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You have landed on this page because you want to deal with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) using NLP and hypnotherapy...


Resolve post traumatic stress disorder with NLP and hypnotherapy.

Heal post traumatic stress disorder - address PTSD with NLP hypnotherapy - make gentle and rapid change with NLP and hypnotherapy - no need to relive the symptoms - no need to talk about the trauma - NLP allows you to do private therapy - banish the negative emotions and bring in positive feelings - let go the past and step into the future with confidence, love and happiness.


what is asthmaWhat is post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)?

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), once referred to as shell shock and battle fatigue, results from witnessing or experiencing a traumatic event. Years later people with PTSD may relive the event in their mind during the day or at night in the form of nightmares. In the case of a flashback the person loses touch with the present reality and relives the event with pictures, sounds, feelings, smells and tastes, almost as if the event is happening all over again. As being reminded of the original trauma brings up negative emotions the person will do their best to avoid this.

People with PTSD may constantly feel stressed, nervy, anxious, depressed and have difficulty in sleeping. They may lack motivation and interest in life; have trouble being affectionate; be constantly irritable and sometimes express anger and aggression that is out of proportion to what is actually happening. Subsequently they may experience difficulty in personal, social and business relationships. People with PTSD may resort to self medication in the form of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and food as a way to suppress the negative emotions.

Trauma does not necessarily result in PSTD. Most people quickly learn from their experiences and put them behind them. In the case of PTSD, from an NLP perspective, the person has yet to learn from the event and develop an understanding at the level of the unconscious mind that will allow the negative emotions to disappear.


what treatments are available for PTSDWhat treatments are available for post traumatic stress disorder?

Mainstream treatment for PTSD include psychological therapies and medication.


can nlp, hypnotherapy and meditation help fix PTSDHow can NLP, hypnotherapy and meditation help relieve PTSD?

The problem in addressing PTSD with some types of therapies is that the client may associate back into the painful event. In fact, some types of therapies actually have the client relive the event over and over again in the hope that this will resolve the problem. From an NLP perspective this has limited benefit and only serves to intensify the problem. In addition it is not very kind to make the client relive a painful experience. Once should be enough.

NLP, hypnotherapy and meditation give us some excellent tools and techniques to resolve post traumatic stress disorder rapidly and gently.

NLP is used to identify the structure of the problem, that is the process. Some therapies focus on the content of what happened but this is something that is best addressed after the negative emotions have been ameliorated. NLP focuses on the process, on what the client does inside their mind to maintain the problem. Working with process means that we can assist the client to neutralise the trauma - without having to re-experience it. NLP is used to teach the client how to run their own brain and create states of confidence, relaxation and happiness.

Hypnotherapy is used to help the client enter a state of deep relaxation and have these feelings become available in their everyday life.

Meditation has been shown to be one of the most effective treatments for anxiety. Regular meditation practise has a relaxing effect upon both body and mind, and serves to improve the physical health as well.


what does nlp say about post traumatic disorder PTSDComments by a Master NLP Practitioner on PTSD
People should not have to suffer with post traumatic stress disorder. NLP and hypnotherapy have been demonstrated to bring about rapid gentle change. Read what others say about NLP and hypnotherapy.


NLP hypnotherapy gold coastA few of the many issues that can successfully be addressed with NLP and Hypnotherapy:

Stop smoking, Substance abuse, Anxiety and panic attacks, Anger management, Stress management, Stress related health problems, Relationship problems.

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