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You have landed on this page because you want to stop feeling self conscious and shy using NLP and hypnotherapy...


Banish self consciousness with NLP and hypnotherapy.

Overcome self consciousness with NLP and hypnotherapy - NLP and shyness - hypnosis and shyness - stop being shy and self conscious in bed - public speaking shyness - self consciousness and sexual performance - from anxiety to confidence - gain personal power - build body self esteem - build emotional strength and confidence.


what is self consciousnessWhat is self consciousness?

Self consciousness is the focus of attention on yourself as opposed to something or someone outside of yourself. A person who feels self conscious has thoughts about how they look, sound and behave to others. Shyness is much like self consciousness. Shyness is anxiety in social situations. Shyness limits a person in how they interact with others. Shyness can prevent a person from speaking to someone - whether that be a friend, a family member, a stranger, an authority figure or a group of people. Shyness can prevent a person from expressing what they believe and feel either verbally, in writing or behaviourally. Feelings of a self conscious nature can prevent lovers from being intimate and experiencing the ultimate pleasures of sex. Self consciousness creates a tension in the mind and body and is related to societal and religious conditioning.

Self consciousness is about perspective and self criticism. If in your mind you think that others are judging you then you will feel self conscious. Introversion is part of the way that people create shyness so introverts are probably more 'hard wired' to be self conscious. On the other hand an extroverted person is less likely to feel shy because their mind is focussed on the external world. Extroverts are less likely to think about what they are going to say or do - they just do it. Whereas introverts generally have a tendency to think about their behaviour in advance. There needs to be a balance between introversion and extroversion. Read more about personality types and meta programs.


what treatments are available for self consciousnessWhat treatments are available for self consciousness and shyness?

Sometimes people resort to alcohol, drugs and cigarettes as a way to reduce the feelings of self consciousness and bring in feelings of confidence, but these methods rarely work long term and often create more problems than they are worth. The medical profession may prescribe medication. There are a range of psychological and behavioural methods that work on changing how you use your mind to create your state.


can nlp, hypnotherapy and meditation help shyness and self consciousnessHow can NLP, hypnotherapy and meditation help stop you from feeling self conscious?

Meditation is one of the most effective methods for reducing anxiety. So regular meditation practise is a good way to start but it can only take you so far. For example, meditation will not shift the focus of attention away from yourself or teach you how to restructure your thought processes - this is where NLP Coaching and hypnotherapy excel.

NLP brings with it a set of tools to work with the structure of your mind. So an NLP Coach is not that interested in 'why' you feel self conscious or even 'what' you feel self conscious about. The real question is, "How to help you use your mind in such a way that you feel more confident, relaxed and self esteemed in all situations?" As each person has a different psychological makeup the NLP procedures have to be customised for the individual but in general the following approach gets results.

  • Learn to shift the attention away from yourself onto the outside world.
  • Quieten the internal dialogue and stop worrying what others might be thinking about you.
  • Learn to feel good about yourself and build self esteem.
  • Install a belief that you are an attractive desirable person.
  • Install a belief that it is okay for you to express yourself.
  • Learn to welcome criticism as if it were just constructive feedback to make you an even better person.
  • Learn to relax with deep hypnosis and deep meditation skills, and get more grounded in your body.


what treatments are available for self consciousnessSelf consciousness and letting go in sex.

  • Has shyness ever prevented you from speaking to an attractive person?
  • Has shyness ever made it difficult for you to ask for a kiss?
  • Has self consciousness ever stopped you from letting go in sex?
  • Have you ever missed out big time because of feeling self conscious?

The first thing to understand is that self consciousness is mainly the result of childhood conditioning and in most cases it is not useful. It may be socially appropriate to not walk naked down the street but it definitely is not appropriate to feel self conscious when you are in the bedroom with your lover. If you want to enjoy all the pleasures of love and sex then it may help to drop some of the ideas that society and religion gave you. You need to learn the art of 'let-go' - let-go is deep relaxation combined with trust. Drop the ideas of how you think that you should look, sound and behave and give permission to yourself to express yourself in whatever you feel. Stop comparing yourself to others - part of this process is about quietening the internal dialogue. If you have no internal dialogue how can you judge yourself? Let go wrong ideas about the naked body and the sex organs. Learn to accept your beautiful body and most importantly learn to accept, explore and express your sexual feelings.

Stop being shy in bed... learn to feel good about your body... learn to love your body... feel more sexually desirable... learn to accept your naked body... banish self consciousness and increase your sexual performance... develop personal power... build body self esteem... build emotional strength and confidence... increase sexual confidence... increase sexual feelings... relax with your lover.. enjoy sex more... increase sexual responsiveness... have longer and more intensely pleasurable orgasms...

NLP and hypnotherapy are effective at banishing feelings of self consciousness and bringing in feelings of confidence, self worth, self esteem and personal power.

© Author Abby Eagle


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