NLP mental rehearsal - NLP future pace - How to learn from your role models, put yourself in the picture and develops skills of excellence.
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This page gives you basic notes for running a structured NLP mental rehearsal...


NLP mental rehearsal procedure

How to learn from your role models, put yourself in the picture and develops skills of excellence.


Have you ever wondered how star athletes, performers and public speakers achieved their level of greatness? Was it an inborn talent or is their some mental attitude and process that they run in their mind?

The little that I know about the singer Madonna, for example, is that she got to dance class an hour earlier than the rest of the students. She just practised longer and harder than most of her fellow students. She must have had frames of mind that drove and compelled her to do the best that she could.

Some years ago I heard Richard Bandler (NLP cofounder) talk about a world class golf player. What the golfer did was to watch a video of another star golfer. He would watch the golfer make his stroke, then replay the video over and over again. Then he put himself in the picture so that he could see himself making the move. Then he would step into the picture such that it was like looking out of his own eyes.

With all due respect to inborn talent and genetics, many of our star performers derive their success from running mental processes - processes which you too can learn. In addition, something I learned from practising Tai Chi was the importance of getting each move perfected before moving onto the next step.

Start by chunking the desired behaviour into small pieces. For example, if you wanted to improve your game of golf then choose one element of the game such as a driving a shot down the fairway.



Step 1. Find a good role model.

Step 2. You might start by watching a video of the role model doing the perfect move. Give the film clip a beginning and an end. Replay the clip many times focusing on each aspect of the move.

Step 3. Put yourself in the picture, see yourself doing the move and run the movie many times.

Step 4. When you are comfortable with the visualisation then step into the picture such that you are looking out of your own eyes. Run the mental rehearsal from within the picture, feeling yourself making the moves.

Step 5. Give yourself a trigger - something that you see, hear or feel that lets you know when you should run the behaviour.



  1. Be total in each step before moving onto the next.
  2. At key points you may need to insert a resource, or build in an internal representation in pictures, sounds or feelings.
  3. When you are watching the role model the mind should be as quiet as possible. At other times use a positive coaching internal dialogue to create the desired imagery.
  4. Depending upon your desired behaviour you may find also find it useful to mentally rehearse the behaviour while out for a walk or while sitting quietly in meditation.

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