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What Happens During Deep Meditation?


(Obstacles to meditation - what happens during meditation - how to get motivated to meditate - don't give up meditating - keep practising your meditation - learn to understand the structure of meditation and spiritual experiences will happen.)

I just had a conversation with a man who wanted to hear about my meditation course. He told me that he had been meditating for twenty years but went through periods, of a year or so at a time, where he did not meditate. He considered himself an experienced meditator yet he was not highly motivated. There are a number of reasons why people lack motivation to meditate.

The first reason for lack of motivation is not having a clear understanding of the cause and effect relationship between the meditation practice and the potential outcome. Those people who think of meditation as a nice way to relax may give up when the going gets tough. On the other hand, those people who have had just one small spiritual experience find themselves compelled to meditate at least once a day, in an effort to re-experience similar states.

The second reason that people don't feel motivated to meditate is that they don't have a special place set aside for meditation. Those people who share a home with others need to communicate clearly that at certain times of the day they do not want to be disturbed for a period of time. If the house is noisy then choose a meditation that is done to music, such as Osho's Kundalini meditation, and wear headphones.

But the biggest problem is your mind. It is the mind that tells you that you are not comfortable, that you are too hot, too cold or that you don't like the meditation technique. And it is the internal dialogue which is the biggest culprit. As long as the internal dialogue maintains control you will never be able to go deep into meditation. The internal dialogue will keep you in the periphery of mind and body. However, once the internal dialogue quietens a whole new experience will present itself to you.

meditation techniques gold coastMeditation is much like clearing a stagnant well

If your conditioning, judgments and life experiences have blocked your energy in any way then meditation is guaranteed to bring up stuff. Which means virtually everyone. What happens during meditation is that sometimes you may find your energy going flat, you may feel anxious, your heart might pound, you might feel bored, or you could experience any range of emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, shame, sadness, pain, and so on. What comes up is not the problem but how you respond to it. If you interpret your experience as meaning that you don't like the meditation then you may just stop meditating. Some time later you may start meditating again but you won't be able to avoid the stuff. There is no way of avoiding your stuff, it is yours and you will have to face it.

meditation techniques gold coastMeditation requies an attitude of fascination and a willingness to embrace whatever happens

So once you understand that meditation is designed to bring up your stuff and that at times you may feel very uncomfortable with yourself then you really begin to understand what is meant by the concept of witnessing. Witnessing means you just watch, just notice whatever occurs with a sense of dispassionate observation. You learn to watch the negative and positive emotions without any attachment or judgment. This then allows a universal law to come into place. This law states that if you can just bring your awareness to the negative that it will disappear and that if you can bring your awareness to the positive it will become enhanced. Once you develop this sense of awareness you will find yourself developing an addiction to your meditation practices.

meditation techniques gold coastIf you want to fast track your meditation then you need to learn the actual structure of meditation

Most meditation schools teach you a meditation exercise but they don't teach you how to meditate. Some people are either highly intuitive or just lucky and learn how to reach deep states of meditation quite quickly, while most struggle with their meditation and complain sometimes decades later that meditation did not deliver what was promised. At Abby Eagle School of Meditation you will learn the actual structure of meditation, which means that within a shorter period of time you will be able to discover the joys of meditation. __ © Author Abby Eagle

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How to meditate and find peace of mind
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