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Michael Hall's, Neuro Semantic, "Power Zone" procedure - how to build a sense of personal power...


The NS Power Zone Pattern


(Abby Eagle) The Neuro Semantic (NS), Power Zone Pattern, developed by L. Michael Hall, is an excellent way to recognise and own your core powers of neuro-linguistic functioning. To state that more simply the Power Zone Pattern is a procedure to help you to access your four central powers, own those powers and mobilise them... as a basis... a foundation for personal empowerment, responsibility for self, responsibility to others, and getting in the drivers seat of your life.

The NS Power Zone Pattern brings awareness to the fact that each and everyone of us is an amazing human being. That we are a biological being with senses, reflexive consciousness and mind that allows us to move through the world, learn from our experiences, build upon those learning's and move towards self actualisation. That is, you don't need to remain with your societal conditioning; you don't need to live your life as a beggar, as a slave. You can tap into the source of a phenomenal power which is to be found by turning your attention inwards and recognising it. Nothing much else to do but realise that you are an amazing human being and that you can squeeze a lot more juice from life than you have been doing.

The following outline is a modification of Michael Hall's original pattern. It also includes the NS 'Responsibility To and For' pattern.


Summary of the NS Power Zone Pattern.

  1. Build a concept of the four central powers of thinking, emoting, speaking and behaving.
  2. Access a state of ownership and apply to the four powers.
  3. Access states of acceptance, appreciation and awe, and apply to the ownership of the four powers.
  4. Use gestures to create a semantic space between 'self' and 'other', and in doing so amplify the states.
  5. Build in responsibility 'for' and 'to'.
  6. Future pace how you will think, feel, speak and behave with this new frame of mind.


NS Power Zone Procedure

1. Explain the concept of how we take in information through our senses and represent it in the cinema of our minds. How we can take in information from the outside world and think about it in our minds (thinking), create a feeling from that (emoting), use language to express it (speaking) and act, respond and relate to others in the world (behaving). These are our four central powers. Use your hands to gesture and mime out these powers.

2. How do you do 'mine'? These are my powers. Would you let anyone take these powers away from you?

3. Access acceptance, appreciation and awe. Bring these states of being, these frames of mind to the ownership of your four central powers.

4. Amplify your sense of ownership, acceptance, appreciation and awe. As you do so continue to mime out your power zone around your body with your hands.

5. Get a sense of 'us and them', 'me and you', 'yes and no'. Expand your power zone. Amplify the sense of 'us and them', 'me and you', 'yes and no'. Use your arms and hands to mime, gesture, demonstrate. Use your voice to demonstrate congruence with the gestures and statements.

6. Explain the responsibility 'to and for' pattern. This step follows on from the the previous step and uses the same gestures. Explain the self and other meta program. How we need to take care of self first. Use the airline demonstration oxygen mask analogy. We need to take total responsibility for ourself but only have a degree of responsibility to others - which will determined by context.

7. Future pace.



  • L. Michael Hall, Ph. D. Accessing Personal Genius, training manual. Clifton, CO, USA.
  • L. Michael Hall, Ph. D. Trainers Training DVD set.


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