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Can NLP and hypnotherapy help with some types of health problems?


Unresolved memories with an emotional component may be a factor in some health problems.

In somes cases the stressful event could be buried decades in the past but the memory still remains stored in the body as tension. Different negative emotions are stored in different parts of the body. Symptoms and problems that may respond to NLP, hypnotherapy and meditation are any problem that has a stress related component.

I remember hearing Dr Tad James, an NLP Trainer, say on one his Master Practitioner training tapes in the 1990's, "that the American Surgeon General at one time stated that anger was the prime cause of heart attack, not diet, and that was irrespective of whether the person expressed their anger or not." Even though I have not been able to find the article referred to I do not doubt the assertion.

In my own experience in working with people and in conversation with others, I have noticed a strong association between health problems and emotional memory. For example:


Client #1

A woman in her later thirties came to see me for NLP because her masseur told her she needed to let go of stored negative emotions. She suffered from tight knots in the muscles of her back and chronic back pain.

She was a mild mannered 'nice' person, who 28 years before had not told her husband she did not want to get married. She had also suffered very severe abuse as a child. A previous therapist had tried a cathartic therapy which surfaced the emotions but did not bring about a resolution.

After 4 1/2 hours of NLP, in which she let go a number of negative memories using gentle NLP techniques, she informed me that the knots and pain in her back had healed, as verified later by her masseur.


Client #2 and #3

A woman in her thirties came to visit me for NLP because she wanted to learn how to spell. She had been diagnosed with dyslexia as a child. She had two hours of NLP. During an NLP procedure she remarked how she felt a warm sensation run up back and how she felt her spine clicking at the same time. She called me two weeks later to tell me that she had suffered with back problems and had needed to visit a chiropractor once every couple of months for a number of years. An examination of her back by the Chiropractor revealed the back had healed and that she needed no more Chiropractic therapy.

Another woman wanted to address a relationship issue with her partner. It was a long standing issue of 18 years, which in her mind seemed to be related to a back problem that originated at much the same time. She made regular visits to her Chiropractor for back treatment. After 3 hours of NLP, in which she satisfactorily dealt with the relationship issues, her back problem seemed to disappear. A Chiropractic check-up confirmed her back had healed.


Client #4

A woman in her fifties was very unhappy because she was no longer able to work in her family business with her husband, and she missed her son. The context to the session is that she worked in a furniture store with her husband and son. One day her husband and son had an argument, after which the son left the family business never to return. Thereafter she had a severe sensitivity to formaldehyde, which outgased from furniture at the store, developing sinusitis and asthma. She had an operation which seemed to make the situation worse.

From an NLP perspective her problem was simple Pavlovian conditioning. Her neurology had made an association between a smell at the furniture store and the emotion she experienced when her husband and son argued. Thereafter the smell of new furniture reminded her of the painful memory. Somehow the unresolved memory caused her a health problem.

When she released the emotions associated with the family trauma her health improved.


Client #5

A woman in her forties complained of not being able to handle the stress of her job and family. She also told me that she had suffered with asthma since the age of 6 months old. She had a 1 1/2 hour session in which there was only time for one NLP intervention to help her handle stressful situations. Three months later she called to say that she felt her job and family was more easy going now, and that she had only needed to use her inhaler once during that period.

Disclaimer: If you have a health problem you should always seek advice from a medical practitioner before contacting a NLP Hypnotherapist.





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