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Communicating with the Divine Presence with gibberish (21/02/2008)

Last night in my course Zen and the Art of Living we did a gibberish and laughter meditation. 5 minutes of gibberish followed by 5 minutes of laughter and then 5 minutes of silence.

With gibberish you throw out energy with your body and with nonsense sounds. What I did was to hold the thought: "May the glory of God descend upon me." And then out loud I gibbered nonsense syllables. My hands were raised upwards in a gesture of openness, expectancy, waiting. I put my whole being into the exercise and it felt really good.

When I went to bed I invited the Holy Spirit to come close to me. I slept very peacefully throughout the night.


Love is to people as God is to nature. (1/03/2008)

I was thinking how scientists can be very inconsistent in their beliefs.

For example science can explain love as nothing more than molecules of emotion that are released as a result of hard wired physiological responses. Love is just biology plus cultural conditioning that brings two people together primarily for the purpose of procreation. So is love just chemistry or is there a spiritual quality to it?

If we shift our focus to nature scientists tell us that earthquakes, wind, rain, hail, floods and so on are just the result of physical laws of nature. Yet insurance companies use the term, "An act of God" to explain something which humans can not control.

The Gold Coast of Australia has a near subtropical climate at times. People come from all over the world to enjoy the surf and the golden sandy beaches. But to ensure that the beaches match the images in the advertising the Council spends millions of dollars pumping sand onto the beaches then manicuring them every day with tractors so that the tourists get a 200 metre wide flat piece of beach to lay on.

But then Nature shows who really is in charge and whips up a cyclone swell which erodes away the beach sand in a matter of hours. Muddy water floods down the creeks bringing with it rubbish, sticks, leaves and logs, which get deposited over what is left of the beach. What takes the council months of hard work to create Nature takes away in a matter of hours. I like to think of these acts of God as a reminder to us humans who really is in control.

To me the energy that we call love is the energy of nature is the energy of God.


Fibromyalgia (7/03/2008)

I went to the Stockland shopping centre tonight to buy some food. As I got out of the car I found myself hobbling because of fybromyalgia pain in my foot and knee. Two years ago I was free of fibromyalgia pain for 6 months but then the occasional food containing allergens began to sneak back into my diet. If you have ever had to eliminate specific foods because of allergies you will know how challenging it can be.

Anyway tonight I was hobbling along, then I thought of the Mind Director techniques from my NLP and meditation course, Zen and the Art of Living. "Hmm" I thought, "let's give it a go". I got quite excited thinking about. Walked into the shopping centre and started scouting around for a person who had the energy that I needed. While getting some tinned sardines from the shelf an attractive woman walked by. "Yes", I said to myself, "she'll do." I turned down the pain in the foot, and inserted her energy into it. Immediately the pain disappeared. When I got near the checkout I saw an attractive Indian woman. "Okay, her!" I turned down the pain in the knee and inserted her energy.

I felt great. I was pain free. The first woman walked by again so I turned down the feeling in my heart space and inserted her energy. I felt fantastic. So I drove to the Burleigh foreshore and went for a power walk around the streets and along the beach side. An hour later I am still feeling great. I have heaps of energy.


Tibet (31/03/2008)

A few days ago i signed a petition to help the people in Tibet gain their political freedom. I forwarded half a dozen emails to some friends to ask them to do the same. Last night I had an amazing dream about Tibet. I don't know if it is related to the emails that I sent out or not.

I don't remember very much about the dream, except that when it was happening it felt profound and beautiful. It felt as if I was being visited by a number of Tibetan women.

Makes me wonder because yesterday evening I was 'complaining' that angels never seem to visit me. (Perhaps they have but i have not recognised them.) So perhaps the Tibetans in the dream were angels?


Who is singing? (4/06/2008)

Last night I went to my Deeksha event. When it got to the time to sent an intention I thought of my father spending his last days on Earth in a series of aged care facilities and hospitals in Perth. I had spoken with him just some hours before and he was in good spirits despite having had a fall the previous afternoon and being transferred to a new hospital. Over the last few years he has had many visions. In our conversation yesterday he related to me a strong dream that he had. So, when it came time to set the intent for the Deeksha I thought to myself that Dad would like to see Jesus. In my mind i imagined my Dad receiving Deeksha and then brought my awareness back to watching the breath.

After setting the intent we then sang the Moola Mantra to invoke the energies of Bhagavan and Amma. A few seconds after starting the mantra it felt as if there was a Presence doing the singing. My voice was louder than usual, confident and resonant. In addition there was strong sensations of energy moving up through my legs, arms and torso. It felt as if my body was dissolving.

After singing the mantra the Deeksha givers come around and placed their hands upon our heads. My eyes were closed, and i counted three Deeksha's yet i should have received four. Afterwards i inquired if i had received three or four Deeksha's and all of the Deeksha givers said they had given me a Deeksha. So i have no idea what happened - of how i have no recollection at all of having received one of the Deeksha's. This has happened before too.

A couple of the Deeksha givers (Kaya and Netra) commented afterwards that they thought that i was trying to impress a friend that i had brought for the first time by singing more loudly.

Learn how to give Deeksha.


Airplane meditation (20/06/2008)

The more I fly in an airplane the more I am convinced that it offers a fantastic opportunity to meditators. As soon as the plane begins its descent you should close your eyes and enter a state of meditation. The change in sound and vibration of the jet engines, the sounds of the hydraulics, and the sounds of people in the cabin all contribute to creating a trance state. As the plane descends there is a feeling of weightlessness. --- Have you ever wondered how film makers are able to have their actors float in a zero gravity in films like Apollo 15 (I think this title is correct)?  What they do is hire a Jumbo Jet. Fit it out to look like an space ship from the inside. Fly the jet to about 40,000 feet then descend in a rapid dive. As the plane reaches a certain speed then zero gravity is experienced and the actors float. --

Anyway even though a passenger jet does not descend in a rapid dive it does descend fast enough for you to experience the body feeling lighter. Next time you fly remember to seize the opportunity to meditate when the place descends. It is a beautiful experience.


How many times do you need to be reminded to trust yourself?(1/07/2008)

Last night at Deeksha one of the new Deeksha Givers shared her experience of the training program at the Tony Robins Institute in Fiji. She said they watched videos of Anandagiriji and Tony Robins and others. They also did what they called 'deepening processes' which sounded like personal growth/meditation techniques. The first couple of days she said it was so basic that she felt bored but then it picked up and she had a good time. But the most telling point was that towards the end of the program she said that they were told' "Okay, now give Deeksha to others."

So, from what i heard, there was no mental technique in giving Deeksha - just place both hands on the the head of the recipient.

When I heard this i felt a little peeved. You see about a year ago i felt i was ready to give Deeksha and i mentioned this to the Deeksha Givers who all gave me a reprimanding look and comments to the effect that i must go to India or Fiji and receive the correct training. Jeez - what training? What technique?

I am feeling quite peeved.

Why do i need permission from an 'authority figure' to tell me what i am qualified to do?

You see, there has been a pattern in my life of people telling me what i can and cannot do.

I remember back to my Sannyas days in the late 1980's. I mentioned to a Sannyasin friend that i was going to teach meditation and they said, "Oh no you can't do that. The people at the Ashram in Poona say that you have to be certified by them to deliver any of Osho's meditations." What they mean't was that you had to pay thousands of dollars to get certified in each meditation technique. --- and in the process build their business.

Anyway I went ahead and have taught meditation for years and I consider myself to be an excellent trainer.

When I look back on my life there are a list of times where I did not go ahead with something because 'someone' told me that I was not allowed to. But on the positive side there have been many times where I have gone and done what i wanted to do - and have set my own standard for others to follow.

Anyway, the point of these notes is to make a declaration. "I am going to set up a practise group so that I can gain confidence in my Deeksha Giving technique. I am going to get feedback to quantify the results and then I intend to train up practitioners. But I will come up with a new name for it. (By the way, I heard that Tony Robbins rebranded Deeksha to Oneness Blessing to make it more accessible to Westerners.)

And here I should mention that my latest understanding of how the Deeksha technique works is that the action of placing two hands upon a person's head (so that there is one hand on each hemisphere) stimulates the hemispheres to become more active. Each hand also acts as an anchor for each brain hemisphere and causes them to communicate and connect with each other. In NLP terms we have collapsed the anchors. In the process you create new neural network pathways. So the process is simply a brain integration process which is enhanced through a meditation technique - both from the side of the recipient and the giver. Not sure what I will call the technique: maybe Divine Oneness Technique, or Divine Blessing Technique, or Oneness Technique?

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