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What is it? What is the riddle that seekers of truth are trying to solve? What is the pursuit of meditation? What is self realisation? What does it mean for awareness to become aware of itself?


What is the answer to the ultimate riddle?


What is the answer to the ultimate riddle?


What is it?

(By Abby Eagle) It has no form, no shape... it is not a person, not an object... you can not see it, you can not touch it, you can not hear it... it is not a feeling, not a belief... it can not be defined... it is not owned by anyone, no one can claim rights to it... you don't have to sit at the feet of a master, a priest or a guru to find it... it has been exploited by the priests and the gurus... there is no need to pray, no need to meditate... you don't need to go anywhere to find it... there is no need to postpone its discovery... it is freely available to you right now... it surrounds you, it encompasses you, it engulfs you... it is everywhere and yet it is no where... it is so simple, so easy to understand... it is not of the mind... it is not of the body... it is an experiencing... it was there before you were born... it will be there when you die... it always has been and always will be... if you could only realise it and just be aware of it in this moment then you have tasted eternity... __ © Author Abby Eagle



Seekers of Truth may spend their entire lives in pursuit of the answer to the ultimate riddle, "What is IT?" Only a few ever get the answer. (In Zen they are known as a Koan - that is a riddle without an answer. They are existential questions.)

The following questions all lead to the same answer:
- "What is Truth?"
- "What is the ultimate truth?"
- "Who am I?"
- "Who is in?"
- "Who is the one who is aware?"
- "What is IT"?

There is a method to learning the answer. Start by holding one question, for example, "What is IT?" Bring your full concentration to the question. Set an intention to be total in the search. Answers will come to mind but keep in mind that those answers will be incorrect, so accept that and keep asking the question.

At times it may feel like you are facing a wall at the end of a dark tunnel. At times you may feel frustrated and angry. Negativity may arise in the mind. Just watch those thoughts. At times you may feel bored with the process but there should come a time when even if you wanted to forget about the process you find you can't. This has tremendous significance because it means the unconscious mind has accepted the challenge and will work on it constantly until you get the answer. So stay with the process and eventually a new understanding will arise in the mind. It is not that you have to do anything to find the answer - what happens is that the answer reveals itself.


GOD: The greatest misunderstanding in the history of mankind






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