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Abby Eagle challenge everything for the truth

The Inverse Meta Model uses the same language patterns as the NLP Meta Model but changes the direction. So rather than asking questions to gather information, what we do is purposely use the language pattersn to direct the listener to think in a certain way. A bit like the Milton Model. Phone 07 5562 5718 or send an email to book a free 20 minute telephone or Skype session with Abby Eagle. NLP Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Meditation. Gold Coast, Robina, Australia. Online NLP Coaching sessions on Skype and by phone also available.


The NLP Inverse Meta Model Gives You Tools for Persuasion

NLP Inverse Meta Model

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The NLP Meta Model is a linguistic tool that is used to gather high quality information and yet if I remember correctly that is not the original purpose. I think I remember Richard Bandler saying that at first it was used as a tool to influence the listener, much like the Milton Model. So whereas with the NLP Meta Model the aim is to wake up the listener and bring them out of the dream of the mind - with the Inverse Meta Model the aim is to direct the listener to go inside their mind to access and mobilise their resources. Both ways can be used to help facilitate positive change.

There are three categories with a number of distinctions in each. The acrostic MLCCP UM NUS makes it easy to remember. They are listed in order of importance and utility.

1. Mind Reading
2. Lost Performative
3. Cause and Effect
4. Complex Equivalence
5. Presuppositions

6. Universal Quantifiers
7. Modal Operators

8. Nominalisations
9. Unspecified Verbs
10. Simple Deletions

Let’s take a look at Mind Reads. Let’s say someone says, “I know what you are thinking”. You could challenge that Mind Read by saying, “How do you know what I am thinking?” And hopefully this wakes them up a bit and they might reply by saying, “Well what are you thinking?” In this way you ┬ábring them out of trance.

However when you use the NLP Inverse Meta Model you use the language patterns consciously to influence the listener towards your outcomes. In a way you use the Inverse Meta Model to drive the listener into trance. Practice with using the Meta Model in both ways helps you to be more conscious of your language patterns and makes you a much more effective and influencial speaker.

The way to practise the Inverse Meta Model is to think of something - anything - like getting a hair cut and then work from there. So you might say:


1. Mind Read: I know that you are about ready for a haircut.

2. Lost Performative: Since you have that job interview coming up it will be the best thing for you to do.

3. Cause and Effect: A new hair cut will make you feel more confident when you walk into the interviewers office.

4. Complex Equivalence: And that means you will quickly establish rapport with the interviewer and present yourself in a relaxed and confident manner.

5. Presuppositions: And when you get called in for the second interview they will see a consistency in your presentation.


6. Universal Quantifiers: Because all the interviewer wants to know is that you are everything that you say that you are and that you always follow through on your promises.

7. Modal Operators: So if you could make a time to get your haircut tomorrow then by just doing that it should put you in a positive frame of mind because you need to get this job, don’t you?


8. Nominalisations: As you move through life I think you will find that the power of influence comes from mastery of self.

9. Unspecified Verbs: So keep trying.

10. Simple Deletions: I believe you can do it.

So that is how you use the Inverse Meta Model. Take the time to practice and I know it will pay off for you. If you have not done so please feel free to join us over at the Facebook NLP Hypnotherapy Group.

Click here to watch videos on the NLP Meta Model.


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