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Blank NLP Coaching goal setting sheet. How to write a "To do list". Download an A4 page which you can use to keep yourself on track towards reaching your goals.


Use this goal setting sheet to organise your tasks and keep yourself focussed on achieving your desired outcomes.


This project sheet (well formed outcome sheet - task sheet - goal setting sheet) follows the NLP Well Formed Outcome procedure. NLP Coaches may find it useful to get the client to complete this page at sometime during the session. Coaches can also demonstrate to the client how to complete the form - which in itself helps the client bridge the 'knowing doing' gap - and get the idea out of their head, onto paper and turn it into action. In the follow up session the Coach can use the task sheet as a means to hold the client accountable for the decisions that they made in the previous session. Below is an example of how it was used during a coaching session.

Download pdf blank task sheet - version 1.

Download pdf blank task sheet - version 2.

nlp coaching task sheet

Download pdf blank task sheet - version 1.

Download pdf blank task sheet - version 2.

Please let me know how you use this form and if you have any suggestions to improve upon it.

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