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You have landed on this page because you want to overcome anxiety and build confidence in public speaking using NLP and hypnotherapy... Join our meetups on and learn how to build confidence in a TV environment with a host, panel and audience. Practise your debating skills with an NLP Coach on the Gold Coast.


Learn how to overcome your fear of speaking in public and sway an audience with passion, motivation and inspiration?


Attend our Media Training Events and build confidence in public speaking.

how to increase confidence in public speaking8 key steps to public speaking confidence.

  1. Know the content of your presentation like the back of your hand.
  2. Have the desire to become a great presenter. Not just because you need to but because you want to.
  3. Clear limiting beliefs and emotions such as doubt, fear, shyness and anxiety.
  4. Build in robust feelings of self confidence and self esteem.
  5. Associate into the qualities and attributes of your role models.
  6. Mentally rehearse the desired behaviour while maintaining a resource state.
  7. Develop communication skills.
  8. Practise speaking to a group, then practise some more.


Watch the Video: How to Build Confidence in Public Speaking


public speaking requires preparation Prepare your lecture material.


prepare yourself to speak with confidence and authority Prepare yourself.


learn how to meditate at Abby Eagle School of Meditation Learn how to meditate.


learn how to speak like a professional Learn how to model patterns of excellence.


how to build rapport with an audience Learn how to build rapport


nlp language patterns that influence Learn NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis language patterns so as to influence your audience with integrity.


speak to the personality type Study personality types


make a public presentation with confidence Deliver your presentation with confidence.


get feedback from the audience Get feedback on your performance.

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Get NLP Coached to overcome your fear of speaking in public and learn how to sway an audience with passion, or at least just enjoy yourself...

Overcome panic attacks and anxiety with NLP and hypnotherapy - learn techniques to improve your confidence and skill in public speaking - learn how to model the attributes of your role models - learn how to speak with confidence, charisma and professionalism - learn how to replace negative self talk with true positive thinking - learn how to virtually eliminate anxiety - learn how to tap into resource states - gain the confidence to go for what you really want - learn how to quieten the mind and find a sense of inner peace.


Attend our Media Training Events and build confidence in public speaking.


Book a free no obligation phone interview.

- Take the opportunity to get your questions answered.
- Put yourself at ease before you book a coaching session.

When you contact us please specify whether you want a free 20 minute interview or whether you want to book a session.

Phone 5562 5718

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