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You have landed on this page because you want to manage your anger with NLP and hypnotherapy... Anger Management Program. Agression for Men Program.


NLP with hypnotherapy is an effective way to manage anger.

Anger Management Programs and Aggression For Men Programs. Get rapid gentle change - no fuss - no tears - no beating pillows - no need to talk about your childhood - the underlying issues are dealt with quickly - make rapid gentle change - replace anger with playfulness, confidence, love and happiness.


Let go the anger and embrace playfulness today.

NLP and hypnotherapy has a reputation for bringing about rapid, gentle change. In addition NLP makes change fun. When it comes to anger there are two types of people. The first type usually only requires 2-4 sessions while the second type may require a much longer period of therapy and coaching.


what is stress managementWhat is anger?

Anger is an emotional state which can vary from minor annoyance to extreme rage and violence. Anger is accompanied by physiological and biochemical changes which can have a negative effect upon the health of the body. Anger increases heart rate and blood pressure and has been shown to be a prime cause of heart attack and plays a role in heart disease. Anger can be triggered by an external stimulus or by just thinking about something.

We are hardwired to respond to any event that we find threatening to our survival. It is part of the fight or flight syndrome. Hence for some people it is the first response to any stimulus they find threatening. Anger inspires strong feelings of power which help us to fend of an attacker or a wild animal, however most of us would rarely find ourselves in a life or death situation. In most cases it is our perception of an event that is the problem. That is, we do something inside our mind to create the feelings of anger. Anger is often about a difference in values, meta programs, personality type, in how you manage time, and a difference in culture, beliefs and memories.

Fortunately most people learn from life's situations and learn to moderate their anger so that it does not get out of control. However, some people don't seem to learn from their experiences - instead they accumulate a series of anger memories - with the anger increasing over time, so that someone only has to look at them the 'wrong' way and they can fly into a rage. In this case the anger is totally out of proportion to the actual event.


is hypnotherapy or meditation the best for stress reliefWhich treatments are most effective for anger management?

Medication can help a person to relax but it does not address the real cause of the anger - and the real cause is what you do inside of your mind to create the feeling. Some people would say that in certain situations you have a right to express anger. This may be true but at times it may escalate into violence.

Cathartic therapies give an opportunity to express the anger but sometimes can make the problem worse. In addition they are dealing with the content of the anger rather than the process of how you create the anger.


does nlp workWhat are the key differences between NLP and traditional psychology and psychiatry?

A psychologist or psychiatrist may have you spend a lot of time talking about your childhood and what happened in the past. In contrast with NLP we shift the focus onto defining a well formed outcome, that is specifying precisely what you will see, hear and feel when you have the desired result that you want for yourself. My job is to coach you from the present state to the desired outcome. I am not so interested in why you have a problem as in how to help you get the desired result.

As an NLP Coach I work with the structure of the mind. In brief we all have five senses. The three primary senses are vision, audition and kinaesthetics. All thinking occurs in these senses. In the visual modality pictures might be big, bright and colourful, or small and black and white. In the auditory modality self talk will have a volume, tonality and tempo. If you talk to someone else in your mind then the other person's voice will have its own set of distinctions. The distinctions in the visual and auditory modalities will create a set of sensations (a feeling) in the body. I am not so interested in the content of your thoughts as the mental processes.

NLP has been methodical in mapping out the structures of the mind. By working with these structures I will help you to move things around, so to speak, and show you how to get into the drivers seat of your own mind.


how to manage anger with nlp and hypnosisHow can NLP, hypnotherapy and meditation help you manage anger?

NLP gives us a set of tools to help you discover how you create the feelings of anger in the body. Once we know what you do inside of your mind to create the anger then we can show you what to do to create more resourceful feelings.

Hypnotherapy gives us tools to help you banish the feelings of anger and replace them with feelings of confidence, relaxation, comfort and security. Most importantly you can reprogram your mind to replace the anger with feelings that are most useful to you.

Meditation provides a method to bring awareness to the mind so that you learn how to act out of awareness rather than from the hardwired fight or flight response. Learn how to meditate download. Many people are living examples of the effectiveness of meditation as one of the best treatments for anger - instead of anger they feel kindness and compassion. This does not mean that they do not protect their life, family, investments or country. On the contrary, it means they can now take decisive action without the hindrance of an unconscious response.


anger management nlp hypnosis gold coastRead what Poss has to say about dealing with anger and hate:

"I now have more confidence, discipline and direction in my life. Once I learnt how to communicate with my unconscious mind I was able to clear out anger and hate towards loved ones which I know I would have held onto much longer if not my entire life. I now have a lot of 'warm fuzzies' in place of the old emotions. In this workshop you learn to heal the problems yourself without giving away your power to the therapist. What's more the procedures feel more thorough that other therapies.

I was also surprised by the spiritual principals being applied to such a scientific system - a true union of mind and spirit and what's more I realised that we are taping into total perfection- that is - the unconscious mind is the connection to the higher self." Poss Hogan, Queenstown NZ.


anger management hypnotherapy gold coastRead what Leigh has to say about dealing with her reactions:

"I had a problem over reacting to my teenage son's moods plus a problem with heart palpitations. After 2 consultations with Abby Eagle there is less palpitations and rather than feel frustrated by my son's antics I feel more amused. I now have the ability to choose my emotions and can even take a positive feeling and move it into other situations where I want to feel that way. Even though my son is trying harder to push my buttons the results feel permanent.

In comparison to some other therapies the approach was very gentle. During the consultations there was only a short focus on the unpleasant item which was dealt with quite objectively. I felt that several issues, where previously I had been unable to break a pattern, were suddenly lifted away. The NLP process goes right to the issue and allows you to break the habitual pattern of reacting. It is such a relief to not feel the same old buttons pushed and to no longer feel powerless to react like a robot." Leigh King (ND) Beerwah Qld. Australia

stop smoking marijuana gold coastRead how easy it was for Ayden to manage his anger and give up marijuana.

"Ever since I can remember I have had a problem with anger, and I had been smoking weed everyday for about 3 years. I saw about 7 or 8 different counsellors over about a 6 to 7 year period with no avail, and spent thousands of dollars seeing them. I definitely was not satisfied with the results I got because none of them could manage to help me even control my anger. After years of trying different councilors and wasting money, I decided to try something different. So I came to see Abby Eagle to learn how to manage my anger and stop smoking marijuana.

I had two 90 minute consultations with Abby Eagle. After the first consultation for my anger I found myself a lot more relaxed, a lot calmer, and anger pretty much does not exist for me anymore, and the second consultation which focussed on giving up smoking marijuana, I was amazed I had no cravings or withdrawals at all. I pretty much got a whole new lease on life, like it was a new beginning for me.

In my opinion the anger and marijuana addiction have been permanently healed. The fact is that I can still hang with mates who smoke marijuana, while they are smoking, and not crave smoking it with them. Abby's NLP and Hypnotherapy is definitely something people should try. I was amazed at how something so simple can make such a huge difference." Ayden Hughes Carrara Qld Australia 25/1/2012

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