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You landed on this page because you want NLP Coaching to build a better relationship...


Build a more loving relationship with NLP Coaching and hypnotherapy.

No stress - no arguments and tears in the therapists office - make rapid gentle change in private sessions with NLP Coaching - resolve internal conflict - the underlying issues are dealt with quickly - make rapid gentle change - then come together for a dual session to resolve values conflict and integrate the changework.


marriage counselling gold coastDo you want to feel more secure in your relationship?

relationship counselling Do you fear that your partner may leave you?
fear of abandonment is not healthy If your partner does not behave in a certain manner do you feel abandoned?
do you need relationship counselling Does your partner accuse you of being controlling and needy?
how to get commitment in a relationship Do you think that your partner has a fear of commitment?
build trust in a relationship Do you love your partner but find it difficult to trust?

Abandonment issues generally start somewhere around birth in a situation where the baby feels that he/she is not wanted by his/her parents. As an adult whenever he/she finds him/herself in a love relationship, business relationship, friendship or job situation where he/she feels close or dependent upon another then the old feelings of abandonment can surface. The other person will sense this, feel uncomfortable and may react by trying to avoid the relationship.

If you have abandonment issues then there is no need to participate in cathartic therapies, beat pillows, shout, scream, yell and cry your eyes out. Cathartic therapies are great in that they give you an experience of expressing your emotions with intensity in a safe environment but they are not not effective in releasing negative emotions from the past nor in changing the way that you think at the level of the subconscious mind. If you want to release the abandonment emotions from the past and learn how to be more loving in a relationship today then you can do this gently using NLP


anger management in a relationshipDo you fight and argue with each other?

how to get commitment in a relationship Do you get angry with your partner but wish that you did not?
how to get commitment in a relationship Is family life a bit stressful? Would you rather have more peace and quiet?
relationship counselling for self employed partners Do you work with your partner? See NLP notes for a couple who work together.
personality profiles and conflict in relationships Relationship conflict may be related to differences in personality types.


nlp is better than relationship counsellingRead what Simone has to say about NLP and relationship counselling:

"I was desperate to find someone to help me change the way I was feeling. I was sick of being so negative. I had seen a number of counsellors but the thoughts and feelings kept coming back.

In two consultations with Abby I let go the negative emotions surrounding a number of relationship problems. It was straight to the point. I didn't have to re-run my life's trauma in great detail. I still remember the past problems but I have no negative feelings about them. In fact I feel positive and stronger from having had these experiences. I am laughing so much more and attracting positive new friends. I am amazed at how quickly the changes have occurred. I enjoyed the consultations and the way he taught me to change my thought patterns. The results are fantastic and permanent!" Simone Sleep, Broadbeach Qld


what does nlp say about marriage counselling on the gold coastComments by a Master NLP Practitioner on relationship counselling.

Many problems in personal relationships, including poor performance in sales and sport can result from a 'stacking up' of negative emotions. Let me clarify this. One way that your unconscious mind stores memories is by grouping them by emotion. So you have a series of memories with the emotion being the common denominator, fear, anger, hurt, sadness, depression, stress, pain, guilt, shame, jealousy and so on. When you see someone 'fly off the hook', you are observing someone who is reacting more from their past than from the present experience.

NLP provides a set up tools to clear out the effect of negative emotions such as fear, anger, hurt, sadness, depression, stress, pain, guilt, shame and jealousy. What is more you can heal the negative emotions with NLP and hypnotherapy without having to divulge the content of the memories or by beating pillows and crying. If you value a personal relationship or your sales or sports performance then periodically you should seek professional help in maintaining them.

The elements that need to be addressed in a relationship are values, releasing negativity, building resource states and nourishing the love between the partners.


leigh got a better relationship with her sonRead what Leigh has to say about improving her relationship with her teenage son:

"I had a problem over reacting to my teenage son's moods plus a problem with heart palpitations. Being a Naturopath I had spent a lot of energy on remedies with some results, but even so several areas remained deadlocked. After 2 NLP consultations with Abby Eagle there is less palpitations. And rather than feel frustrated by my son's antics I feel more amused. I now have the ability to choose my emotions and can even take a positive feeling and move it into other situations where I want to feel that way. Even though my son is trying harder to push my buttons the results feel permanent.

In comparison to some other therapies the approach was very gentle. During the consultations there was only a short focus on the unpleasant item which was dealt with quite objectively. I felt that several issues, where previously I had been unable to break a pattern, were suddenly lifted away.

The NLP process goes right to the issue and allows you to break the habitual pattern of reacting. It is such a relief to not feel the same old buttons pushed and to no longer feel powerless to react like a robot.

I found Abby extremely alert, subtle, kind and perceptive. He was able to sort through all the stuff I threw at him, and pull out several kernels that would, when handled, represent the majority of the issues. The process was non-threatening and well paced which allowed me to relax and accept the flow of it. At no time did I feel out of my depth." Leigh King (ND) Beerwah Qld.

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