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Abby Eagle

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You have landed on this page because you want to learn how to identify your personality type so that you can make the best choice in relationships, career and business...


Do you want to fall in love with the right person? Do you want to know how to make the best career choice? Do you want to make more money and build massive wealth?

Then you need to learn how to recognise different personality types and use that information to your advantage.

Take your Wealth Profile test Now!

Personality typing will increase your understanding of yourself and of others. If you want to succeed at the highest level then you need to understand your personality profile. Make more money and build greater wealth just by understanding your personality type.


Take Roger Hamilton's Wealth Dynamic Personality Profile Today

Then send me an email and tell me that it was one of the best investments that you have ever made!

wealth dynamics profile personality typing tool


In brief, back in 1920 Richard Wilhelm returned from China with a translation of the I-Ching - The Book of Changes. A year later Carl Jung published his book, Personality Types. Some time later a mother and daughter team Myers and Briggs created the Myers Briggs Personality Profiling System which has become the most used personality profiling system by the business and education sectors in the world. (The Myers Briggs has been to some extent superseded by the Keirsey Bates profiling system.)


The Myers Briggs model measures four dimensions

  1. Introversion - Extroversion.
  2. Sensing - Intuition
  3. Feeling - Thinking
  4. Judging - Perceiving

From this we get 16 personality types.


Once you know your Myers Briggs profile you can go online and do a search for famous people who share the same profile as you. This then provides valuable information for you in understanding yourself.

But there are a few holes in the Myers Briggs which have been plugged by NLP. NLP in the 1980's discovered Meta Programs. Meta Programs are mental processes which manage, guide and direct other mental processes. For example some people prefer to work with systems, things or people. So two people who share the same Myers Briggs profile can be quite different if their Meta Programs are different. Meta Programs fine tune the Myers Briggs profile and provides additional information to help you understand your personality.

And then around the turn of the 21st century Roger Hamilton came onto the scene. Roger Hamilton, born in Hong Kong to a Scottish father and Chinese mother went to the original I-Ching from which Carl Jung developed his theory of personality types. He developed a profiling system called Wealth Dynamics that aims to measure those aspects of your personality profile that direct your best choice of career. The Wealth Dynamics profile measures primarily the dimensions of Introversion and Extroversion, and Sensing and Intuition but also seems to take into some account the dimensions of Feeling and Thinking, Judging and Perceiving and some of the NLP meta programs such as people, systems and things, and then neatly formats the result into eight personality types that measure your occupation type.

Take the wealth dynamic profile test now or read on...


In my experience the Wealth Dynamics Profile  gives a far more accurate and useful picture of your personality type in respect of career than the Myers Briggs or any other personality profiling instrument that I have ever used. For example, the Myers Briggs personality profile types me as an INFJ and the Wealth Dynamic profile types me as a Creator with the preferences of Introversion, which puts me in the same category as Bill Gates.

Oprah Winfrey is also typed as an INFJ but some consider her to be an ENFJ or ENFP. The Wealth Dynamics profile types her as a Star which would make her either a ENFJ or ENFP. So which profiling system is more accurate - the Myers Briggs or Wealth Dynamics? Let's take a moment to look at my Wealth Dynamics Profile.


wealth dynamics profile creator


The left side of the square measures Introversion. The right side Extroversion. The top side measures Intuition and the bottom half Sensing. You will see there are eight personality types: Creator, Star, Supporter, Deal maker, Trader, Accumulator, Lord and Mechanic.

The Wealth Dynamics profile types me as a Creator and Oprah Winfrey as a Star. The Myers Briggs types both Winfrey and myself as INFJ with the possibility that Winfrey is an ENFJ or a ENFP. So do I share the same personality attributes as Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates? Am I a Star or a Creator? This can be answered by looking at what comes naturally to me and the type of people that I admire.

When I look at how my energy naturally moves I like to create a new product, which is usually something to do with people. So I start by designing a new personal development procedure or modifying an existing one. I draft out a manual, run a workshop, update the manual, rerun the workshop to tweak the procedure, update the manual. Then I lose interest in running the workshop and focus on publishing the book. Then I repeat the process.

What comes easiest to me is to create a new product. I can be a Mechanic and design a system to market the product but I would rather just spend my time creating. Likewise I enjoy getting on stage and running a workshop but it is not long before I have collected enough new ideas, that I want to lock myself away in my office and write another publication.

Oprah Winfrey on the other hand is a Star, she likes sitting in front of an audience day after day. So even though the Myers Briggs types us both as INFJ when it comes down to real life we are more different than similar.

In addition I have never identified with Star attributes but have always admired creative people like Steven Spielberg - a successful Creator.

For me, the Wealth Dynamics Profile has proved far more useful than the Myers Briggs or any other personality test, especially when it comes to profiling my career identity and my path to wealth.

Take the wealth dynamic profile test now or read on...


wealth dynamics profile creator


Looking at the figure again you will see that I am a Creator. What happens is that as I continue to create new products, I get slowed down with the technical aspects of website creation, affiliate marketing, graphic design and audio visual production. These are processes that need to be in order before hiring a Supporter to build a team and promote the business. So what I need is a Mechanic to help support processes such as website creation, affiliate marketing, and the technical aspects of producing audio visual products, and a Deal Maker to create liquidity in the intellectual assets.


So what are the benefits of understanding your personality type?

  1. You learn to trust your energy and go with the flow.
  2. You learn to do what comes naturally and easy to you.
  3. You learn to recognise your talents.
  4. You learn to outsource those tasks that are best handled by another personality type. Remember for them it is easy. If they had to do your job they would find it challenging.
  5. You suffer less stress - you find it easier to stay relaxed.
  6. You get energised from work - rather than work tiring you out.
  7. You make a lot more money.
  8. And you have more fun.
  9. And you have better relationships.


Take your Wealth Profile test Now!


What are the eight wealth dynamic profiles?

The Creator Profile

Creators love to create. Big picture people, great with ideas but not so good with the details and grounding their projects. Quick to action, their creative energy is often strongest under stress. The Creator may have difficulty in completing projects because they keep coming up with new ideas. Creators don't make the best team managers and are often working on another creation before they haves successfully marketed the last one. Creators can also get stuck in running a business. Successful Creators delegate everything but the creative process itself. Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft is an introverted Creator. To ground the business, he teamed up with Paul Allen who is an Accumulator. Richard Branson is an extroverted Creator. Bill Gates created a product whereas Richard Branson creates businesses. Steven Spielberg is also a Creator type.

The Star Profile

Stars like to be in front of people making things up as they go. They have a charisma and personality that makes them attractive and credible. Stars are not immodest in expressing their confidence. A Wealth Dynamics Star is different to a star in the film or music industry who may achieve success based on other talents. Stars are good at shining their light on others and making others successful. The Star admires how the Accumulator is grounded, dependable and reliable. Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Anthony Robbins are examples of Wealth Dynamic Stars.

The Supporter Profile

Supporters, like the Stars are extroverts. They are people people. Supporters make strong leaders and have the ability to galvanise a team into action. The Creator is great a inspiring and motivating people to action but they don't have what it takes to hang around and do this on a daily basis. Whereas the Supporter being a bit more grounded and enjoying the process of engaging people is able to work with the team members on a daily basis. Meg Whitam is an example of a successful Supporter.

The Deal Maker Profile

Like Stars and Supporters the Deal Maker likes to be in front of people. Deal makers are gregarious, constantly networking and looking for opportunities to connect people together. Unlike intuitive thinkers, the sensory based Deal Maker lives very much in the moment. Deal Makers are wheeler and dealers. Donald Trump is a successful Deal Maker – being able to complete projects ahead of schedule and below budget.

The Trader Profile

Traders are very much sensory based as opposed to the intuitive Creators. Their talent is with timing. You will find Traders, trading stocks and shares, buying and selling commodities, and renovating real estate. Traders also work in the service and hospitality industries. Singapore is a nation of Trader personality types. This is evident in the quality of service they give on their airlines. The archetypal action hero is a Trader personality. George Soros is an example of a successful Trader.

The Accumulator Profile

Accumulators, even more so than the Traders like to gather information. Whereas Traders make money from buying and selling commodities the Accumulator makes money from buying and holding onto an appreciating asset. Whereas the Creator tends to be quick to action the Accumulator will want to gather a lot of information and reflect upon that information before making a decision.  Accumulators are very much down-to-earth in contrast to the Creator and the Star. Accumulators make good surgeons because they need to gather a lot of information and get a lot of practise before they actually take action and operate on a patient. The Accumulator admires how the Star has stage presence and wish they could also stand with confidence before an audience. Warren Buffet and Paul Allen, cofounder of Microsoft are examples of successful Traders.

The Lord Profile

Lords are renowned for their thrift. They would rather work with numbers than people. They are introverts whereas the Supporter is an extrovert. Whereas the Creator designs a property, and the Mechanic builds it, the Lord takes ownership and rents it to a tenant. The Accumulator publishes information on the real estate market, the Dealmaker might connect investors, property developers, bankers and other key players together. The Supporter might manage a team of real estate sales people and the Star might work as an auctioneer. You will find Lords as real estate land lords, owners of car rental firms, and behind web based business like iTunes where the business is renting out music and image files. Andrew Carnegie and John D Rockefeller are examples of successful Lords.

The Mechanic Profile

Whereas the Creator builds something, the Mechanic improves upon it. Mechanics love working with systems and improving upon them. When the Mechanic manages a team, the people come second to the task at hand. In contrast when a Supporter manages a team the task comes second to the people. Henry Ford and Ray Kroc founder of the McDonalds Franchise are both Mechanic profiles.

So moving around the square, for example, we find that an introverted creator creates the first motor vehicle; the mechanic improves upon it; the lord buys a fleet of vehicles and rents them out; the accumulator invests money in the motor vehicle manufacturer; the introverted trader might trade in shares or might deliver some form of service; the extroverted trader might sell cars; the deal maker connects people and businesses together in the transport industry; the supporter manages the corporate team, while the star is out on stage promoting the business.

Find out more...



Take your Wealth Profile test Now!


In addition to a profile test for individuals there is also a Talent Dynamics Profile for teams.

talent dynamics profile for teams

Once you know your Wealth Dynamics Profile you can map out your current level of success and move up to the next level with a greater degree of certainty using NLP.


Building Powerful Teams

How much more efficient and productive could your team be if you mapped out the Wealth Dynamic Profiles for all the members? The following is Roger Hamilton's prediction of the best team roles for each Wealth Dynamics Profile

1. Creators are the best initiators.
2. Stars are the best promoters.
3. Supporters are the best leaders.
4. Deal Makers are the best peacemakers.
5. Traders are your best negotiators.
6. Accumulators are your best ambassadors.
7. Lords are your best analysts.
8. Mechanics are your best completers.


How much more successful could you be if you chose the work environment that supported your natural flow of energy?

The following is an example of how to apply knowledge of Wealth Dynamics Profile to someone who has an interest in music.


Do you want to create music?


Do you want to present and perform music to an audience?


Do you want to teach music?

Deal Maker

Do you want to sign up musicians with recording companies? Do you want to negotiate contracts?


Do you want to open a shop and sell music? Do you want to trade and buy and sell music?


Do you want to write a history of music and build a museum of music?


Do you want to build a library of music?


Do you want to be an engineer of music?


What are your areas of interest? What do you enjoy doing most? What is the hat that you enjoy wearing the most? What is your Wealth Creation personality type?


Don't put it off.

I believe you will find it to be one of the best investments that you have ever made. © Author Abby Eagle


Wealth Dynamics images (c) www.wealthdynamicscentral.com used with kind permission

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