Learn how to meditate - experience deep meditation with NLP and hypnosis - learn how to stop the mind - access states of bliss, peace, joy and ecstasy during meditation
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Learn how to meditate and experience deep meditation fast with the aid of NLP and hypnosis. NLP as a tool for enlightenment.


Learn how to use NLP and hypnosis to reach states of deep meditation fast.

Learn how to meditate - experience deep meditation today - hypnomeditation Gold Coast - deepen meditation with hypnosis - silence the internal dialogue - reach no-mind states - quieten the mind - mindfulness meditation - deepen your meditation with NLP and hypnosis - NLP as a tool for enlightenment - deep relaxation - less stress - more joy. Learn how to meditate download. Corporate mindfulness meditation programs available.


Deep meditation is identical to that of deep hypnosis. When the state is experienced in a temple we call it deep meditation, when it is experienced through hypnosis it is called deep hypnosis. But the states are virtually identical. Only the frame changes.


combine NLP and hypnosis for deep meditationWhat is deep hypnosis like?

In hypnosis the eyes of the subject become motionless, the eyes close, the body slowly becomes still, there is a moving away from the sensing of the outside world into an inner reflective state. The mind becomes quiet. The hypnotist may suggest that the mind becomes absolutely quiet just like that moment you enter into before you drift off to sleep. The subject is asked to drop down through layers of relaxation into deeper states. The body becomes motionless and cataleptic. At first if you lift the subjects hand, the arm will be loose and limp. In deep hypnosis you can't lift the subjects hand. It feels like steel. There is full body anesthesia. There is a feeling of utter contentment. The subject is aware of the outside world but has no interest in it. The subject can hear the hypnotist but if asked to move he will not.


deep meditation fast with NLP and hypnotherapyWhat is deep meditation like?

With meditation the meditator sits, holding the body erect, relaxed and motionless. He brings his awareness to the breathing and the thoughts and as he does so the mind quietens. He moves away from the sensing of the outside world to an awareness of an inner state. Both body and mind relax and he drops deeper down inside of himself into deep relaxation. The body becomes motionless and cataleptic. There is full body anesthesia. There is a feeling peace and bliss. The meditator is aware of the outside world but has no interest in it. If asked to move or if he thinks to move his body he will not and has little desire to do so.


learn hypnomeditation techniques for deep meditationCombine hypnosis with meditation and reach states of deep meditation faster.

By sequencing known pathways of subjective experience most people can learn how to consistently attain deep states of meditation with a few hours of training.


learn hypnomeditation techniques for deep meditationDeep meditation personalised training outline.

1. We start with peripheral sensing. How to active and utilise both brain hemispheres. How to relax.
2. Learn the essence of meditation. Witnessing. Becoming a pure witnessing consciousness.
3. Practise running an awareness continuum.
4. Deep trance - deep meditation procedure.
5. How to clear negative emotions.
6. How to silence the internal dialogue using the Mind Director.
7. Explore consciousness with the Vastness Meditation.
8. Use the Drop Through Procedure to literally drop down through negative layers of mind into a no-mind state and then access core states of Godliness, peace, bliss, oneness with all, the light.
9. Use the Bliss Technique to reach higher levels of mind.
10. Learn how to use questions, statements and commands to communicate with your unconscious mind. The simplest yet most profound questioning procedure is to ask, "Does this thought serve me? What thought would serve me right now?"
11. How to enter into sleep consciously such that you learn to remain aware while the body is resting.
12. An invitation to learn the NLP Meta Model and apply it to the search for Truth.

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