does poorly does not learn how to deal with disappointment, rejection, failure and learn how to use that as feedback to access and mobilise inner resources and improve upon themselves.

Now there are a growing number of psychiatric disorders such as ADHD. I saw some statistics which showed that the child brought up by a single mother is twice as likely to suffer from ADHD. A social psychologist whose name I forget explained it like this. At dinner time the child says can I have some ice-cream. Mummy says, eat your peas and then you can have some ice-cream. Two minutes later the child has eaten a couple of peas and says. I have eaten some peas now can I have some ice-cream. Dad says, not until you finish your peas but the empathic mother says, okay then.

So the child is set a task to complete. The child gets part of the way through. And then it gets the reward without having completed the task. So the child does not learn how to set an intent which drives their attention onto the task at hand such that they can focus in and concentrate. If the father is allowed to manage the conversation he would insist that the child finishes the task before getting the reward.

Now for those of you who meditate you would know that one of the simplest meditations is where you are given the task to watch the breath. When the mind wanders you bring it back to the breath. Give someone like me that task then I will make a decision to meditate at exactly the same time each day for a set period of time with the intent to sit absolutely still. Others who did not have my type of upbringing have to go along to a meditation group and sit with others because they do not yet have what it takes to manage a simple task like watching the breath.

If parents just understood the power of meditation they might make sure that their kids finished eating their peas before getting the ice-cream.

Now my next point is that the Cultural Marxists with their so called Critical Theory have put the focus on minorities – intentionally – and on the so called problems that minorities face in an oppressive world. This creates a mentality in which the child learns to play victim, blame others and not take responsibility for them self.

And when the millennial discovers that mummy and daddy are not their to take care of them – rather than sort the problem out for themselves –  they rush to the teacher or to the government to create laws to protect them. So we get hate speech laws, political correctness and safe spaces. Now hate speech laws and political correctness are tools of the Cultural Marxists to destroy the West.

The millennials were taught to catastrophise – that is to blow things out of proportion. They were taught to focus on feelings and ignore facts. To use mind reads – that is think that they know what someone is thinking or what motivates someone else without actually making any specific inquiries. And to call people names without having any substantive argument to back up their judgement. And ironically one of the problems with being self centred is that the millennial lacks self awareness and project their failings onto others.

Parents and teachers have smothered the millennials. Now the challenge is how to toughen them up so that they can deal with the real world? You know if I can get enough interest I might consider running a course for millennials entitled, Toughen Up Kid. What do you reckon? Nay can you imagine a room full of millennials – they would want to have content warnings – and they would cry as soon as you took their mobile phone away from them. And as soon as they got triggered they would be filing 18C complaints or some such shit. Better let them suffer – and yet on the other hand I guess we have to do something to toughen them up. Got any ideas?


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