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Welcome back to Abby's Learning Platform - where you can learn to coach yourself - and move from the back seat of your life into the drivers seat - and build the next best version of yourself.

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How to put insomnia to sleep

Online Course

About - Put Insomnia To Sleep

Learn how to work with your unconscious mind to improve your sleep patterns


You will need a desktop computer or laptop with speakers so that you can listen to the videos - and you will also need an Internet connection.

Why You Should Enrol in This Course

In this course you will learn a structured process for working with your unconscious mind to develop a mindset that will empower you to improve your sleep patterns. The trance inductions use the language patterns developed by Dave Elman - they are simple yet powerful and effective.

What is the Put Insomnia To Sleep Course About?

In this course you will learn about the key factors that affect your quality of sleep and where to affect positive change. You will also learn how to work with your unconscious mind using tools and techniques from NLP, hypnosis and meditation. In other words you will learn how to get from the back seat into the drivers seat of your mind such that your sleep patterns steadily improve.

In the Put Insomnia To Sleep Discussion Group you will have the opportunity to network with other students and participate in intelligent discussions.

About the Course

1. No prior knowledge of NLP or hypnosis is required.

2. The course is structured in a procedural manner. You are encourage to work your way through the course one step at a time - making sure that you complete each activity before moving onto the next. This may involve reading a webpage, watching a video or listening to an mp3.

3. You have the freedom to complete the course at a pace that suits you.

4. There is no limit on the number of times that you can view each of the modules - and there is no time limit on your access to the course.

5. The learning materials are provided online and you can type in your notes on the webpage and come back to view them later.

6. The Discussion Group gives you the opportunity to hold conversations with other students such that you can get your questions answered, deepen your understandings and practise your skills.


What-if you could improve your sleep? Would that help you to be more effective in your daily life such that you were able to perform at a higher standard and achieve more such that at the end of the day you might reflect back with a sense of satisfaction? Would that not make all your efforts to improve yourself worthwhile?

What-if you learned how to understand your unconscious mind and work with your unconscious mind - would that not help you in every area of your life?

Overview of the Course

Module 1
In the first module we start with an overview of insomnia and how to develop a positive attitude conducive to better sleep. You will learn a powerful process that will prove to you that everything that you say is heard by your unconscious mind - and if possible acted upon by your unconscious mind.

Module 2
Then in the second module you learn the actual words you need to use to communicate to your unconscious mind that it is time to put the day aside and now put your mind in the direction of a good nights sleep such that you see yourself sleeping peacefully throughout the night and waking at a specified time in the morning feeling happy that you slept well.

Module 3
In the third module you get some insights into how to deal with waking up in the night and how to get back to sleep.

Module 4
Module four gives you a shorted version of the sleep process that you learned in the second module.

Module 5
In the fifth module you get a simplified trance induction procedure. This is the induction that you will want memorise. You will also learn how to shift the energy from an overactive mind down into the feet.

Module 6
In the sixth module you get a script that you can use to turn your sleep into a deep meditation.

Module 7
In the seventh module you will learn more about how to build a positive coaching internal dialogue.

Module 8
The eighth module gives you a summary of meditation technique.

And the glossary gives you some useful definitions and explanations of the terminology used in the course.

In the appendix you will find the acknowledgments, a bibliography and copyright information.

Enrol in The Put Insomnia To Sleep Course


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Certification Requirements

1. Post your learnings to the discussion group.
2. Give feedback on the course - that is write a review.
3. Make a post to the discussion group describing how you have applied what you learned in a real world situation.
4. When you are ready to apply for certification you will be asked to make a payment of $49.00 to cover admin costs. An A4 size certificate will be emailed to you as a jpg file which you can proudly print and frame.