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The book - GOD: The Greatest Misunderstanding in the History of Mankind by Abby Eagle.


GOD: The Greatest Misunderstanding in the History of Mankind.

“The unconscious mind is like a silent partner, that is always present, knows your every thought and your every desire, has the power to affect both body and mind at the core of your being, and is always ready to help you, as long as you should just communicate in the right way. Hmm... sounds much like God.” Abby Eagle

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Abby Eagle presents a new way of understanding faith healing, placebo,
mind-body healing, conscious mind, unconscious mind, ego, religion, spirituality, channelling, angels, god, devil, heaven, hell, near death experiences, spiritual experiences and enlightenment – from the framework of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnosis, meditation and the science of flow states.

Abby brings his understanding of hypnosis to meditation and spiritual experiences based upon existential experience - using linguistic tools from NLP to map out the structure of how people think, and why they create the meaning that they do, and thus gain an understanding of why they do what they do.

GOD: The greatest misunderstanding in the history of mankind



In 1984 I took Sannyas with Osho, a contemporary mystic, and soon after was introduced to NLP and Hypnotherapy. Osho gave me a breadth and depth of knowledge about religion, and an experience of meditation that I would never have been able to find through normal channels. Most importantly, Osho taught me not to rely upon borrowed knowledge but to make your own existential inquiry into truth – to challenge everything for the ultimate Truth – and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis gave me the tools to do just that.

In this book on secular spirituality I have attempted to present to the reader a new way of understanding faith healing, placebo, mind-body healing, conscious mind, unconscious mind, ego, religion, spirituality, channelling, angels, god, devil, heaven, hell, near death experiences, spiritual experiences and enlightenment – from the framework of NLP, hypnosis, meditation and the science of flow states.

The book was written over a period of eight years which gave me time to continually update the notes until it takes the form that you see it now. It explores the concept that we are the meaning maker – that we are the one who give meaning to events that occur in the world; we are the one who gives meaning to the experiences that we have, and to the experiences that others have – meaning is not inherent in the event – we create the meaning – we are the meaning maker. Sometimes that meaning serves us, sometimes it does not. Sometimes that meaning serves us but does not serve others.

The book explores the process of giving prestige, of adulation and worship. Of how we may be too quick to create fiction and fantasy based upon ideas that we hold in mind. Of how we may be looking in the wrong direction to find God. However, this book is not a book about God - it is not about secular spirituality – it is a book based upon my own existential experience.

I wrote the book, in part because it maps out my own personal inquiry into truth – and because I want to help wake people up to themselves such that they might realise their true potential – whether you call that Self Realisation, Enlightenment or Self Actualisation.

Read what NLP Trainer, Richard Bolstad has to say:

"I read this book in one sitting and it is without a doubt one of the best books on practical spirituality ever written. Covering related territory to my own book Integration, it invites you on a similar search for a secular spirituality, and shows Abby's depth of understanding of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Meditation and Comparative Religion. Whether you already are familiar with NLP or not, and whether you've read my book or not, "God: The Greatest Misunderstanding In The History of Mankind" will give you new perspectives on that subject and guide you through some great new processes. Abby has a wealth of background experience and knowledge in these fields and he writes in an easy to read style, backed up with good research. Like some of what Abby says, the title is designed to rattle your mental cage: do let Abby shake your cage, and do read past that and experience these processes." Richard Bolstad, NLP Trainer.



  • Preface
  • Beyond Hypnosis
  • Introduction
  • Assumptions
  • The Difference That Makes a Difference
  • Hypnotism is the Norm
  • Hypnotism and Meditation
  • Suggestion And Autosuggestion
  • The Origin of Thought
  • On the Origin of Thought and Being at Choice in the World
  • The Role of Spiritual Belief
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Belief Change
  • The Role of Awareness
  • Making Autosuggestions
  • Relaxation is a Key Element
  • Getting into the Drivers Seat
  • See Yourself Achieving Success
  • How to Gain Rapport with Argumentative Unconscious Processes
  • The Practise of Autosuggestion
  • Posthypnotic Suggestions
  • The Origin of Ideas
  • The Origin of Ideas Continued
  • Taking the Bull by The Horns
  • On Mantras.
  • Non Fiction, Fiction and Scripture
  • Belief and Placebo
  • The Laws of Suggestion
  • Will Power Versus Imagination
  • Meditation and Prayer
  • Hypnosis and Meditation
  • On the Master Disciple Relationship
  • Hypnosis
  • What is mind?
  • On Mastering the mind
  • On Mastering the Reactive Mind
  • Case Note on Reframing Objections
  • Case Notes on Integrating Conflicting Parts
  • Case Notes on Integrating Parts Continued (The Mahavira procedure)
  • Take the Warriors Attitude
  • On Mastering the Mind
  • Pretending with Awareness
  • The Illusion of a Self - The There Is No ‘I’ Technique
  • There is No ‘I’ Technique Procedure
  • On Parables in Religion
  • Meditation: What is the Difference That Makes a Difference?
  • How to Bring Silence to the Mind
  • Meditation Exercise: Step 1. Naughty Child Procedure
  • Meditation Exercise: Step 2. Mind Director/Control Panel
  • Combine the Two Processes
  • What Is The Process Of Enlightenment?
  • What is Enlightenment?
  • A Comparison Between Buddha and Jesus
  • Change the Thought and Change the Mind
  • He Who Sets the Frame Controls the Game
  • On Angels and Near Death Experiences
  • Ideomotor Signalling
  • Flow States
  • The Flow Cycle
  • Meditation and Flow
  • Near Death Experiences
  • How To Engineer Flow?
  • Step 1. Identify your personality type
  • Step 2. Identify your passion
  • Step 3. Identify your purpose
  • Step 4. Identify the environment in which you would flourish
  • Future Self Exercises
  • Learn to Recognise Flow States
  • Street Photography Flow Strategy
  • Create an Environment which Supports Flow
  • Triggering Creativity in Steps and Stages
  • My Best Flow Environment
  • Summary of a Flow Strategy
  • Plan your Week and Structure Your Day
  • My Daily Routine Optimised for Flow
  • How to Squeeze the Juice From Each and Every Activity?
  • Heaven and Hell
  • On Receiving Divine Guidance
  • Encounters with God
  • Conversations with God
  • The Myths Of Enlightenment
  • The Myth that Enlightenment Brings Perfection
  • The Myth that the Enlightened are Totally Conscious
  • The Myth that the Enlightened have a Totally Silent Mind & do not Think
  • What is Enlightenment?
  • What Does Enlightenment Mean?
  • The Claim that all Desire Disappears With Enlightenment
  • On Levels and Structure
  • On Ego and Competitiveness
  • On the Claim that the Enlightened can Perform Miracles
  • Osho’s Enlightenment
  • A New Understanding Arises
  • Appendix A: NLP Well-Formed Outcome Pattern
  • Appendix B: The Vastness Meditation
  • Appendix C: The Bliss Technique Simplified
  • Appendix D: Sleep Procedure
  • Appendix E: He Who Sets The Frame Controls The Game
  • Appendix F: The Wealth Dynamics Profile
  • Appendix G: Glossary
  • Bibliography
  • References
  • About The Author
  • Image permissions
  • Index


Abby Eagle has a 30 year background in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Meditation. He believes that to raise consciousness, one has to be willing to challenge everything for the truth - even one’s most cherished beliefs. He works as an NLP Hypnotherapist / Coach on the Gold Coast of Australia.

GOD: The Greatest Misunderstanding in the History of Mankind by Abby Eagle. Published 18/11/2015 106,583 words. 333 pages set in 12 pt Minion Pro.









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