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Abby Eagle challenge everything for the truth


This is a cosmic joke I played on a group of meditators...


It is time to glance and gaze and experience global consciousness today.

The following article is a parody on the New Age. I sent it to Osho Byron Bay and Osho Western Australia, Yahoo lists and not one person understood that it was clearly a joke. How could anyone with modicum of intelligence believe that it was intended as fact? What does this have to say about the so called conscious people who are members of those Yahoo lists?


The email subject read: "A message from Abby Eagle"

As you would be aware time is speeding up... and what was important yesterday may no longer be important today... forget global hookups for consciousness... forget sending bubbles of awareness around the planet... forget Earth Changes and planetary shifts in consciousness... that is all past now...

What we have now is the latest breakthrough in consciousness to hit the planet since the time of Buddha...

No need to click and save, just glance and feel...

What I have discovered is absolutely amazing... in fact it would not be true to say that I discovered it... for I no longer exist... I have not existed for a long time... in deep meditation the information has been disclosed to me from out of the depths of the void... and this body, this soul, who goes by the name of Abby Eagle is privileged to have been a recipient of this sacred source of knowledge...

As you would know there are those people who bounce on rubber mats and hope that by engaging a few hundred thousand minds they might be able to dream up a new vision for humanity... this is all well and good but as we know the film industry have already got that covered with an even bigger alternative vision for humanity... and while those people are sitting with closed eyes dreaming, others are in the world taking action... and that is what I want to talk to you about... because we need to take real action with open eyes today...

You see what has been disclosed to me is so profound and yet so simple, you are going to love it and want to tell all your friends...

As you know each and every day the Sun rises and sets, and 27 out of 28 days there is a moon in the sky somewhere... but what leading edge scientists have recently discovered is that both Sun and Moon are massive parabolic mirrors... now it might look to the untrained eye that they are round... well they are physically round but inherent in that roundness is a quantum molecular parabolic mirror... don't ask me to explain the science and physics behind it in this short article... for I am going to disclose the precise details soon in a series of publications that I am working on... you can get more information at

So in fact both Sun and Moon are massive molecular parabolic mirrors... that focus their energy upon the Earth. When you glance at the Sun or stare at the Moon your energy reaches to them, is absorbed and purified, and is then reflected back to Earth... so that when someone else glances at the Sun or Moon they receive your purified energy...

I can feel that you are beginning to catch on to this amazing truth... and this truth is supported by leading scientists from quantum physics and molecular biology...

At any point in time when you glance at the Sun the odds are that someone else is doing that too... now there are 6,000,000,000 people on planet Earth... and there are 86,400 seconds in a day... now if you try and do this calculation on your desk calculator it will go off scale... that is how big the number is... at any point in time there are thousands of people glancing at the sun... and wait for it... there are millions gazing at the Moon... each time you glance or gaze your energy is reflected back to someone else who is also glancing or gazing... that means that you then reflect their energy back to the Sun and Moon... the energy becomes purified and becomes increasingly concentrated...

It has been disclosed to me during deep meditation from celestial sources that when critical mass is reached there will be an explosion of global consciousness all around the world...

Can you feel this to be true? Can you feel this is what you want now?

If you want to be a part of this amazing process then all you need do is glance or gaze... and the more you glance or gaze the stronger the energy becomes... and the stronger the energy becomes the more you will feel like you want to glance and gaze... at the Sun and the Moon... can you feel this is something that you want to do now?

There is no need to click and point any more... all you have to do is glance and gaze... and as you do so the planetary consciousness will build until there is an explosion of ecstasy, bliss and joy, flowing not just through your body, mind and soul but through the minds, bodies and souls of every living person and animal on Earth... in that moment we will all experience the peace and bliss of oneness... and peace and love will shower down upon all sentient beings on Earth... that moment is coming closer and closer now... so remember all you need do is glance at the Sun as often as you can... and gaze for longer periods at the Moon... you will know that it is working when you feel the loving warmth of the Sun engulfing your body... you will know that it is working when you gaze at the Moon and experience yourself drowning in the light of loveliness... you will know that it is working when you feel your heart to be radiating a brilliant golden light and that light flows all the way through your body to the tips of your fingers and the tips of your toes... you will know that it is working when the brilliant golden light shines from your eyes... when the light is in your every gesture... when the light breathes your body and the light becomes your very heart beat...

And the amazing thing about this process for the evolution of planetary consciousness, is that it is happening right now... the amazing thing is that you don't need to come and sit at my feet in Satsang... you don't even need to read my books... you don't need to listen to my discourses... you don't need to give me prestige and worship me, and invite to deliver workshops and webinars... and most importantly you don't need to click and point, or even click and save, or click and buy, or forward this message onto to your friends because you know they need to hear it right now...

All you need do is very gently glance at the Sun and gaze at the Moon, and each time that you do that to feel the love and the warmth to be radiating through your mind and body such that you might discover that your mind has become very quiet... perhaps it has stopped altogether now as you find yourself dropping, deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper, drifting, floating, relaxing, deeper and deeper now... as all thoughts become smaller and smaller... as all thoughts move further away... relaxing all thoughts from the mind and entering into that space of silence that you enter into just before you drift of to sleep... becoming a pure witnessing consciousness... and allowing yourself to merge with the universal consciousness... such that in the coming days and weeks you might be delightfully surprised at some of the changes that have occurred now... __ © Author Abby Eagle 17/11/2010


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