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You have landed on this page because you want to get NLP coached to take both your personal and professional life to the next level of success...


Experience NLP Coaching and achieve success at a higher level in both your personal and professional life.

NLP coaching - meta-coaching - personal coaching - stress management coaching - business coaching - executive coaching - success coaching - life coaching - transformational coaching - hypnotherapy - get out of your own way and achieve success at the highest level - resolve internal conflict - build motivation - make better decisions - learn how to master your mind - how to manage stress - learn how to tap into your inner resources - NLP coaching has the focus on self actualisation to help you actualise your highest potential.


nlpWhat is therapy?

Therapy is the process of healing past hurts and trauma's and making things right. Therapy is about fixing problems, about moving away from something negative, about changing bad habits such as smoking, problem drinking, substance abuse and overeating. NLP combined with hypnotherapy is able to bring about results much faster than with traditional methods. NLP hypnotherapy heals the past and helps you change bad habits but it stops there. On the other hand, NLP Coaching gets you focussed on the possibilities in life, on what you want, your potentiality, your dreams and your future success.


wealth dynamics profile and nlp coachingWhat is NLP Coaching?

Coaching is not therapy. NLP Coaching is the process of accessing both internal and external resources and mobilising those resources towards the actualisation of a specific result, which is in itself a step towards another higher level goal. NLP Coaching is for those people who want to move beyond their conditioning by exploring new possibilities and taking a deeper responsibility for their lives.

From the perspective of coaching, problems are treated as challenges to be overcome on the path to achieving a higher level goal. So for example, smoking or drinking is no longer seen as a problem to be fixed but as an opportunity for you to learn how to master your mind and move on towards greater levels of success. Therapy is about past and present. NLP coaching is about moving from the present into the future. NLP coaching is about bringing the future into now. Read more about the different types of coaching.


nlp business and executive coachingWhich type of Coaching would suit you best?

Personal Coaching / Life Coaching: The focus is on the individual and their job, career, wealth, health, wellness, relationships and lifestyle. Typically this involves getting the client into the drivers seat of their mind and their life:

  • Defining the present situation.
  • Exploring the clients needs, wants and would likes.
  • Setting goals (outcomes) in such a way that they have a high likelihood of being attained.
  • Getting rid of bad habits such as cigarettes, marijuana, alcohol, poor food choices, etc.
  • Clearing any negative emotions, beliefs or attitudes that block success.
  • Building robust resource states (positive feelings) and anchoring those resources into future contexts.
  • Mapping out what is important to the client (values elicitation).
  • Building motivation to take action towards goals.


Business Coaching: The focus is on the structure, efficiency and profitability of the business rather than on the individual. Much like personal coaching this still involves getting the client into the drivers seat of their mind.

  • Clarifying the current situation.
  • Exploring possible options.
  • Identifying personal changes the client may need to make.
  • Clearing states of mind or bad habits that limit success.
  • Building powerful resource states to deal with the challenges of being in business.
  • Setting business goals in such a way that makes them more likely to be attained.
  • Personality profiling. Identifying strengths and weaknesses. Identifying the talent within an organisation to get the right kind of fit and better retention of employees. (Roger Hamilton's Wealth Dynamics Profile and NLP Meta Programs.)
  • Problem solving, strategic thinking, systems thinking, future trends thinking, brainstorming options, coaching change.
  • Marketing, positioning, visioning, people management, skill enhancement, interpersonal skills, time management, problem solving, creativity, productivity and stress management.


Executive Coaching: Facilitating the next level of development for those who have already achieved a high level of success.

  • Learning how to slow down and quieten the internal dialogue to find a space of peaceful and silence.
  • Using this quiet time to step back from the demands of business to reflect on where you have come from, where you are now, and where you would like to go. Exploring identity, values, beliefs, intentions, hopes and dreams.
  • Learning to get into the drivers seat of your mind such that you direct your life with conscious intent rather than the business directing you.
  • Mapping out meaning and purpose. Gaining clarity and insight on what motivates and demotivates.
  • Having a conversation that addresses your personal zone of power, distinguishing responsibility 'for' and 'to', creating a clear boundary for 'yes' and 'no'. Taking concepts and understandings, and muscling them into your neurology such that you congruently express them in your daily life.
  • Facilitating robust resource states that support leadership, entrepreneurship, resilience and creativity. Building genius states of consciousness for being totally present in an activity
  • Empowering you to take your skills and development to the next level.


levels of coaching There are also levels of Coaching

  1. Performance Coaching stage 1: improving upon, adding to and refining current skills and behaviour. Becoming better at what you can already do.
  2. Performance Coaching stage 2: coaching to a completely new behaviour. How to do something? This is about what you are capable of with your current beliefs, values and identity.
  3. Developmental Coaching: at this level we work with beliefs, values and identity to change who the person is. This brings about evolutionary change in who you are, what you believe you can achieve, what is important to you, and why you do things such that behaviour at lower levels also change.
  4. Transformational Coaching: involves working at the deepest level of mind and heart, at the level of spirituality. Change at this level brings about a total reorientation of who you are and your paradigms. Transformational coaching coaches to your highest purpose, your reason for living.


transformational coaching What makes NLP Coaching different to traditional forms of coaching?

Where traditional motivation and coaching methods usually focus on the results, NLP coaching shifts the focus back onto the behaviours that drive the results... and more specifically back onto the mental processes and feelings that either limit or support success, and then re engineer them towards greater success.

The value that I can add to you as an individual is to help you:

  • Define what is important to you in life, relationships, career, business, health and spirituality, and build meaning and purpose.
  • Reflect back to you, the structure of your mind such that you can recognise both your personal assets and liabilities, and then take that information and stretch yourself to become more of who you are.
  • Set well formed outcomes in a way that will make them more likely to occur. Bring long term goals closer to now.
  • Bring all the parts of yourself into alignment at the level of the unconscious mind and develop a congruence and a passion in life to fulfil your highest purpose for living.
  • Resolve internal conflict. Build motivation and passion. Build better decision making strategies.
  • Clear blocks, obstacles, doubt, low self esteem, negative emotions, self sabotage, limiting beliefs, stress, etc.
  • Build confidence in your self, your abilities, your capabilities and in your identities. Build self esteem, build value in your self, build confidence in public speaking, build confidence amongst your peers, build confidence that you can and will achieve your goals.
  • Increase your value to others and make more money.
  • Most importantly I will help you get in touch with the source of infinite power that is at the deepest core of your being.

wealth dynamics profile and nlp coaching Are you working to or against your personality type?

The Wealth Dynamics Profile measures the dimensions of Introversion / Extroversion, and Intuition and Sensing. Those people in small business often find themselves wearing too many hats and having to perform a role better suited to another personality type. The result is often lowered workplace efficiency and productivity, and stress. By understanding the eight basic personality types you learn to work to your strengths and to build a team with the complement personality types who manage the other tasks, thereby taking your business and income to a higher level.


nlp coaching to develop successDo you know how to motivate yourself?

  • You have to know how to motivate yourself.
  • Then you need to know and clarify what you want.
  • Then you have to make a decision to go for what you want.
  • Then you have to define the steps involved to reach your destination.
  • You also need to have and know where to get the required resources.
  • Most importantly you need to take action.
  • And finally you need to know when you have achieved your goal.


nlp life coach gold coastLearn how to clarify your goals and then install them on your timeline in such a way as to give yourself the best chance of achieving them.

  • Build confidence in yourself.
  • Overcome procrastination, fear, anxiety and negative feelings
  • Build motivation to take action and succeed at the highest level.
  • Set well formed goals and install them in your future such that you have a sense of conviction that they will be achieved.
  • Make better decisions taking into consideration all the elements involved.
  • Write an action plan at appropriate degrees of specificity, setting an achievable time frame.
  • Find the conviction within yourself to take action.


nlp coaching for peak performance Why invest in NLP Coaching?

  • Gain confidence in communicating to all types of people.
  • Develop clarity of purpose and life direction.
  • Take yourself to a higher level of success and make more money.
  • Enhance both personal and business relationships.
  • Develop the winners attitude. How to shift from negative to positive thinking.
  • Learn how to access resource states and connect them into future situations.
  • Learn how to step outside of the 'box' and develop flexibility in behaviour and thought.
  • Learn how to manage stress, quieten your internal dialogue and relax.
  • Increase workplace productivity and the profitability of your business.


nlp hypnotherapy business coach gold coastRead what Lorraine has to say NLP coaching:

"Abby was able to coach me in such a way that my confidence soared and I was able to see and express myself in new ways I never thought possible."

"It is now approximately twelve months since I began to train with Abby Eagle as a Promoter. I have the utmost respect for his ability and manner in the training I received in this position. My previous experience was in sales and I had reasonable confidence in my abilities, but Abby was able to coach me in such a way that my confidence soared and was able to see and express myself in new ways I never thought possible. I have become more inner directed and focussed on my goals, and time management has become a priority for me, which I thank Abby for, which in turn brings more success." Lorraine Atkinson, Banora Pt. NSW


business coach nlp gold coastRead what Nigel says about NLP coaching:

"I visited Abby Eagle because there appeared to be a huge block which prevented me from going forwards in business and making and keeping money. I had this problem for almost six years, had 10 kinesiology sessions, 2 visits to a psychologist and various other counsellors - it cost me over a $1000. I was satisfied with the kinesiology but I still had the problem.

I had 2 NLP consultations with Abby Eagle after which I had the feeling there was nothing left to work on. After first session I felt more confident and at peace. And after the second session I had more energy and felt very positive that the block had been cleared. A year later I believe the results are permanent. We moved to Sydney where I got a job. Then promoted twice and moved to Melbourne as state manager of a company.

In summary I got immediate results after the first session - I really didn't believe it but my family noticed the difference. It felt great. The problems have gone away. Financially we are know stable and growing - what a relief. Abby delivered what he said he could quicker than I expected!

I recommend Abby Eagle to everyone! I felt very at ease throughout the sessions and came away feeling great. He not only did what he said he would but I also enjoyed the sessions from a professional point of view. I would be happy top have Abby work with me in my clinic. Many thanks. Nigel Gould, Safety Beach, Vic.

© Author Abby Eagle

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