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What is the self image that you need to cultivate such that you get to achieve your most cherished desired outcomes? Wealth Dynamics questions to consider.


What is the self image that you need to build such that you get to achieve your most cherished desired outcomes?

In other words who do you need to be to get what you want from life?

What are the hats that you need to wear? title=


There are six basic questions that we can ask. "What, when, where, why, how and who?" How you use and sequence those questions will lead you in different directions and get you a different result. For example.


NLP Well Formed Outcome Questions.

NLP Meta Coaches use the following sequence of questions: What, Where, When, Who, Why and How? Read more about well formed outcome setting.


Four Mat Learning System Questions.

The best teachers and trainers use the following sequence: Why, What, How and What if? Read more about the 4Mat System.


Wealth Dynamics Profile Questions.

Roger Hamilton discovered that those people who are successful in building wealth use the following sequence of questions: What, Who, When, How and Why?

  • The 'what' (to create) question is a Dynamo (Mechanic, Creator, Star) question.

  • The 'who' (to connect with) question is a Blaze (Star, Supporter, Deal Maker) question. When (schedule) question is a Tempo (Deal Maker, Trader, Accumulator) question.
  • The 'how' (to develop systems) question is a Steel (Accumulator, Lord, Mechanic) question.
  • The 'why' (at a higher level) question comes from the centre of the square and is a bigger question.

- What? - Creation
- Who? - Collaboration
- When? - Consultation
- How? - Calculation
- Why? - Contribution

All these questions go through a cycle of what I need to create, who I need to connect with, when will my project/product launch, how we will develop the systems, and the bigger question of why am I doing this? Read more about Wealth Dynamics Profile.

(Special thanks to Suraj Naik, Global Marketing Manager at Wealth Dynamics for clarification on the Wealth Dynamics Questions.)


The 'who you are' is the most important question.

Consider this for a moment. You get born. That is a given. You get conditioned by the society; you get an education and then somewhere around late teens, parents and teachers start asking you what you want to do with your life. The presupposition is that you should choose something that fits the identity given you by society.

So if you were brought up in a working class family then you would look for a working class type job. If you were brought up in an upper class family then you would move into a career which keeps you in the upper class. For example, I have met a number of people in their late forties who lamented about the job they found themselves in - just because a parent made their career choices for them.

The lesson is to get clear on your identity as early as possible in life such that you get on the right track. For if you don't play an active part in defining who you are, then you may end up mixing with the wrong people, in the wrong places at the wrong time. So who do you need to hang around with such that you form the type of identity that will support you in achieving what is important to you, such that at the end of each day, and at the end of your life you can turn around, look back and say it was a life well worth lived?

Once you clarify who you want to be, who you need to be, and on the hats you need to wear to achieve success in life - then think about what you want to do.


So how to build a new identity?

There are a couple of ways to approach this question.

1. If you could have what ever you wanted in life then what would this be? For example, if you want to own a million dollar property and drive a hundred thousand dollar car then who do you need to be to acquire those items? In this case we start with the 'what' and then move to the 'who' and then the steps and stages to attain the goals.

2. Another way is to ask, "Who do I admire, who do I envy, who could I be like, who could I emulate, who do I identify with." Here we are not looking at what they have but who they are.

Once you have identified a role model then begins the process of identification and one way to initiate that process is to dress in a manner which makes you feel like you have stepped into the shoes of the role model. __ © Author Abby Eagle


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