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Cravings for sweet foods banished.

"My problem was that after three kids I had begun to stack on the weight and I had constant sugar cravings. So about five days ago I had a hypnotherapy session with Abby Eagle.

Anyway, since then my sugar cravings have diminished by 90%. And the amazing thing is that I have not had to use any will power or concentration.

It's absolutely amazing. If I want a snack I just eat a raw carrot. The change is that fantastic."Lavinia Rampino, Gold Coast, Australia.

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You have landed on this page because you are ready to stop gambling using NLP and hypnotherapy...


Learn how to stop gambling using NLP and hypnotherapy

Stop gambling tips - stop gambling with NLP and hypnosis - stop gambling addiction now - no willpower required to stop gambling with NLP - learn how to stop gambling - no need for 12 step Gamblers Anonymous programs - no need to attend an expensive gambling addiction clinic - the underlying issues that drive the gambling addiction are dealt with quickly - make rapid gentle change and stop gambling with ease - learn how to master your mind and your behaviour - create a new healthy self concept - the urge to gamble is replaced with feelings of confidence, love and happiness. Corporate gambling cessation programs available.



  • Giving up gambling may be easier than you think -- you just have to know how! We do that with NLP procedures.
  • Each person is different. In some cases only one one session may be required to stop gambling. In other cases it may take up to five sessions. It depends upon the individual.


how to stop gambling with hypnosisCharacteristics of a gambling addiction?

Problem gambling is characterised by a preoccupation with thoughts of gambling whether they be of past or future events, and the urge to gamble soon. Gambling only becomes a problem when the gambler is unable to stop the behaviour and the gambling has a negative effect upon their life or the lives of others, either financially or in time spent, or in some other negative way. For example, I knew a man back in the 1980's who found himself compelled to attend the horse racetrack on his wedding day.

Gamblers are often in denial that they have a problem and fail to see the bigger picture (left brain dominance). They may think that they are in front but in most cases are running their gambling habit at a serious loss. For example, I worked with a man who spent a lot of time in hotel bars and clubs but refused to acknowledge his dire financial situation. Even though friends and bartenders warned him about his gambling habit he thought that he was making a profit. In his case I suggested that he keep a record of his bets and his wins, and then tally it up at the end of the day. Within a couple of days the evidence was compelling enough for him to stop. Sadly though, many gamblers will continue the gambling habit in the hope of winning back their losses

In some cases the gambler may need to place bigger or more frequent bets in order to get the same adrenaline rush. When they cease gambling they may experience withdrawal symptoms or restlessness and irritability.

Like smoking cigarettes and marijuana, drinking alcohol, binge eating and chocolate addictions the gambler may be trying to suppress negative emotions and trying to bring in a positive state such as confidence, love and happiness; or they may gamble as a way to give themselves something like love, nurturance or a reward. No matter how complex the gambling habit may seem it can be reduced to a simple mental process that runs out of conscious awareness.


how to stop gambling with nlp and hypnotherapyDegrees of gambling addiction.

Some gamblers may limit their gambling habit to buying Lotto tickets which may not seem like a big problem but it is a problem if the gambler has constant thoughts about not missing the next opportunity to buy a ticket. Some play the pokies as a form of entertainment and stimulation in an otherwise mundane lifestyle. Low income earners sometimes spend significant amounts of their Social Security payments on Lotto because they think they have no other way to generate a significant amount of money, and gambling is their only option. These people still manage to pay their bills but could do better by investing their time, money and energy into some type of business venture.

Others continue to gamble in a desperate attempt to win back their losses, each further loss driving them in desperation to try just one more time in the hope that now their luck must surely change. Some go into such serious debt that they lose all their assets, including their job, friends, family and self esteem. Some turn to drugs and crime.


NLP and hypnotherapy for gambling problemWhat treatments are available for gambling addictions?

The medical profession may prescribe medication for gambling addiction. Psychologists may offer cognitive-behavioural therapy. Gamblers Anonymous provide a twelve-step recovery program based upon Alcoholics Anonymous. There are also residential treatment programs that provide intensive therapy for those with a serious gambling problem.


beat gambling problem with nlp and hypnosisHow can NLP and hypnotherapy help a gambler overcome a serious gambling habit?

NLP is a model of applied psychology that works with the structure of the mind. Hypnosis provides a means to communicate directly with the unconscious mind and change the programming. Meditation provides a framework which incorporates the principles and methods of NLP and hypnosis to help you master your mind, body, emotions and behaviours.

People gamble for a number of reasons. In the case where an individual had a big win the first time they gambled then their present gambling is just a conditioned response in which they hope once again to make easy money. Low income earners may think of gambling as their only hope to make a significant sum of money, to get out of debt or to fund their retirement. Others may use gambling as a means to suppress negative emotions, and as a way to give themselves something like a reward, or a way to bring a feeling of excitement into their life. As with any behaviour if it is repeated for a period of time and if the guiding emotions are strong enough then it can become a habit.

The approach that I use to help people stop gambling once and for all, and to help them regain control of their life is much the same procedure that I use for helping people to stop smoking, get off marijuana, stop binge eating and lose weight, give up chocolate, and deal with problem drinking, and that is to:

  • Clear any underlying negative emotions.
  • Update the first gambling memories and install a new decision.
  • Turn down the mental process, access a resource state and chain this into a new self concept.
  • Address the unconscious mind in a specific manner and suggest that it banish the gambling behaviour, and then access a resource state, and have this resource state be available in those situations where it is needed most.

In general only one to two sessions are required. However, if there are associated problems such as problem drinking, cigarettes, marijuana, substance abuse, stress and unresolved trauma then dealing with those issues will take more time.


stop gambling using nlp and hypnosisRead how Priscilla was able to stop gambling using NLP and hypnotherapy:

"I had 2 consultations in February 1996. One of the problems we worked on was claustrophobia. A year later I can say the claustrophobia has totally disappeared. I saw Abby again for 2 problems in November 1997. The first being weight loss and the second gambling. You see, some years ago after going through menopause, I steadily began to gain weight. Using the tools and techniques I had learnt from Abby one year before I was able to make considerable improvements by myself. In two months I lost 5 lbs but I still needed extra help to get the rest off. Abby helped me consolidate the work I had started and a month later I had lost another 5 lbs. Most importantly regarding the weight loss I was able to deal with my issues around insecurity. That fixed a whole lot of stuff. My will power is much stronger regarding food - in fact I no longer have any food compulsions. Regarding the second problem of gambling, two years previously I won a considerable amount of money on the poker machines. It was my first time on the machines and after that I was hooked. I gambled every week even though I didn't want to. After one session with Abby and a month later I no longer have any desire to gamble.

NLP is fascinating because it's as if you can go back and rearrange the programs." Priscilla Ward, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coat Qld. Australia

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