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Welcome back to Abby's Learning Platform - where you can learn to coach yourself - and move from the back seat of your life into the drivers seat - and build the next best version of yourself.

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How to elicit idemotor signals

Online Course

About - How to Elicit Ideomotor Signals

Learn how to set up a communication system with your unconscious mind using ideomotor signals and a hypnosis pendulum


You will need a desktop computer or laptop with speakers so that you can listen to the videos - and you will also need an Internet connection.

Why You Should Enrol in This Course

This course is for people who want to learn a reliable method for communicating with the unconscious mind and with God. It then gives you the power to communicate with the unconscious mind on a range of issues using questions, statements and commands.

What is the Ideomotor Signalling Course About?

We start with the assumption that you have a conscious mind and an unconscious mind. My understanding is that all thoughts are processed in the unconscious mind - out of conscious awareness and then arise onto the screen of consciousness of the so called conscious mind.

So if you think of the unconscious mind as being on the other side of a wall - you can call out to the unconscious mind - you can knock on the wall - the unconscious mind can hear everything that you say and do but it is restricted in how it can communicate back to the conscious mind. However with the artful use of questions, statements and commands you can build a communication channel to learn about the inner workings of the mind and facilitate transformative change.

One method of developing a communication with the unconscious mind is through the use of ideomotor signals. Ideo comes from ideation – mind. Motor refers to muscle activity. So mind affects muscle activity. Every thought that you have is manifest in some way in a physiological response whether that be a head nod, a finger movement, a sense of warmth in the body or increase in heart rate.  In working with others and yourself it is useful to get a signal that is easy to see like a finger movement. Once you have established a finger movement then it becomes easier to learn how to use a hypnosis pendulum or even a water divining rod, if that should please you - and techniques used by chiropractors, kinesiologists and body tappers will make more sense.

In the Discussion Group you will have the opportunity to network with other students and participate in intelligent discussions.

About the Course

1. No prior knowledge of NLP or hypnosis is required.

2. The course is structured in a procedural manner. You are encourage to work your way through the course one step at a time - making sure that you complete each activity before moving onto the next. This may involve reading a webpage, watching a video or listening to an mp3.

3. You have the freedom to complete the course at a pace that suits you.

4. There is no limit on the number of times that you can view each of the modules - and there is no time limit on your access to the course.

5. The learning materials are provided online and you can type in your notes on the webpage and come back to view them later.

6. The Discussion Group gives you the opportunity to hold conversations with other students such that you can get your questions answered, deepen your understandings and practise your skills.


What-if having a simple communication system with your unconscious mind could help you to make better food choices? Could that help you to discover the next best version of yourself?

What-if you could use ideomotor signals to communicate to your unconscious mind through the use of questions, statements and commands that you wanted to banish a bad habit such as cigarettes, marijunaa, alcohol, gambling, binge eating, etc? Would that shift you from the back seat into the drivers seat of your life?

What-if you could establish a communication system with God? What-if you could use the pendulum to explore past lives? Would that be fun?

Overview of the Ideomotor Signalling Course

1. In the first module you learn how to set up a communication signal with the unconscious mind using finger signals and a pendulum - and how to calibrate a pendulum for degree of response.

2. In the second module you get an introduction to the neuroscience of Iain McGilChrist and you learn how to establish a communication system with God.

3. In the third module you will learn how to use ideomotor signals as an investigative tool to better understand yourself.

4. In the fourth module you will learn how to use ideomotor signals to deal with a wide range of problems, for example. Negative emotions - negative memories past or present - negative thoughts - relationship conflict - bad habits – and symptoms of health problems. You will learn how to use ideomotor signals to facilitate the clearing of negative emotions, and the accessing and mobilisation of internal resources such that you may make progress towards the next best version of yourself.

Enrol in The Ideomotor Signal Course


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Certification Requirements

1. Post your learnings to the discussion group.
2. Give feedback on the course - that is write a review.
3. Make a post to the discussion group describing how you have applied what you learned in a real world situation.
4. When you are ready to apply for certification you will be asked to make a payment of $49.00 to cover admin costs. An A4 size certificate will be emailed to you as a jpg file which you can proudly print and frame.