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meditation gold coastCan we establish ideomotor responses with the universal consciousness? (2008-10-19)

Consciousness can be seen as an epiphenomena of the human organism. If humans have a consciousness then it stands to reason that all living organisms must therefore have a consciousness.

The way the organism experiences life will depend upon its form, neurology, senses, etc. We talk of collective consciousness and collective unconsciousness. The entire universe could be seen to have a consciousness arising as an epiphenomena. We know the human unconscious mind and body will respond to our conscious thoughts. But are there any examples of the universal mind responding to the thoughts of an individual?

Take the crop circle phenomena as an example. Those people who have studied crop circles have noticed that the crop circles sometimes form in such a way that looks like a response to a message that humans have made. Is this a communication from intelligent life elsewhere or could it be that the universal unconscious mind is just responding to the conscious thoughts of an individual or group of individuals?

Quantum physicists have demonstrated that a photon of light can act as-if it is a particle or a wave depending upon the instrumentation used to measure it. Is this another example of how the universal unconscious mind / consciousness responds to our thoughts. I wonder about the consciousness of the universal mind and how it senses reality? And I wonder how we might create a different reality if we relate to the universal consciousness differently? And I wonder if we can set up ideomotor communication the way that we do in hypnosis?

(update Feb 2018) I had always wondered why I could not get information about my dreams by addressing my unconscious mind - until one day I thought I would ask God. Interestingly enough I discovered that you can get ideomotor signals with the unconscious and with God. So depending on the information that you are looking for you may need to determine before hand who you should communicat with.


meditation gold coastModelling Christianity (2008-12-28)

I was at a party the other night and had an interesting conversation with a Catholic man who ran a prayer group. He told me about an exercise that he uses to help people discover peace within themselves. He thought the results were obtained because of the content of the exercise but let's see if they really are? This is an outline of the exercise in NLP terminology:

1. Choose a story from the Bible that you find inspiring.

2. Discuss the story in detail so as to build up a rich internal representation.

3. Choose a character from the story that you admire. This is your role model.

4. In brief, in your mind step into the body of this role model such that you are looking out of their eyes, listening with their ears. Look at the world through their eyes and talk with their voice. Find that place in their heart where they come from. (Stepping into the shoes of another is known as a 'second position shift' in NLP terms. It is part of the process of identifying with another person.)

5. From the position of being the role model examine events in your life and see how you could have behaved differently.

6. Maintaining the identification with the role model imagine how you will relate to people in future events.

7. Sit in prayerful dialogue.

That's it! To summarise the pattern:- you think of a role model that you would like to model the attributes of.- the role model can be from real life, a film, a book, or your imagination.- the role model can be anything or anyone.- think about the role model in detail.- do a second position shift. i.e. step into their shoes and look out of their eyes.- while maintaining the state look at your past and future and imagine how you could have behaved differently.- ask your unconscious mind to assist you in making personal changes in your life. As you can see there is nothing esoteric about this pattern.And you can run any content through it that you like.Try the exercise and let me know what results you get.


meditation gold coastThose who have the greatest need have the right to... (2008-12-28)

I was at a friends place the other afternoon. A 4 year old girl and a 3 year old boy were playing house. Each had built their own 'house'. The girl had her feet on a stool. The boy pointing to the stool said to her, "You have to share." He kept on repeating the statement. The girl did not know how to respond. I suggested to the boy that he should choose another stool from those available for his house but he stuck to his his original choice. It ended in tears for the girl.

I thought it very interesting. The boy had probably overheard his parents making the statement at some time. What the parents wanted him to learn and what he actually learned were two different things. I find it interesting how the energy can remain the same - that is the boy wanted the stool - but the mind can dress up the energy in politically correct ways to achieve its outcomes. It reminds me in some ways of Gandhi's philosophy of non-violence. Not that it was his idea. He borrowed it from the Jain's. Even the term non-violence keeps us focused on violence. At least the boy managed to change his wording into something which sounded positive - as in 'sharing'. There has been a concept around for a few hundred years, thought up by a Freemason or Jesuit, 'Those who have the greatest need have the right to take it from those who have'. Hmmm. There seems to be no lack of cunning in the ways that the mind that will wrap itself in beautiful garbs in order to get what it wants.


meditation gold coastHow to read minds consistently? (2009-01-27)

Many years's ago I was on Port Beach in Western Australia with my girlfriend. In my mind I said, "Let's run?" She then said, "Okay!" and started running. I had not uttered a word aloud but she was able to hear my thoughts.

Another example. I returned home to my house in Elanora on the Gold Coast. I had just finished running a psychic skills workshop and was bringing in the gear. I made my first trip inside carrying a box. There was a man in the kitchen talking to a couple of my friends. We were introduced and I went straight back outside to get another box. But in my mind I heard that man asking me over and over again if I needed a hand. In my mind I said that I was okay and did not. When I got back in the house with another box the man asked me if I needed a hand. He used the exact words that I had heard in my mind.

Now let's look at an example where you may not have met the other person. Currently I am living in a block of 3 storey flats on the Gold Coast. A new family moved in downstairs a couple of months ago. They argue constantly, swear and shout at each other. Sometimes their cursing has been so loud that people a 100 metres away would be able to hear them clearly. They bang doors and generally make a lot of noise. Anyway yesterday I was repairing a kitchen drawer. I hammered in a nail. Then in my mind I sensed something from the neighbours downstairs. And I thought to myself, "Gee, three of the other neighbours in this block have spent about 6 months renovating their flats. There was noise at all hours 7 days a week, and now me, I hammer in one small nail and the guy downstairs complains."

As I hammered in the next nail there came a violent bang, bang, bang, bang, bang from downstairs. So being the kind person that I am and being one to avoid conflict I placed the drawer on a piece of carpet to muffle the noise. But the point of this example is that we can also pick up another person's energy being directed towards us.

One last example. Last night I was reading 'Hypnosis' by George H. Estabrooks. He described an experiment in which a subject in deep trance had to guess a card that the operator drew from a pack of playing cards. He said that a number of subjects said that actually heard him say the card name. He wondered if he had subvocalised the name and the subject's hearing was more acute because they were in a somnambulistic trance? Or if had subvocalised and the subject was able to discern the micro muscle movements of the mouth? I think that he probably said the card name in his mind and the subject just heard it in theirs. __ © Author Abby Eagle


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