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The brilliance of success (31/05/2010)

Over the last few years, after an incredible amount of hard work and perseverance, I have finally been experiencing a steady increase in success. The last month has seen feelings of success merging from one day to the next. Been going to bed earlier and sleeping better. Feeling very fulfilled with my ordinary lifestyle. This morning I had a dream:

I came over a hill looking down over the ocean. It is dark. There is a black sun low over the horizon. I think it is a total solar eclipse. To the right I see another sun, or is it the moon? When I change my perspective slightly by standing up or moving from side to side, I see a massive crescent of the sun on the black ocean. There was a boy to my right. I explained to him that as we were up high we could see what others lower down the hill could not. It just happened that I had come over the hill at a time when most people were still at the bottom. Just a matter of perspective.

I went down the hill to tell Helen, a woman who I know from a health food shop. She was not interested, said she was too busy. Later she came up the hill and sat down with me but the sun had gone. I tried to explain to her what I had seen but she did not understand.

The passage between lives (13/08/2010)

The passage between lives. Had planned to explore the transition between my last life and this one, but wanted to wait a couple of weeks when had the time. Last night in bed, late, too hot and trying to get comfortable so could go to sleep. (In the past being overheated has facilitated OBE’s.) Told myself to go to sleep. Got images of flames which reminded me of the stories of hell that I had been reading about. Told myself I did not want to do the exploration now, but wanted to wait. Then I got a series of dreams. Difficult to remember them all.

At night in a bushy urban area. My father waiting for me, I was hiding outside at night, staying away from houses, trying to delay meeting my father, trying to find enough to eat to sustain myself before I had to go in.

A building, well lit, like a terminal (public swimming pool), inside there were guides to help you through the check gate and then take you across a very wide flat river, at night to the other shore. I decided to go alone but took a towel to keep me dry. I could see the other shore in the distance. It was also at night with a few lights on. I was concerned that I would be able to swim that far so I moved downstream where the river funneled into something like a canal lock. But now the water was deep and moving very fast. I began to swim across and changed my mind out of a fear that I might be able to swim to the other side without getting caught up in the current and swept through the gate. So I swam back to the side of the river and hung onto the edge with my towel.

The next dream was a day time location outside with an old Osho Sannyasin friend Veet Asho. We were holding each other. She was feeling sad telling me about what happened to some of our friends in Waco County. There were a group of Sannyasins in a small lake or around a small lake deep in the Earth. She pointed out that mineral oil leached up into the lake. You could smell it, and then we watched it slowly cover a tall oval mirror with a black sheen. It was beautiful to watch. We were then greeted at a half way house. Someone asked for our names because some of us had known each other by different names at a previous time. Most had new names. I had kept my name (makes sense since I was just exploring the transition). Our names were called by a boy reading from a list. I was given a seat at the corner of a large table. The person to the right showed me a petition that he wanted me to sign. I could not read it without my glasses so did not.

Delving into pain (17/08/2010)

I spent the first twelve years of my life working at the same job in the science department of a University. A lot can happen in twelve years and I was happy to leave. However ever since then I have dreamed about the building in which I worked. The dreams are not always relevant to that building, it just seems like my unconscious mind uses it as a stage to play out dreams.

In this dream there was a fire in one of the rooms and some smoke. Now I realise that sometimes the dreams are like being shown something. I am getting different views of different rooms and situations that occurred. There was something happening on the stairwell. I am not willing to go down and have a look. I try and avoid it but realise that I will have to deal with it sometime so I go back and explore. It feels real bad. Then a series of memories that share that same feeling come to mind. I examine the memories with awareness.

As I bring understanding to those memories I realise that every event that occurs is interconnected to every other event that has happened in the world. No one person can be held responsible for any one thing as there are just too many other people and events that interrelate. As this understanding grows I am able to get closer to the centre of the thing on the stairwell. There are flames and shapes of ghosts and ghouls but the bad feelings began to lift. I begin to laugh at some of it. I realise that we are all in this world together in one big interconnected drama. Now I have a better understanding of what might occur when the soul is freed from the body at death. It is best to find inner peace now rather than later. I am hoping to have more opportunities to enter the space that occurs between lives and to bring awareness to it.

Later that night I had a dream of intense emotional pain, as I sometimes do. I try and locate the origin of the feeling in the body so that I can experience the full intensity of it but I keep on waking up. I tell myself to go back to sleep and the dream continues. At one time I hear a phone ring twice, which wakes me up. (At other times I have been woken by two loud nocks at the door.) When I hear the phone I ask God what he wants and tell myself to go back to sleep so that the healing may continue.

Trying to help the Awareness to become aware of itself (19/08/2010)

Sit in meditation. Set up ideomotor responses with the Awareness. Banish all thoughts and enter a no-mind state. In imagination take of your clothes, then see your naked self leave the body and walk around the room. Repeat a number of times until you see multiple images of yourself. The multiple you’s should be able to wave back at the body. Who are you? Ask question of self, “Is the Awareness afraid to leave the body?” “Is it okay?” Imagine can shift the Awareness by 1mm then 2mm, 5mm and so on to the right, the left, behind, down, front and above. The sense of the physical body remains but you should get the sense that you can float around the room. Use ideomotor responses to test, ask the Awareness if you have left the body. Being free of the body should feel light and bring a sense of freedom. Will yourself wherever you want to go. You should actually be able to see things. May see astral cords, yours and others. Fly above the Earth and around the area where you live. Come back into the body. This gave me a sense of freedom and feeling refreshed.

Half an hour later I got into bed to go to sleep. Left my body and explored the area near where I lived. It felt scary to visit new locations, especially considering it was night time. I kept on zipping around. Visited Surfers Paradise. Noticed there was a tendency to want to visit places that I had already been to in real life. I was able to visit new locations but had difficulty staying in one spot. When I explored the street there were people moving around and cars and things but I kept on floating and wandering around. There was no sense of attachment or of being grounded. I would try and hold onto a lamp post  but could not hold anything. I imagine it was like trying to learn how to use the remote controls for a toy helicopter. The experience reminded me of the description in the Tibetan Book of the  Dead – Bardo Thodol, of how the disembodied soul just wanders, passing through physical objects but not being able to find a home, then eventually out of loneliness and the desire to be grounded it enters into any womb. Once I tired of exploring out of my body I came back the comfort and familiarity of my body. I like it here.

Simone (26/10/2010)

I had a dream this morning. Simone came to visit me for a day, even though she was unwell. She tidied and cleaned my house but she ended up doing a lot more than expected. She also completely rearranged some rooms and put the washing machine in the kitchen and the ironing board somewhere else. There were the same number of rooms in her house as mine. We both had three bedrooms.

At the end of the day we went out somewhere. On the way home she wanted to stop by a field. She walked across the field - then I lost sight of her. I got worried and tried to walk across the field to search for her but the ground was wet and muddy and I did not want to get my new shoes dirty so I stepped back and looked.

On the other side of the field there was a group of children playing some kind of game around something which was in the centre of the group. For some reason I had the feeling they were Muslim.

Then in the middle of the field I saw a cricket match in play. The batsman got balled out with the usual demonstrative behaviour one expects from cricketers. When I noticed that I was in the middle of the game I walked back to the side of the field. I realised that Simone had disappeared and began sobbing. I wondered if the entire day had been just a dream. As I turned to go home I saw that an audience had formed in the street ready for some type of performance or show on a stage.

Then I woke up and wondered if Simone had died. It felt like her presence was around me - like she was looking over my shoulder. She was happy and smiling and celebrating, and dancing - like she had wanted to do.

Some words have significance for me in this dream and I have given my interpretation below:

A 'day' may signify a life. A 'house' may signify the body and its 'rooms' the subtle bodies. The field signified something like a path to the other side, and a separation from the other side. The batsman getting balled out could signify the end of an innings - the end of this life. And something about the life having been a dream - when we become awakened/enlightened it must feel like life as we experienced it through the mind was a dream. When we die it may feel like the entire life was just a dream. But who is the one who is aware of this? __ © Author Abby Eagle

It is time to glance and gaze and experience global consciousness today (17/11/2010)

As you would be aware time is speeding up (well only as you get older)... and what was important yesterday may no longer be important today... forget global hookups for consciousness... forget sending bubbles of awareness around the planet... forget Earth Changes and planetary shifts in consciousness... that is all past now...

What we have now is the latest breakthrough in consciousness to hit the planet since the time of Buddha... Read the article...

The Avatar experience (2/12/2010)

I find it ironic that the soul gets a body to inhabit so that it can explore the opportunity to be human, and then people want to lose themselves in virtual reality games. If only people would realise their current body is an avatar - and is much more sophisticated than any computerised virtual avatar.

Sleep meditation (9/02/2011)

I often dream of being on the edge of an ocean looking down into crystal clear blue water. On this occasion I had been practising a sleep meditation (just before going to sleep) where I give myself instructions to drop down through the level of dreaming to deep sleep and then down through to the level underneath deep sleep.

In the dream I am standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking a beach by the side of the ocean. I stay away from the edge of the cliff in case I fall.

On waking up next morning I realise that the dream was symbolic of dropping down into deeper levels of consciousness; the fear has to disappear and I have to be willing to drown in that ocean of consciousness. So I lay down for a few minutes to recollect the dream. There seems to be no way to jump, so I step back behind myself (dissociate) and see myself as a bright light. I see the light float over the cliff and down to the beach. Then I am able to shift my perspective and be at the bottom of the cliff on the beach.

Now I see myself as the light move out over the ocean and drop down into the water. My perspective shifts so that I am under the water, and I see myself as the light radiating my light into the ocean. I also see other bright lights in the ocean near the surface. Looking down I see a large light source emanating from below. I see myself as the light move down into that light. There is still separation. Then I see myself as the light dissolve into the big light.

There is a feeling of bliss but also of sadness. Bliss from being in the ocean of existence but sadness for having left the world and my friends so far behind. The distance from the ocean of existence to the world of the mind seems to immeasurable. __ © Author Abby Eagle


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