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Meeting Jesus.
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Are you ready to escape the cage of your conditioning? (30/05/2007)

A discussion about the filme Water by Deepa Mehta. "A widow should be long suffering until death, self restrained and chaste. A virtuous wife who remains chaste when her husband has died goes to heaven. A women who is unfaithful to her husband is reborn in the womb of a jackal." Read the article.

Meeting Jesus (12/11/2007)

"I had an interesting experience when receiving Deeksha last night. A white light formed in my field of vision which then morphed into an image of Jesus Christ. It was not vivid enough to be classed as a vision but was... Read the article...

How to get initiated into giving Deeksha? (2/12/2007)

Some months after receiving my first Deeksha I worked out how to give Deeksha to myself. It was intense and brought about a fit of giggling. And I was able to repeat the technique a number of times. But then as time went by I let it go and just relied upon the Deekshas from the weekly event that I attended. Read the article... 

Realise the Presence is always with us (3/12/2007)

Thinking about giving Deeksha I remembered how a few years ago I had a very intense experience of a felt presence during a meditation. And then I thought about how I often experience a presence in the room where... Read the article... 

Deeksha initiation has occurred (5/12/2007)

... I felt a presence as if a Deeksha giver was standing in front of me. In the past I have never opened my eyes when I have felt this presence but last night for the first time I opened one eye and there was nobody standing in front of me. Read the article...

Playing with methods of giving Deeksha to myself (6/12/2007)

This post refers to the previous post: How to get initiated into Deeksha Giving? (2/12/2007)

Sitting in meditation and experimenting with new ways to give Deeksha to myself. Since the laying on of hands was a practise of the Apostles of Jesus I tried the following statement: Read the article...

Becoming more aware of my witnessing consciousness (7/12/2007)

Sitting in meditation. Played around with giving Deeksha to myself then I got a sense of the mirror again. So I tried to see into the mirror blackness and see myself looking back. Read the article...

The sense of 'I' disappears - just the other remains (9/12/2007)

... I am standing, just observing the dancers and the musicians. I feel a little self conscious. I am in peripheral vision. I don't have any real desire to dance or to talk to anyone. I am just seeing and then my sense of 'I' gradually disappears and there is just the 'other'. The self consciousness disappears. The distinctions between the individual musicians and dancers disappears. And there is just drumming - no drummers. Just dancers - no dancing. Read the article...

More notes on how to give Deeksha to yourself (12/12/2007)

... I took the opportunity to "tune into the universal source of Deeksha energy" and I immediately felt the presence of the Deeksha energy. I opened my eyes just to make sure that there was no Deeksha giver standing in front of me. I have noticed that having other people in the room tuning into the same energy gives me a stronger experience. I then used one of the statements below... Read the article...

Practising giving distance Deeksha to another person (13/12/2000)

Last night during my meditation I played with giving distance Deeksha to my father. He is a Christian so I made references to Jesus. I used the following type of statements: Read the article...

Amazing recurring dream (25/12/2000)

I have had this type of dream on a number of occasions over the last month or so. Even though the dreams were vivid last night it is hard to remember clearly. In them I travel long distances and visit strange places with my brother Arthur. Read the article...

Flying Meditation (20/01/2000)

Eventually we get on the plane, it takes off and climbs to its maximum flying altitude and then there is a point where the plane begins to descend. At this point I closed my eyes and entered a deep space of meditation until after the plane had landed. During the descent there is a feeling of dropping down inside of one self. Read the article...

Navigate the neurology (16/02/2000)

I just came up with an interesting analogy. We have a brain. (Well most of us do.) If we stimulate a part of the brain with a probe it may create a negative state; stimulate another part and it creates a positive state. The act of thinking can also stimulate negative or positive parts of the brain. Read the article...

Getting closer to the source of authentic happiness (19/02/2008)

I began to feel a sense of profound happiness which deepened. My body felt very relaxed and light, and it felt like my second subtle body was about to levitate. A feeling of oneness. Images of celestial angels slowly arose in my mind. I felt like I was rising up towards God. Read the article... __ © Author Abby Eagle


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