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meditation gold coastAre you being manipulated with hypnosis? (2009-03-07)

What is hypnosis? It is a state of exaggerated suggestibility. It is a state in which you bypass the critical faculties of the mind and implant selective thinking. Every time we watch a film or read a novel - that we get lost in - we have suspended our critical faculties. In addition every ninety minutes the circadian rhythm puts us into a state of daydreaming, which is another term for trance. Hypnosis is a game of pretend.

This is how hypnosis works:

1. Create an altered state of consciousness, whether that be a state of relaxation, meditation, fear, anger, love, awe, or through prestige.

2. Focus the attention onto a single topic allowing no room for distractions.

3. Give suggestions to the unconscious mind.

Who and what are hypnotists? As we know Hitler was a successful hypnotist. (He became blind during WW1 but regained his sight with the aid of hypnosis. The hypnotist was shot by the Gestapo in 1933.) Hitler got people into a state of fear by talking about the economy, etc. Fear sensitised the brain and made the people receptive to his suggestions, which he repeated over and over again. He also used a hypnotic technique of giving speeches at night on a podium forcing people to stare at the glare of bright lights. Those people who remained emotionally detached would not have been hypnotised by him.

Every politician is a hypnotist; every teacher; every religious leader. Even those who preach against hypnosis at the pulpit are hypnotists. Everyone is a hypnotist whether they acknowledge it or not. We hypnotise ourselves and we hypnotise others. For example you see a beautiful person; you make suggestions to yourself and your body responds. The other person makes suggestions to you and your body responds. We call it sexual attraction and love but it is just an example of biological hypnosis. When you fall out of love and come out of the trance - you might wonder what you ever saw in the other person.

The media, marketers, advertisers and politicians all use hypnosis in newspapers, radio, internet and television. They don't call it hypnosis, they call it promoting a product, or education. Have you noticed that when you sit in front of a television set that you go into a trance? Have you noticed how difficult it can be to break someone's attention when they are sitting in front of a television or a computer? That is because they are in a trance. Don't fight it, use it. Can you remember a time when you were riding in a vehicle out on the freeway... one hot afternoon... on a long drive... and you found yourself drifting off? When you got closer to the destination you woke up and started using the conscious mind again. Even an elevator is a hypnotist.

Some years ago there were attempts to make hypnosis illegal to be practised by anyone who was not licensed. What a joke! Can you imagine the courtroom scenario? Everyone in the courtroom practising their own version of hypnosis. The magistrate, lawyers, staff, plaintiffs and audience all in a trance and all using hypnosis but with no awareness of it. And what is advertising but hypnosis? The advertiser shows a film of beautiful people enjoying themselves which has the effect of eliciting a positive emotional state in the viewer. The advertiser then shows an image of the product they want to sell. The visuals are often combined with an auditory track with suggestions that are designed to make you think that it is your own thought process. This is just hypnosis, nothing else. So what to do?

Learn hypnosis. Learn more about language patterns. Be aware that you are making suggestions to yourself constantly via your internal dialogue; that you are making suggestions to others and they are making suggestions to you. Listen carefully to what you are really saying for we often do not realise the significance of our statements and the impact they can have.

meditation gold coastIs hypnosis imagination? (2009-03-17)

Sometimes someone says that hypnosis is just imagination. That it is not real. This is what I say to them. When you go on the internet your browser program downloads a copy of the page to your hard drive. Then next time that you visit that website the browser checks to see if an updated version of the page is available. If not it presents to you the file stored on your computer. Sometimes the browser fails when it checks for an update and it presents to you the old page.

When you saw a rose for the first time your unconscious mind recorded an impression in your unconscious mind. After repeated times of seeing a rose the unconscious mind just presents to you an old version of 'rose' which means that you don't actually see the real rose you just see a representation based upon your memories. Layers upon layers of conditioning prevent you from being in sensory touch with the real world. People think they are in touch with reality but in fact they are just lost in the mind. Playing the pretend game of hypnosis is a great way to loosen up the conditioning and challenge your perception of reality. What do you think?

meditation gold coastDoes the hypnotist have power over the subject? (2009-04-02)

Mention hypnosis and most people think of it as entertainment where someone is made to quack like a duck. This has created an idea in the mind of the public that the hypnotist has power over the subject, but nothing could be further from the truth. In deep trance the subject is more consciously aware than when in the normal waking state. The subject is also free to accept or reject any suggestion made to him. Let's explore some of the things that can be achieved with hypnosis.

Hypnosis is unbeatable as an investigative procedure. Once ideomotor responses, that is ˜yes no' signals have been established then it is a simple matter of making enquiries of the unconscious mind for the influences on any presenting problem. Used in conjunction with other healing modalities, hypnosis can be used to facilitate healing's of a wide range of health problems. In deep trance one can regress a subject back to any time in their life and have the them see and hear what happened at that time. In deep trance a subject is able to recall events before the age of four and hear what was said when under anesthetic or when knocked unconscious. And whether you believe in past lives or not hypnosis can be used to explore past life memories / past life stories that help facilitate healing's of a presenting problem.

For decades psychiatrists have used regression under hypnosis to uncover repressed memories. Hypnosis when attached to sleep provides an even deeper state of hypnosis in which the operator is able to communicate with the unconscious mind unencumbered by any influence of the conscious mind. Self hypnosis is great for relaxing the mind and the body. In fact every person who facilitates a relaxation session utilises hypnosis. If you meditate and want to deepen the state then employ hypnosis and you will rapidly deepen the states to levels that the mystics talk about. In fact meditation is hypnosis and if you want to understand the process better then you should study hypnosis.

Hypnosis is effective for eliminating bad habits like smoking and over eating. In its simplest form the subject enters a trance, the deeper the better, and the hypnotist makes suggestions to banish the problem, followed by suggestions to bring in a resource state such as confidence, love and happiness. Hypnosis is not rocket science, anyone can learn to do it. In fact everyone already uses hypnosis but usually with little understanding of the process. Hypnosis is used by some doctors and dentists to create a state of anaesthesia effective enough for deep surgery. It is just sad that more people in the medical profession don't use it. Just imagine a pain free visit to the dentist without the annoying numbness that lasts for a few hours afterwards. Anaesthesia achieved via hypnosis is often more effective than that created by a drug. In addition there are no negative side effects and the patient heals faster. (See Hypnotherapy by Dave Elman.)

As I have stated before hypnosis is something that is inherent in the behaviour of all humans. To create a state of hypnosis we bypass the critical faculties of the mind and make suggestions - we create an emotional state and make suggestions. The following can all be understood from the perspective of hypnosis: faith healing, channelling entities, automatic writing, psychic art, water divining, remote viewing, psychic ability, etc. This is not to take anything away from those things but just to say that with a good understanding of hypnosis one is able to improve upon them. I have already mentioned that meditation can be deepened with hypnosis but prayer can also become much more effective. Some talk in terms of communicating with their higher self. Others talk in terms of rapport with their unconscious mind or knowing themselves. The concepts don't really matter as hypnosis helps with them all.

Last but not least, hypnosis is highly effective at helping influence another person towards your desired outcome. And this is not mind control over another. We all use hypnosis to influence ourselves and others. We just don't call it that. The advertiser, the marketer, the sales person, the teacher, the preacher, the politician, the media, the parent, and you and me all use hypnosis, so let's study hypnosis and use it to create more peace and harmony in the world.

meditation gold coastHow to regress to your birth with hypnosis? (2009-04-11)

The other night I did some very simple waking hypnosis to regress me back to my birth. As you will read, the actual trance induction was very simple. I just made the following statements aloud to do the regression: "When I snap my fingers I will regress back to my birth. I will see and hear everything that occurred. It will not be a memory but of an actual happening." (snaps fingers)

An image came to mind. It was dark with bright patches. (I was born about 1:30am at home.) A man was looking down at me with large saucer shaped eyes. He looked frightening. I was being held upside down by my feet. I think I was crying. There was a sound like a chainsaw cutting something. The noises were harsh and shrill - like metal banging against metal. My mother was happy and I think there was an image of my father beaming down at me. I then brought myself back to the present so as to use a pendulum to check with my unconscious mind as to whether this was an actual experience or imagination.

It was an actual memory so I continued:"When I snap my fingers it will be the next day. I will see and hear everything that occurred. It will not be a memory but of an actual happening" (snaps fingers) The image is bright and sunny. I am in a room, lying on my mothers breast. She is happy and I am happy. I feel loved. My two brothers are leaning over the bed looking at me. They have big interested smiles on their faces. My dad is standing with a big happy smile on his face. Two nights later after this birth regression I had the following dream:

I am in the ground floor of a large building. I follow a wide concrete driveway which turns left (like an underground car park). The concrete is very slippery. I jump onto to it and surf it on my feet. The 'driveway' becomes very wide. I fall over and get up again. The descent is now very steep. I surf down very fast. It feels exhilarating. At the bottom there are half a dozen escalators (like you get in a shopping centre). I manage to stop my self by grabbing hold of one of them. The next part of the dream I am waiting with some other people. I think we are travellers waiting at the top of something like an escalator. I have a blanket and a few possessions. I lay down for a nap. Soon the others have all left. I then make my way down a very narrow tunnel which is more like a staircase, very steep, and it is round. It is a white translucent colour. When I have progressed down a long way I realise that I have forgotten my possessions. It seems like it is too far to go back now but I think that I can go back some time to get them. I travel down the tube much further. There is not a lot of oxygen - it feels uncomfortable and becomes a little difficult to breathe. Then the surface of the tunnel changes - becomes sort of convoluted. The end of the tunnel is closed but is shaped in such a way which suggests that it will open. Not sure what happens next. The dream continues. I think I am in the street somewhere and I am looking for something. I think I may be looking for the things that I left at the top of the tunnel. End of dream.

In retrospect the last part of the dream reminds me of many types of dreams I have had, as follows: I am standing on a train station waiting for a train. I get on the train and leave my suitcase on the platform by mistake. The rest of the dream is spent looking for the suitcase. (I remember Osho talking about this type of dream. Not sure what he said though.) In other dreams I meet a beautiful woman then for some unknown reason I move away from her. I then spend the rest of the dream trying to find her. -- Very similar to the birthing dream. What I find interesting is that decades ago I spent many hours doing Primal Therapy, Breathwork and Rebirthing procedures in which I was encouraged to re experience my birth. These methods involved lots of shouting, crying and screaming yet none of them gave me such clear insight into my birth as this simple hypnotic regression. And as I stated at the beginning of this article I did not have to do any formal trance induction, meditation or relaxation procedure. I just gave instructions to my unconscious mind and he responded.

The same evening just after the birth regression I used the same hypnosis procedure for a past life regression. __ © Author Abby Eagle


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