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Astral travelling
OBE's, meditation experiences. Entering into sleep with awareness. I have touched the face of God. Cosmic orgasms
Meeting Jesus
A felt presence. Deeksha. Authentic happiness.
Osho gives me Deeksha
Meeting Jesus.
Vastness Meditation
Osho and Buddha. You are God.
No Internal Dialogue
Going beyond the mind. Dropping beliefs
The passage between lives
Delving into pain. The brilliance of success. Sleep meditation.
Bardo Instructions
Guidelines for how to approach and experience the passage between lives.
There is no one there
The feeling that I am God. Being conscious in a dream. The river of consciousness.
Past lives. Near death experiences. The mind is silent - what next?
Awareness showers down
Who stands to gain from creating conflict? Be willing to take a risk. War is a play.
Heaven and hell.
Why did Buddha attain to enlightenment?
Gain Inspiration
Stories that inspire and motivate us to action.
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NLP Peace Mapping
Application of NLP Model to resolving conflict and creating harmony.

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Abby Eagle (21/12/1981)

"My Sannyasin has to open himself up for love to come.
He is not to escape into the search
for money, power, prestige,
and he is not to escape to the monasteries
to the Himalayas, to the caves,
to the deserts.
He is not to escape at all.
He has to open up, with total trust in life.
And if you open up, love starts showering.
You are engulfed in love.
Emcompassed by love.
It comes like a flood;
it drowns you,
it drowns your ego forever.
Once love has come in the ego cannot exist
even for a single moment;
it disappears instantly." Osho 21/12/1984

An Experience of Ecstasy in a free fall (30/12/1990)

"I am crouching in the doorway of a Cessna airplane at 10,500 feet, waiting to climb out onto the wing-strut and wheel. I feel very tense and my mind is shouting, "Come on, come on, let's go, let's go." An instructor, a Vietnam vet..." Read the article.

Preamble on Astral travelling (2004)

I am a light sleeper, suffer from insomnia, often wake up throughout the night and usually remember my dreams, some of which are incredibly vivid. Read the article...

My first out-of-body experience (1984)

My first out-of-body experience was in 1984. I had been doing Osho's Dynamic Meditation every morning from 6:00am - 7:00am for a few weeks. Read the article...

Consciousness moving from the head to the heart (1991)

During the third stage of Dynamic Meditation - that is the silent standing stage - I felt like I could go mad. It was frightening but I allowed the feeling to be there. Then I felt the energy shift upwards and the feeling cleared. A minute or so later my consciousness dropped from my head into the heart space. My head felt just like a hand or a foot. My mind - my consciousness was in the heart space in my chest. It stayed like this for a few minutes before moving back into the head.

Sexual tension with a blonde triggers an altered state of consciousness (1991)

On this occasion I had invited a woman friend to a party, at the house that I shared with a few friends. Read the article...

An OBE triggered by an electrical storm (1993)

I was living in a house that perched on the side of a hill, just 100m from the beach. Read the article...

High negative ionisation triggers an OBE (1995)

It was summer, and I had just purchased an Elanra negative ion generator which I used for the first time that night. Read the article...

Attempting to get contact details from a character in a lucid dream (2004)

In this lucid dream I say to myself, "I am having a lucid dream therefore I can fly and do anything." So I fly but cannot get very far from the ground. Read the article...

How Awareness Revealed Itself To Me (23/8/2003)

I was at my Tuesday evening Tai Chi class. The classes are informal and held outside, under a shelter at a local school, which opens onto a playing field. Read the article...

Watching the body go to sleep (27/10/2003)

I get into bed, make myself comfortable and then I remain with the Awareness. There are gaps in the internal dialogue. Read the article...

An experience of silence and awareness (5/11/2003)

I was discussing meditation with a couple of new friends and went into a detailed explanation of how to get an experience of the Awareness. Read the article...

Merging consciousness with a friend in Meditation (7/11/2003)

I had spent an hour in meditation late one Friday evening, with a friend, listening to a taped discourse on Zen by Osho. Read the article...

An experiential understanding of how we reflect ourselves in the 'other' (8/11/2003)

When we talk about someone being a mirror, what do we mean? First we need to clarify some concepts. Object and subject. Read the complete article...

Learning to understand the symbols of the inner reality and integrating it with the waking world (25/6/2004)

Osho tells us that the physical body and each of the subtle bodies has its own symbols of dreaming and its own reality. Read the article...

Coming to a point of understanding (14/12/2004)

After witnessing a series of memories, while engaged in the drop through meditation technique, I came to an actual point of understanding, at which time the emotion associated with the gestalt of memories disappeared. Read the article...

Another experiences of merging consciousness with a friend (15/12/2004)

I had the same type of experience last night with a woman friend. Read the article...

Discovering the 'I' (22/12/2004)

I was sitting in meditation last night and reflecting on how consciousness and content equals the mind. Read the complete article...

Using awareness to silence the internal dialogue (26/12/2004)

If you watch the internal dialogue very closely during meditation it will often disappear, but in an everyday situation it is a little more challenging to quieten it. Read the article...

An explosion of light (27/12/2005)

While asleep I experienced an explosion of light that had no form. Read the article...

I have touched the face of God (8/5/2006)

While practising vastness meditation during one of my 7 week meditation classes I experienced the following: Read the article...

Being total in an experience (22/5/2006)

I was walking along the Burleigh foreshore after a walk and had nearly reached the car park when through the trees looking out over the ocean to the headland a WW1 airplane appeared at about 150 feet above the ground and as if from nowhere. Read the article...

On discovering myself in a dream (27/5/2006)

I came across myself in a dream. The me in front of myself had sensitivity, kindness, compassion and beauty. Read the article...

Intense fear during meditation replaced by a felt presence (~01/06/2006)

A woman sent me the following email: "I had a scary encounter the other night when i was meditating. I did not ground myself and I live in a two story house and I am sure there was something else in the room with me that night. I was a bit scared but now I am meditating out side and looking forward to coming to Zen and the Art of Living again." N.T. My response: "It sounds like an experience of the right amygdala which is associated with negative emotions such as fear, depression, anger, rage, and experiences of demons and devil." Read the reply

An orgasm with existence (6/7/2006)

The experience I am about to relate I had four days ago so I will try and recollect it as best I can. For some time now while sitting in meditation there has been the sense of being on the edge of ecstasy. Read the article...

Cosmic orgasm update (25/7/2006)

I just learned that a friend of mine has cosmic orgasms when he receives or gives Deeksha. Read the article...

The night I fell in love with God (2/8/2006)

Since the first cosmic orgasm I have had many smaller orgasms at various plateaus of ecstasy. Read the article...

Thoughts about conception (15/8/2006)

Consider that you were conceived out of love. Your mother and father were making love, both of them had an orgasm and perhaps moments later the sperm reached the egg which was fertilised. Read the article...

Unbridled joy (4/8/2006)

While trying to get to sleep I came across a space of unbridled joy in the heart. Read the article...

Remembering the state of grace (10/08/2006)

This evening I discovered how to give myself Deeksha. I sit in meditation for half an hour then see a golden liquid either moving upwards or downwards through the chakras. Read the article...

Sex and Meditation (7/02/2007)

Scientists have measured the brain wave activity of people during sleep. There is a period during which we dream and then a period of no measurable brainwave activity at all. So if there is no mind activity at all then where do we go during deep sleep? The other thing that got people interested in meditation was what happened during sexual orgasm. Read the article

Have the Courage to be who you are (06/05/2007)

"It is as if society has a strategy to condemn you for who you are but they then encourage you to be like someone else." Read the article...

Being Freed from the Cage (22/05/2007)

"To set the context for this article I need to mention that I use an internal representation of the cartoon character Tweety Pie as a resource to change my internal dialogue. What I do is replace the tonality of any negative internal dialogue with that of Tweety Pie which then has the effect of changing my state.... I feel free. I am free of something of which I know not. I wonder who is free?" Read the article...

On the Natural Flow of Energy (30/05/2007)

"Last night I did gibberish and laughter meditation with friends in Crabbes Creek. After the gibberish and laughter we sat silently in meditation. I imagined I was sitting in a lake of golden liquid. I scooped the golden liquid into a bowl and poured it over my head. Then I imagined a stream of golden liquid pouring down upon me from above. This then turned into an image of sitting under a small water fall." Read the article...

A brilliant white light at the third eye (31/05/2007)

" ... It was difficult to see because of the darkness. Around the area of my forehead an image of a battery operated torch formed. Then a brilliant white light formed against a black background at the area of the third eye. It was as bright as a piece of magnesium ribbon burning and it radiated light around itself." Read the article...

Understanding is the Key to Personal Evolution (03/06/2007)

"Just before dropping off to asleep last night an image formed of something that looked like a single sperm cell reaching the wall of something. Intense sexual desire arose in the body.... Understanding is the key to personal evolution. How to create the space so that understanding happens is the real secret. You can learn the specifics of that in the Bliss Technique..." Read the article...

An experience of bliss during Deeksha (13/06/2007)

"A few days before I had been playing with a new meditation exercise which I call The Angel of Love. The exercise stimulates, as far as I understand it, the left amygdala. It gives you a felt presence of love. So last night we did the Chakra Dyana (meditation). I have got quite good at visualising golden liquid so my energy was quite high. Then we did the invocation before receiving Deeksha. While I was waiting for Deeksha and during it I played with the Angel of Love technique..." Read the article.

Osho gives me Deeksha (24/07/2007)

"Last night I had a dream. I was at a gathering of Sannyasins and Osho selected me to receive Deeksha. He took off a money belt that I had been wearing. I picked up the belt to inspect it. It was hard, constricting, had a lot of pockets and it was empty..." Read the article. __ © Author Abby Eagle


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