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Welcome back to Abby's Learning Platform - where you can learn to coach yourself - and move from the back seat of your life into the drivers seat - and build the next best version of yourself.

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Future Selfing Online Course

Online Course

About - NLP Future Selfing

Learn how to coach yourself towards your dreams one step at a time


You will need a desktop computer or laptop with speakers so that you can listen to the videos - and you will also need an Internet connection.

Why You Should Enrol in This Course

This is a foundational course for anyone who wants to create the next best version of themselves - or the next best version of a business or organisation. It will empower you as an individual - or your team - to coach yourself from the present state of affairs to the next best version of yourself. It will give you the basic tools to achieve whatever dreams you wish to pursue.

What is the NLP Future Selfing Course About?

The NLP Future Selfing Course will give you a framework and a set of tools from which you can harness your inate potential and conceptualise your dreams into a sensory based reality.

You will learn how to take your life or your business - and lay it out in a structured format on a large piece of paper and then using questions, statements and commands, map out the steps and stages that you need to follow to shift yourself from your present state towards your desired outcomes.

In the NLP Future Selfing Discussion Group you will have the opportunity to network with other students and participate in intelligent discussions.

About the Course

1. No prior knowledge of NLP or hypnosis is required.

2. The course is structured in a procedural manner. You are encourage to work your way through the course one step at a time - making sure that you complete each activity before moving onto the next. This may involve reading a webpage, watching a video or listening to an mp3.

3. You have the freedom to complete the course at a pace that suits you.

4. There is no limit on the number of times that you can view each of the modules - and there is no time limit on your access to the course.

5. The learning materials are provided online and you can type in your notes on the webpage and come back to view them later.

6. The Discussion Group gives you the opportunity to hold conversations with other students such that you can get your questions answered, deepen your understandings and practise your skills.


What-if you had a simple activity that you could turn to when you felt demotivated - that would help you get back into flow and actually get motivated to take action towards your goals without having to resort to drugs, alcohol or junk food?

What-if you could take systematic action every day to create the next best version of yourself such that at the end of the day you looked back on the action that you had taken - and you felt proud of yourself - and felt excited about the future that you are now building?

What-if you could discover the next best version of yourself - and build a new future for yourself - and then discover the even better - next best version of yourself - can you imagine the excitement that would build as you step into a reality that you only thought was possible for the high achievers that you see and hear about on the Internet?

What-if you could get your life on track without having to pay tens of thousands to a NLP Coach would that make your participation in this course worthwhile?

Overview of the NLP Future Selfing Course

1. In the first part we look at the seven secrets of success. This gives you an introduction to the key elements of manifesting the next best version of yourself..

2. In the second part you get an introduction to the NLP Present State to Desired Outcome Model and the structure of positive thinking.

3. In the third part we cover the NLP Well-Formed Outcome questions which are used to guide you from the present state to the achievement of your goals.

4. In the fourth part you learn that your personality type is your genius - and that is why you should make it a lifelong pursuit to understand the personality types of yourself and the key people in your life.

5. In the fifth part you are invited to explore and clarify your passions and interests.

6. In the sixth part there is a comprehensive section on values. Values determine every decision that you make - and as such you should learn how to elicit your own values and the values of others.

7. In the sevent part you get an introduction to the concept of flow and why it is important to master the skill of getting yourself into flow.

8. Part eight is about mastering the use of questions, statements and commands with your unconscious mind.

9. And then in part nine you get to practise doing your first Future Selfing exercise.

10. Part ten gives you the opportunity to use the Mind to Muscle Pattern (L. Michael Hall), which is both an easy and powerful way for you to take something that you know a lot about but have yet to put into practice.

11. And then in part eleven you are invited to set a stretch goal using everything that you have learned in the Future Selfing course so far.

12. And in part twelve you learn to run some checks and review your future selfing exercise before making a commitment to taking action and working hard at it every day to achieve your desired outcomes?

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Certification Requirements

1. Post your learnings to the discussion group.
2. Give feedback on the course - that is write a review.
3. Make a post to the discussion group describing how you have applied what you learned in a real world situation.
4. When you are ready to apply for certification you will be asked to make a payment of $49.00 to cover admin costs. An A4 size certificate will be emailed to you as a jpg file which you can proudly print and frame.