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You have landed on this page because you want to deal with anxiety and panic attacks using NLP...


Banish anxiety and panic attacks with NLP and hypnotherapy.

No fuss - no stress - no tears - no internal conflict - the underlying issues are dealt with quickly using NLP - make rapid gentle change - learn how to master your thought processes and relax - replace anxiety and panic with feelings of confidence, love and happiness. Corporate programs available.



NLP and hypnotherapy is cost effective. In most cases it only takes 2-3 sessions to signficantly lessen the anxiety and experience robust feelings of confidence and relaxation. In some cases it may take a little longer.


what are panic attacksWhat are panic attacks?

Panic attacks are intense feelings of anxiety and fear that come on suddenly. The heart may pound, the breathing become faster and the palms sweat. The person seems to be at their mercy and may either avoid situations which trigger them or try and repress the feelings.


nlp treatment for panic attacks on the gold coastWhat treatments are available for panic attacks?

A mainstream therapist, that is a doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist may prescribe medication or some type of counselling for anxiety. Practitioners in the complimentary health profession offer a range of adjunct treatments, including nutritional advice. As panic attacks are allied with anxiety, meditation has been found to be effective. Learn how to meditate download.


can nlp and hypnotherapy help with panic attacksHow can NLP and hypnotherapy help you overcome panic attacks?

An NLP master practitioner can quickly identify the root causes behind the triggers that precipitate the panic attack. Results are achieved through a combination of methods: past memories are healed such that when you look back to the events you won't be able to find the negative emotion that was there before. The strategy that the client uses to create the panic attack - that is, the mental process they run in their mind is altered so that it creates a more resourceful feeling. In essence we instruct the unconscious mind to turn down the panic response and instead access a resource such as playfulness, and then turn up the playfulness. Long term results are supported with the practise of daily meditation.


nlp helped me deal with my panic attacksRead what Anne has to say healing her panic attacks:

"I visited Abby because of panic attacks and a fear of drowning. I was also undecided about buying a house. I only had one session in which I let go anger and fear. The next day I bought the house I wanted - the money just came together and I booked a trip to Disney World. I was able to go on the water rides, through the rapids and under the waterfalls. My fear of drowning has totally disappeared. My panic attacks have disappeared and I haven't felt so good in years. My husband was so pleased with the results that he immediately booked a consultation for himself." Anne Wilks, Gold Coast Qld.

Read what others say about using NLP hypnotherapy to resolve anxiety and panic attacks.


what does nlp say about panic attacksComments by a Master NLP Practitioner on anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

Anxiety and panic attacks are about a future event which has not happened. They are fear based projections onto the future in respect of past memories. NLP combined with hypnotherapy, is effective at clearing out the emotion of past traumatic memories, without you having to re-experience the emotion that went with the past event. NLP brings about rapid gently change without catharsis.

Anxiety and panic is in some respects a misinterpretation of body sensations. For example, two people may entertain the idea of speaking to an audience. Both may experience a surge of energy in the body. However, one may suppress the feelings and label it anxiety while the other may embrace the feelings and label it anticipation.

In some cases panic is a result of percieved loss of control. For example, one client felt claustrophobic when the cabin door of an airplane was closed. In his mind he percieved himself as not being in control, yet when I had him visualise the door opening at the destination airport, seeing the daylight coming through the door, and feeling the fresh air on his face, then the anxiety disappeared and he was able to relax.

NLP and hypnotherapy can be used to change your perception of the future, giving you more confidence and a feeling of living in the 'here and now'. In the hands of a qualified Master NLP Practitioner, anxiety and panic attacks become a thing of the past.

© Author Abby Eagle


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