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NLP Coaching Resources: Learn how to bring about positive change in the world one conversation at a time...

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Empowering you to empower others.

The following articles are provided to give you some knowledge, tools and techniques to help you bring about positive change within yourself and within society. My suggestion is to read an article, keep it in mind for a number of days and apply it to your life as soon as you can. Then come back to the site and read the next article, and so on.

NLP Timeline sort and time management

1. Invitation to Self Actualise

What would it mean for you to achieve your goals and become the best that you could possibly be in your life? Read more.

What is the answer to the ultimate riddle?

2. What is it?

What is the answer to the ultimate question? Read more.

NLP Timeline sort and time management

3. How much time do you have?

Time is the most valuable resource that you have. Learn how to spend your time more wisely. Read more.

How to change your frame of mind using NLP and NS.

4. How to change your frame of mind?

Learn to build a positive frame of mind and look at the world through the eyes of playfulness. Read more.

This moment is all there is

5. This is the only moment.

Mind is past, mind is future so concentrate all your energies in the present moment. Read more.

What is the meaning of life?

6. What is the meaning of life?

Meaning is not inherent in an object or an event - we are the meaning makers. Read more.

Life is precious

7. How precious is life to you?

This moment is all you have so squeeze the juice from it. Read more.

nlp positive thinking

8. What is the structure of positive thinking?

Learn the structure of positive thinking. How to deal with a problem and get your desired outcome. Read more.

NLP change thoughts to change action

9. How to transform yourself?

To change a behaviour you need to change the thought behind the action. Read more.

NS Mind to muscle pattern.

10. Mind to muscle pattern.

Learn how to take a principle, turn it into a belief and install it in your muscles and then take action on it with congruence.. Read more.

Are you a teaching teacher or a learning leader?

11. Are you a teaching teacher or a learning leader?

Do you tell people what to do or do you invite them to follow directions? Read more.

How do you know what is food and what is not food?


.. Read more.

How to build the courage of your convictions.

13. Courage.

Have faith in the courage of your convictions. Learn how to overcome fear, find courage and take action. Read more.

What are the hats that you need to wear?

14. Build self image & success.

What are the questions that you need to ask such that you get to achieve your most cherished desired outcomes? Read more.

power of positive affirmations

15. I like feeling excited.

How to install positive affirmations that kick off when you need them. Read more.

16. The four types of learners..

Learn how to present information in a way that makes it more readily accepted and assimilated. Read more.

Celebrate yourself.

17. Celebrate yourself.

Give the face of acknowledgement, express the body of validation and soar on the wings of celebration. Read more.

How to resolve internal conflict

18. What does it mean to be in two minds?

How to embrace all aspects of your personality such that you get into the drivers seat of your mind? Read more.

How to build a positive frame of mind with NLP and NS

19. NLP Meta Programs.

How to use meta programs to build relationships, make more money, understand your children and fall deeper in love. Read more.

Shoot for the moon and hit it.

20. NLP well formed outcome questions.

.How to set goals in a way that make them more likely to be achieved. Shoot for the moon and hit it. Read more.

NLP perceptual positions and meditation

21. Viewpoint

How the ability to shift perceptual positions can help make you a key person of influence. Read more.

Build a control panel and master your mind

22. How tonality affects meaning.

How does the tonality of what you say change not only the meaning of your communication but your state of mind? Read more.

power of positive affirmations

23. NLP frame games.

He who sets the frame controls the game. Who set the frames of your mind? How to bring about positive change in the world? Read more.

 heirarchy of ideas - nlp logical levels and types

24. The art of discussion.

Explore the hierarchy of ideas. How to get on the same page, track the conversation and get to the truth of the matter. Read more.

NLP Meta Model

25. NLP Meta Model.

Learn to challenge everything for the truth using the NLP Meta Model. Read more.

You are number one.

26. You are number one!

To take care of others you need to take care of yourself first. Read more.

NLP Peace Mapping Model

27. Peace Mapping Model.

How to develop a rigorous process of inquiry into the truth. Read more.

How to write an article for the Internet.

28. How to write an article for the Internet.

How to write an article that engages the reader and motivates them to action. Read more.

Who do you want to be today?

29. Who do you want to be today?

Some people have a, "To do list" but have you stopped to think that you also need a, "To be list"? Read more.

action hero meta programs

30. What is the Action Hero personality type?

What are their meta program distinctions? Was Buddha an Action Hero? Read more.

How to improve the health of your community?

31. Are you a change agent?

What mindset do you need to cultivate to bring about good health for your family for the next three generations? Read more.

questions statements and commands

32. Questions, statements and commands.

How to get into the drivers seat of your mind and your life using questions, statements and commands. Read more.

how to build a new identity

33. How to build a new identity.

How to build a new identity such that you get to achieve what is important to you in life. Read more.


34. How to use a hypnosis pendulum.

Teach yourself how to communicate with the unconscious mind using ideomotor signals. Watch the video..

35. Stop making excuses. No "buts" about it.

Learn how you can use "but" to work for or against you. Watch the video.

36. Weight loss tip 1.

How to build a positive frame of mind. The P/S to D/O model. How to think your way to thin. Read more.

37. Weight loss tip 2.

The best weight loss tip ever. Food or not food. That is the question. Watch on youtube.

38. Weight loss tip 3.

How to build an attitude for success. Build an attitude that convinces you to eat the right foods. Watch on youtube.

39. Weight loss tip 4.

How to deal with food cravings. Some food cravings are a result of nutrient depletion - and you are hungry for nutrients. Watch on youtube.

40. Weight loss tip 5.

Learn to trust your unconscious mind. Learn to communicate with your body in a way that supports you achieve your weight goals. Watch on youtube.

41. Weight loss tip 6.

Identify traditional groups that are well proportioned and healthy. Consider your genetics and culture. Copy a traditonal diet. Watch on youtube.

42. Weight loss tip 7.

Stop exercising. Exercise is hard work and it takes too much to sustain it. Instead learn to enjoy movement. Watch on youtube.

43. insomnia

... Read more.

44. time.

... Read more.

45. money

... Read more.

46. procrastinate

... Read more.

47. team 1

... Read more.

48. team 2.

... Read more.

48. meditate

... Read more.

49. focus 1

... Read more.

50. focus 2

... Read more.


... Read more.


... Read more.


... Read more.

How to respond to criticism?

Learn how to deal with criticism gracefully. Read more.

NLP for Parents

Learn how to be a better parent with NLP and get your children to follow instructions. Read more.

How to write an article that inspires and motivates?

How to use NLP to write an article that engages and motivates the reader to action? Read more.

Learning Disabilities.

How to work with auditory and visual processing disorders and get higher grades at school. Learn how to use your brain and mind. Read more.

Mastering Cognitive Distortions.

Over generalising, labelling, blaming, prophesying, emotionalising, personalising, awfulising, shoulding, discounting, etc. Read more.

Films that inspire us to action.

Inspirational stories that demonstrate extraordinary leadership, courage and determination. Read more.

Home business for couples.

These notes are for a husband and wife who run a business together. Read more.

Mental rehearsal procedure..

How to learn from your role models, put yourself in the picture and develops skills of excellence. Read more.

Stress may be responsible for 70% of visits to the Doctor.

How can NLP, hypnotherapy and meditation be used improve the health of the body? Read more.

NLP glossary of terms.

Glossary of terms in the context of NLP, Hypnosis and Meditation. Read more.

Which type of coaching would suit you best?

What are the different types and levels of coaching. Read more.

NLP Dream Machine.

Use this high tech procedure to stimulate your mind to generate new ideas and behaviours, like an Einstein. Read more.

What is your personality type?

Make better choices in life, love and career armed with a better understanding of your personality type. Read more.

NS Power Zone procedure.

How to access and mobilise your four central powers as a foundation for personal empowerment. Read more.

Build confidence in public speaking.

Learn how to overcome your fear of speaking in public and sway an audience with passion. Read more.

What is your wealth profile?

Learn how to identify your personality type so that you can make the best choice in relationships, career and business . Read more.

How to work with values.

What are attitudes, values and beliefs and why do marketing companies spend $millions on studying them? Read more.

Traditional nutrition resources.

Starting point for information on traditional nutrition based upon the research of Dr Weston A Price. Read more.

Stress - the missing variable.

What prevents you from performing at peak? Stress accounts for up to 70% of visits to the Doctor. Read more.

Have you ever astral travelled?

Astral travelling. Out of body experiences. Spiritual experiences with Osho, Jesus and Buddha. Experiences of bliss and ecstasy. Read more.

How successful is NLP?

Read what others say. 1. Feedback on NLP and Hypnotherapy. 2. Feedback on meditation. 3. Feedback on business coaching.


Notes from some of Osho's discourses. Read more.

New Year goal setting.

How to set goals such that when you look back on the year you say to yourself, "This has been the best year of my life". Read more.

How to recognise meta programs.

Learn how to recognise meta programs in a conversation. Some real life examples. Read more.

How to start the day with the winners attitude.

Do you have a system to get motivated, stay motivated and map your progress throughout the day? Read more.

NLP Coaching task sheets.

An A4 page which you can use to keep yourself on track towards reaching your goals. Free download.

Neurology of Meta States.

Could there be a neurological basis to higher self, higher frames of mind and higher consciousness? Read more.

The impact of negative memories on health.

Unresolved memories with an emotional component may be a factor in some health problems. Read more.

NLP, Hypnotherapy and health.

Can NLP Coaching and Hypnotherapy help with some health problems? Read more..

Abby Eagle Tip for the Day.

Inspirational and motivational notes. Read more.

Discover the power of NLP and Meditation.

An introductory talk on the benefits fo NLP and Meditation. Read more.

Principles and Guidelines for Groups.

Ground rules for managing a group discussion. Read more..

How to deal with racial conflict?

Is a celebration of differences the answer to racial, cultural and religious conflict? Read more.

How to trade share markets without emotion.

How to turn a principle into a belief and trade, shares and currency markets without emotion. Read more.

Resilence: the secret to wealth creation.

One of the secret of hight achievers is the ability to bounce back from set backs. Read more.


... Read more.


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