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Welcome back to the "How to Meditate" course - where you can learn to coach yourself - and move from the back seat of your life into the drivers seat - and build the next best version of yourself.

Step 1. Enrol in The Past Life Regression

Step 2. Enrol in The Ideomotor Signalling


How to explore your past lives

Online Course

About - Past Life Regression

Learn how to explore your past lives from an Osho Zen Sannyasin with a background in NLP and Hypnosis


1. You will also need to enrol in the Ideomotor Signalling course so that you understand how to communicate with the unconscious mind using ideomotor signals.

2. You will need a desktop computer or laptop with speakers so that you can listen to the videos - and you will also need an Internet connection.

Why You Should Enrol in this Past Life Regression Course

This course is for those people who have a sincere desire to learn how to explore their past lives and identify significant memories that may impact this life. It is for those people who have a genuine curiosity to find out whether past lives are real or not – and if they are inclined to do so, to find some way to scientifically prove that they have lived before. It is for those who want to discover who they were in previous lives - to find out how long you lived and how much time was spent between lives. In this course you will learn how to map out your past lives one at a time moving backwards from this one.

What is the Past Life Regression Course About?

This course will give you a set of tools and a procedure that you can use to explore your past lives. It is delivered as a series of video lectures with a demonstration subject.

The lectures and activities are carefully sequenced to help you create a framework for working with your unconscious mind. Even though the course is focussed on exploring past lives you will find the tools valuable in many other types of activities with yourself and if you are a coach - with your clientele.

Part of that process is learning to hold intelligent conversations with your unconscious mind using questions, statements and commands such that you communicate to your unconscious mind your intention and what you hope to achieve. In doing so you learn to move from the back seat into the drivers seat of your life.

My intention in creating this course has been to transform age old spiritual practises by drawing upon the more recent body of knowledge from the fields of hypnosis and NLP, to create new procedures, applications, aesthetics, insights and understandings. You are encouraged to use this course to make your own personal discoveries based upon existential experience rather than knowledge given to you by others.

In the Discussion Group you will have the opportunity to network with other students and participate in intelligent discussions.

About the Course

1. No prior knowledge of NLP or hypnnosis is required. And you do not need to have a belief in past lives - in fact sceptism is the preferred starting point.

2. The course is structured in a procedural manner. You are encourage to work your way through the course one step at a time - making sure that you complete each activity before moving onto the next. This may involve reading a webpage, watching a video or listening to an mp3.

3. You have the freedom to complete the course at a pace that suits you.

4. There is no limit on the number of times that you can view each of the modules - and there is no time limit on your access to the course.

5. The learning materials are provided online and you can type in your notes on the webpage and come back to view them later.

6. The Discussion Group gives you the opportunity to hold conversations with other students such that you can get your questions answered, deepen your understandings and practise your skills.


What-if you were able to map out your last five or six lives and then do some research to back up your findings?

What-if you came to understand that you have past life memory then how would you think about some of the seemingly outrageous statements that small children make? For example, there is the documented case of the little girl who claimed that she was buried in a local cemetry in England. The parents decided to exhume the grave of their baby daughter who had died a couple of years before the birth of this child and found an object in the coffin (a doll) as described by the girl. The interesting thing is that the parents had taken the doll out of the coffin but the grandmother unbeknown to them had put the doll back in the coffin.

What-if you discovered that your talents and interests in this life are actually a continuation of what you have devoted time to in previous lives? Could that influence you in how you spend your time in this life?

What-if you came to understand that you have past life memories - how would that influence your attitude towards how you live your life on this planet? If people had an understanding that they could be reborn into a new body do you think they might take a bit more care in creating a better world - not so much for future generations - but for their future self?

Overview of the Course

1 How to elicit ideomotor signals, that is how to establish reliable communication signals with the unconscious mind.

2. How to induce a trance state – peripheral sensing.

3. How to use a hypnosis pendulum.

4. How to elicit a NLP timeline.

5. Safety checks you need to follow before attempting a regression.

6. How to float above the timeline.

7. How to move backwards or forwards through time.

8. How to step in and out of an internal representation.

9. Meditation procedure so as to be a dispassionate observer.

10. How to deal with a negative emotion.

11. How to leave the past life memory behind and return to the present.

12. How to induce a deep trance –  Dave Elman style.

13. Explore the timeline while in deep trance.

14. How to regress to your birth.

15. How to regress to an hour before your birth.

16. How to regress to the morning after your birth.

17. How to map out past lives in sequence. Identify the gender, date of birth, the date of death and country in which you lived.

18. How to identify a significant event in a past life.

19. How to explore the period between lives.

20. Review.

Step 1. Enrol in The Past Life Regression - Online Certification Course

Step 2. Enrol in The Ideomotor Signalling - Online Certification Course


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Certification Requirements

1. Post your learnings to the discussion group.
2. Give feedback on the course - that is write a review.
3. Make a post to the discussion group describing how you have applied what you learned in a real world situation.
4. When you are ready to apply for certification you will be asked to make a payment of $49.00 to cover admin costs. An A4 size certificate will be emailed to you as a jpg file which you can proudly print and frame.