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You have landed on this page because you want to control your drinking or stop drinking alcohol using NLP and hypnotherapy...


quit drinking alcohol using self hypnosis script

Combine NLP and Hypnotherapy to get rapid results with problem drinking.

Recover from alcohol addiction - give up completely or cut down on beer, wine and spirits - be at choice - don't let the booze rule you - no willpower required with NLP - no withdrawal symptoms - no symptom substitution - no feelings of deprivation - no anxiety - no internal conflict - the underlying issues are dealt with quickly - make rapid gentle change - learn to master your mind and your life - the drinking is replaced with feelings of confidence, love and happiness - build self esteem and confidence, and get motivated to achieve your personal and professional goals. Corporate binge drinking programs available.



  • Managing your drinking may be easier than you think -- you just have to know how!
  • Each person is different. In some cases only one session may be required to give up drinking. In other cases it may take up to five sessions or longer. It depends upon the individual.
  • As added value you also get a free pendulum, hypnosis mat and a script which you can use to banish food items, alcohol and marijuana.


can nlp and hypnotherapy help with alcoholismWhat is alcoholism?

The medical definition of alcoholism is that it is a disease and addiction which results in a chronic pattern of drinking, with subsequent health and relationship problems. The simplest definition is that one has a pattern of drinking that one is not able to control. Which would include daily consumption of alcohol, weekend binge drinking and a preoccupation with thoughts of alcoholic beverages and their places of availability.


problem drinking drinking gold coastWhat treatments are available for a drinking problem?

As alcoholism is considered a disease by the medical profession then one should always seek help from a medical practitioner in the first instance. Clinics are available for those whose drinking has become seriously out of control. Support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous have shown some levels of success, yet as long as the focus remains on the problem, healing may elude the drinker for decades. Natural therapies such as NLP and hypnotherapy have been shown to be effective as an adjunct to medical treatment.


can nlp, hypnotherapy and meditation help with alcoholismHow can NLP, hypnotherapy and meditation help you overcome a drinking problem?

In most cases of chronic drinking there will be underlying emotional causes which until dealt with, will act as a trigger for continued alcohol consumption. These causes may relate back to childhood or be the result of past or recent stressors in the person's life. NLP has a number of excellent procedures that help the client rapidly and gently release the negative emotion from past negative memories. Once the negative emotions from the past have been healed the person is more able to be at choice in drinking, rather than driven by an avoidance of painful memories.

Those people who have a drinking problem may demonstrate being in two minds. (Which equates to left and right brain hemispheres.) That is, there is a conscious, rational adult part which knows they have a drinking problem. This part uses will power to fight the problem. The other part is a part at the level of the unconscious mind. This part is more like a two year old that knows nothing about cause and effect, and present to future consequences. All this part knows is that they feel bad and they want to feel good now. It uses the alcohol in much the same way that people use cigarettes, marijuana, drugs, chocolate and food to suppress negative emotions and to bring in a resource state like confidence, love and happiness. The substance is used to medicate emotional pain and as a way to give themselves something like love or nurturance. Because this part may be out of awareness of the conscious mind it can feel like being possessed by demon. Rather than fight with this part the answer is to acknowledge it, set up a communication with it using the imagination, and discover its positive intention. Once intention is separated from behaviour this part can be redirected to change the behaviour. Problem drinking is resolved not through will power but by harnessing the powers of imagination.

Hypnotherapy is effective at identifying the influences on the drinking problem and in helping the client make gentle change without having to relive or disclose private 'stuff'. The daily practice of meditation is always recommended as a relaxed person is less likely to feel the need to self medicate with alcohol.


testimonial for treatment of alcoholism with nlpRead what Jenni says:

"I battled with alcohol abuse, depression, low self esteem and compulsive eating for 20 years. I spent $1500 on a Gastric Bandaging operation but became regretful and angry when I realised the underlying issues had not been addressed. When life became intolerable I finally visited Abby Eagle for a series of 5 NLP consultations. Immediately I noticed a spasmodic lessening and softening of the problem. After each NLP consultation there was a sense of knowing I was OK, feeling unstuck from the past, and looking forward with hope and excitement to the future. I began to open up emotionally to other people and to myself. I was able to allow whatever emotion I was experiencing to be there without the old urgent impulse to suppress and deny it. And then came an understanding, a trusting that the emotion would pass. But more importantly a realisation that all emotions are a natural expression of me.

The changes are so subtle - an unforced new way of being just easily and gently permeated my life. I feel the results are more than permanent - the 'results' are due to the cleansing of the old stuff. Abby's approach is unique because as well as being gentle and non invasive, it gets profound results." Jenni Walker Nerang Qld.


make inroads on problem drinking with NLP and hypnotherapyComments by a Master NLP Practitioner on problem drinking.

Jenni's feedback is typical for people who suffer with alcoholism, depression, and weight loss. Underlying these types of problems you will always find a deeper core problem. When the deeper core problem is addressed using NLP procedures and Hypnosis the client experiences an increase in self-esteem and self-worth, which results in an amelioration of the depression, alcoholism and weight loss, without the client having to use any mind-power or discipline.

In addition to food and marijuana I have also helped people banish beer, wine and spirits from their life. In some cases it has been remarkably simple. For example in one case a 42 year old woman wanted to slim down from 63kg to 56kg. In three sessions she was able to banish coke zero, junk food, chocolate and deserts, and alcohol. In her case she drank expensive champagne and had an active social life. She reported that she had lost the desire for the aforementioned items. There was no desire to eat junk food or champagne. Her friends were a bit perplexed that she was now more relaxed. She did not have to use will power and did not feel that she was missing out. She also ate smaller quantities of food and reported that she was now getting more out of life, was more relaxed, and had stopped eating on the run and sat down to enjoy and savour her food. It was the first time in 20 years that she had got her weight under control and was no longer obsessed with food or her weight. She felt more grounded and level headed and could now see the bigger picture of life. Four weeks after she began hypnotherapy she had made steady progress towards her target weight. __ © Author Abby Eagle


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