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You have landed on this page because you want to learn how to build a high performance team using the technology of NLP and Neuro Semantics...


How to Build a Powerful Team


In these videos you can gain some insights into what is required to build a powerful team such as the US Navy Seals.

A high performance team will comprise a group who all share a similar identity, and a similar interest bound together by a set of values and a unifying principle.

1. Identity.
2. Job title and description.
3. Unifying principle.
4. Personality type.
5. Passion / Common Interest.
6. Purpose.
7. Values.

We start with structure. A building has structure. Just think of the planning that went into mapping out the structure of a modest house. Now think of the planning that went into building a skyscraper. An incredible amount of detail mapping out processes and systems. If you want to co-ordinate a group of people then you need to start by mapping out the structure.

A team by definition is a group of people who share a unifying principle, who understand their personality type, passion and purpose. This means the team has to be structured. Each member of the team needs a job title and a job description.

If you look at the game of professional football. Someone has to conceptualise and build the team. Then there has to be a captain and a vice captain – and each player needs a title and a position to play on the field. The coach supports the team from the sidelines. The umpire moves through the teams. The audience watch from outside of the playing field. Photographers are allowed in the space between the spectators and the boundary of the playing field. The game has rules. It starts at a specific time. There are rules to determine if the game can go over time, which means they have a contingency plan. The game has structure. Likewise every team must have structure and systems in place in order for it to perform at peak.

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How to Build a Powerful Team Part 1

How to Build a Powerful Team Part 2

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After the team coaching sessions I found myself thinking bigger and achieving more. The coaching method is excellent. I loved it. The benefits of working with Abby is that you will learn, grow and excel. Christiane Vee, Transformational Coach, Transform Your Horizon, Runaway Bay, Qld.

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