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You landed on this page because you need to improve your memory using NLP...


Improve your memory skills with NLP

The underlying issues are dealt with quickly using NLP - make rapid gentle change - learn how your mind processes information - learn how to manage anxiety - learn how to release stress- learn how to relax - tap into the resources of your inner mind - how to overcome dyslexia - learn visual memory skills - learn mind mapping techniques - learn Tony Buzan mind mapping type methods for memory improvement - get help with exam pressure, exam nerves. and get better marks at school and university.


memory training nlp gold coastRead what Diane has to say about NLP and memory improvement:

"It's been 20 years since I went to school and I was worried about studying for a massage certificate. Without Abby's NLP help I know I would not have passed my exams so easily. I got an average of 89% on 3 subjects including 100% for Advanced Therapies. I feel it was my first step in starting not just a career but a new life. Thank you Abby. Diane Collins, East Burleigh Qld.


memory skills nlp gold coastRead what Reta says about NLP and memory improvement:

"I am retired and had memory problems and a loss of co-ordination. In 2 NLP sessions I got the results I wanted. Abby gives an excellent service - to the point, gets the job done, concise and thorough. You get immediate change and most importantly he makes healing fun.""You couldn't get a better product or service than the one Abby Eagle offers - nothing comes close." Reta Learmond Bussleton WA


study better with nlp and hypnotherapy Comments by a Master NLP Practitioner

There are a number of of ways in which NLP is able to help you improve your memory.

  1. Remove emotional blocks from school memories.
  2. Build a strong belief in your capabilities.
  3. Learn how to use your visual memory rather than trying to remember words auditorilly.

Self hyposis is effective for building an 'in the zone' state for peak performance. Fundamental to all memory skills is the ability to tap into your childlike qualities of playfulness, fun and humour that you had as a child and to bring that attitude with you into the learning experience. As a child you would have used all your senses in the learning experience not just words. Learning how to use the visual and kinesthetic senses in a playful manner, much like a cartoonist activates all the senses and builds a rich internal representation. Just because information may be written in words in a book does not mean that you have to remember the words. The words are just cues for you to build a rich internal representation in pictures, sounds, feelings, smellls and tastes. Once you understand this process then you can memorise anything.

See also the article on Auditory Processing Disorder.

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