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"Abby was able to coach me in such a way that my confidence soared and I was able to see and express myself in new ways I never thought possible." "It is now approximately twelve months since I began to train with Abby Eagle as a Promoter. I have the utmost respect for his ability and manner in the training I received in this position. My previous experience was in sales and I had reasonable confidence in my abilities, but Abby was able to coach me in such a way that my confidence soared and was able to see and express myself in new ways I never thought possible. I have become more inner directed and focussed on my goals, and time management has become a priority for me, which I thank Abby for, which in turn brings more success." Lorraine Atkinson, Banora Pt. NSW Australia



"Abby's sensitivity to people's needs and his profound intellectual understanding of the structure of human behaviours, make him to be at the very best in achieving desired outcomes. The high-tech NLP models truly do magic in his hands. I highly recommend his guidance to anyone who wants profound personal changes in ones own life or desires a team or company to perform on peak." Alex Najee, NLP Practitioner, Southport Qld. Australia



"I visited Abby Eagle because of a huge block which prevented me from going forwards in business and making and keeping money. I had this problem for almost six years, had 10 kinesiology sessions, 2 visits to a psychologist and various other counsellors - it cost me well over a $1000.00. I was satisfied with the kinesiology but I still had the problem.

I had 2 consultations with Abby Eagle after which I had the feeling there was nothing left to work on. After the first session I felt more confident and at peace. And after the second session I had more energy and felt very positive that the block had been cleared. A year later I believe the results are permanent. We moved to Sydney where I got a job. Then promoted twice and moved to Melbourne as state manager of a company. In summary I got immediate results after the first session - I really didn't believe it but my family noticed the difference. It felt great. The problems have gone away. Financially we are now stable and growing - what a relief. Abby delivered what he said he could quicker than I expected! I recommend Abby Eagle to everyone! I felt very at ease throughout the sessions and came away feeling great. He not only did what he said he would but I also enjoyed the sessions from a professional point of view. I would be happy to have Abby work with me in my clinic. Many thanks." Nigel Gould, Safety Beach, Vic. Australia



"Abby's presentation at QAMH was outstanding." James Curry, Lecture to Queensland Association Of Mental Health, Brisbane. Australia



"I visited Abby Eagle because I know the power of NLP in general and felt that NLP would help me achieve my desired outcome quicker. I wanted to overcome the fear of 'pulling the trigger' when trading and to feel more motivated. I had two 2 hour consultations.

The most important learning's for me were that I came to realise what my real concern was and how to handle that concern. I felt as if I had a 'ah ha' experience in my second session which was a massive relief.

I feel I achieved my desire outcome as I no longer have any hesitation in placing a trade and I feel more positive about life in general. I believe my key issues have been resolved" Les Freeman (Trader) Gold Coast Australia (26/03/2013)



"I visited Abby Eagle because of a lack of confidence, self-belief, motivation and discipline and a problem with recurrent anxiety. I had these problems for 20-30 years. I had visited a GP and psychologist for anxiety, fifteen or so visits combined. Hundreds of hours between visits and "homework". Lots of energy and maybe thousands of dollars but ultimately I was not satisfied with the results that I got.

I was motivated to seek help from Abby Eagle because I'm a coach studying NLP and hypnosis so I understand the profound changes that can occur at the subconscious level when a skilled practitioner is engaged.

I had one two hour session with Abby. The most significant learning's from this session was learning from past negative events; reframing some of my current behaviours and beliefs; and gaining a fuller understanding of the non-linear nature of time and its application in coaching and healing was an absolute bonus!

After the session I generally felt uplifted. A sense that something profound had occurred within. Haven't been able to sense the anxiety since. A feeling that I will now be doing exactly what I need to do without hesitation.

Each problem - at least at this early stage - feels significantly healed. While I expect permanency, I also understand that any minor recurrences can be met with a quick session to 'top-up'.

I enjoyed the coaching method immensely, Abby has a kind and gentle way about him and he was able to question effectively to get me to the breakthroughs I needed.

In summary during the coaching session there was:
1. Clarity - effective questioning achieved that.
2. Breakthroughs on a number of issues - carefully chosen methods ensured that Abby got me where I needed to go.
3. I now feel I'll be as effective in my business as I desire to be - that can have incalculable benefit to me and my family." Brad Andersen Coaching Gold Coast. Life, Business and YB 12 Coach (18/4/2013)


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