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You have landed on this page because you want to resolve a phobia using NLP and hypnotherapy...


Overcome phobias and fear of flying with NLP and hypnotherapy.

Get rapid gentle change with NLP and hypnotherapy - no fuss - no stress - no tears - no internal conflict - the underlying issues are dealt with quickly - make rapid gentle change - replace the fear and phobia with feelings of confidence and relaxation. Corporate programs available.



NLP and hypnotherapy is cost effective. In most cases you will only need 1-3 sessions to signficantly lessen the anxiety and experience robust feelings of confidence and relaxation. In some cases it may take a little longer.


what is a phobiaWhat is a phobia?

A phobia is an intense fear of something. Even though many people refer to a fear of something as a phobia, it does not fit the definition of a real phobia unless the response occurs every time the stimulus is presented and the response is intense. The six most common types of phobias are: arachnophobia, that is a fear of spiders. Social phobia, that is a fear of being judged by others in a social situation. Aerophobia, a fear of flying. Agoraphobia, a fear of any place where escape might be difficult. Claustrophobia, a fear of being trapped in a confined space. Acrophobia, a fear of heights. There are hundreds of phobias. To name a few more, fear of vomiting, fear of germs and being sick, fear of driving across a bridge, fear of darkness, fear of snakes, fear of fire. It seems people have the capacity to make themselves terrified of almost anything.


treatments for phobias and fear of flyingWhat treatments are available for phobias and fear of flying?

A mainstream therapist, that is a doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist may prescribe medication or some type of counselling for a phobia.


can nlp and hypnotherapy help with fear of flyingHow can NLP, hypnotherapy and meditation help you overcome a phobia and fear of flying?

NLP has a reputation for getting rapid long lasting results with phobias. As NLP works with the structure of the mind the NLP Coach will help you discover 'how you create the phobia in your mind, and then help you get in the drivers seat such that you can make the phobia go away and replace it with feelings of confidence. NLP may be combined with hypnotherapy and meditation to make the change even more resilient.

People who have a flying phobia, or fear of flying, tend to focus on the negative aspects of life rather than the positive. Their intention may be positive but the action of thinking negatively just creates a negative feeling. In your NLP session some of the following procedures may be used:


claustrophobia healed with nlpRead what Priscilla has to about claustrophobia:

"I had 2 NLP consultations in February 1996. One of the problems we worked on was claustrophobia. A year later I can say the claustrophobia has totally disappeared. I saw Abby again for 2 problems in November 1997. The first being weight loss and the second gambling. You see, some years ago after going through menopause, I steadily began to gain weight. Using the tools and techniques I had learned from Abby one year before I was able to make considerable improvements by myself. In two months I lost 5 lbs but I still needed extra help to get the rest off. Abby helped me consolidate the work I had started and a month later I had lost another 5 lbs. Most importantly regarding the weight loss I was able to deal with my issues around insecurity. That fixed a whole lot of stuff. My will power is much stronger regarding food - in fact I no longer have any food compulsions. Regarding the second problem of gambling, two years previously I won a considerable amount of money on the poker machines. It was my first time on the machines and after that I was hooked. I gambled every week even thought I didn't want to. After one NLP session with Abby and a month later I no longer have any desire to gamble.

NLP is fascinating because it's as if you can go back and rearrange the programs." Priscilla Ward, Burleigh Heads Qld.


phobias are healed quickly using nlpRead what Kristi has to say about a spider phobia:

"I had a spider phobia and cat allergy for over ten years. After one consultation with Abby the phobia and the allergy have completely gone. A few days after the consultation certain events occurred that reiterated how powerful the NLP had proved. I am so impressed that I have decided to study NLP myself." Kristi Stott, Gold Coast Qld.


what does nlp say about flying phobiasComments by a Master NLP Practitioner

As Priscilla says, with NLP and hypnotherapy, it is as if you can go back into the past and rewrite your life experiences. Our memories are purely subjective and it is our own perception whether an event was good or bad. As a result we can change the way we feel about ourselves and the world.

© Author Abby Eagle


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