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Meeting Jesus.
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A tremendous sense of freedom and joy (11/08/2009)

Last night we did the Vastness meditation during the meditation and hypnosis class. On exploring the vast space to the left there were bright images, golden in colour, of Osho, Buddha, my brother and sister in-law, and my father. They all had big happy smiles on their faces. On exploring the vast space to the right there was a number of things. One was a bright light which represented Jesus. It brought tears of happiness to my eyes. When I explored the space beneath me there was a big bright golden ball of energy. The general feeling was one of freedom. A phrase kept on repeating itself in my mind, "I am free. I am free."

A flying dream (4/09/2009)

I dreamed that I was out in public view. I lay on my back and rose from the ground then soared through the sky and straight across the landscape. People were watching from below. As I flew higher the air blowing past my body became fresh and cool. I flew across the sky a number of times then I met with a group of people with the intention to train them in the method.

Levitating - astral flying (5/09/2009)

This morning I woke up about 5:30 am so I lay in bed and meditated for an hour then I fell asleep. I thought I was still awake and got out of bed and walked into the kitchen. I was surprised to see that I had not cleaned the kitchen from the night before. Then I felt myself rise up from the floor to the ceiling. I looked down to verify that it was real. I was a bit concerned that I might fall and hurt myself. Then I rose up through the ceiling and the image became abstract. I wondered if I had died and might not be able to return to my body. Then I woke up to discover it was a dream.

Internal dialogue disappearing (10/09/2009)

During my morning walk around the streets it was so quiet. Just the sound of a passing car and then silence again. Just seeing... zilch thinking... just sensing... I passed a group of people and I had to focus in on them to try and sense something... there was not the usual reaction to strangers... my experience today is very different... a strange experience... new... little mind... just seeing... Read the article.

Can understanding take you beyond the mind? (12/09/2009)

There are so many concepts that are used to describe the many facets that make us up that it becomes quiet confusing at times. Some of the concepts used are physical body, mind, conscious mind, unconscious mind, ego, self, soul, spirit, higher self, awareness, witness, witnessing consciousness, consciousness etc.

We try and be watch the mind, but who is watching? Read the article.

Becoming ready for enlightenment (29/09/2009)

Last night in meditation I got the feeling that I needed to die to go deeper. As if the mind was holding on, which created sort of a tension in the head. Felt like I needed to die to the ego. Like the mind is the only thing holding me back from going deeper into meditation. I let go as much as 'I' could. An understanding developed - difficult to put into words.

Today out for a walk a realisation began to arise that my attachment to the human form is diminishing. Doing the human thing, life after life, is not so compelling any more. Feel like I am now ready for enlightenment to occur.

Are you willing to drop your beliefs? (2/10/2009)

The spiritual marketer preys on the emptiness within - which has been created by the priest and society. Society says you can be anything but who you really are. You can aspire to be anyone except yourself. Read the article.

Who are you? (16/10/2009)

Mind is like a computer. You sit in front of a computer. You know that you are not the computer. You use the computer to access information and build things. You use the biocomputer to access memories, information and construct an imaginary future. Read the article.

Going beyond the mind (17/10/2009)

At the Zen Satori Meditation last night I did the Bliss Technique on the question, "Who am I?" - on the feeling in the body not the words but as I put the question out to the horizon I saw the words printed in space. As soon as they disappeared towards the horizon large words printed in space came back, "You are God." Read the article.

Wild feline animal attacks me (18/10/2009)

A young wild cat. Like a tabby cat / puma. The body about two feet long. Beautiful. I was not scared but she attacked me. I tried to hold her so that she would not bite and scratch but she was too strong to get a handle on. Then there was another wild cat, a little smaller with a beautiful palemeno type coat. I tried to hold her head so she would not bite but if you have ever tried to hold a cat you know how their body can move inside the skin, and she was able to rotate her head almost 180 degrees in each direction. She was very strong and beautiful. Read the article.

That which never dies (19/10/2009)

I was thinking about how when the body dies the mind and ego also die, but the consciousness moves onto a new body. But before when I had thought about this I was too identified with the mind to understand it. Just now I got a clear sense of the consciousness that does not die - and I feel uplifted and excited with the self realisation. I feel clear and light and free and at peace.

Can we establish ideomotor responses with the universal consciousness? (2008-10-19)

Consciousness can be seen as an epiphenomena of the human organism. If humans have a consciousness then it stands to reason that all living organisms must therefore have a consciousness. The way the organism experiences life will depend upon its form, neurology, senses, etc. We talk of collective consciousness and collective unconsciousness. The entire universe could be seen to have a consciousness arising as an epiphenomena. Read the article.

Modelling Christianity with NLP (2008-12-28)

I was at a party the other night and had an interesting conversation with a Catholic man who ran a prayer group. He told me about an exercise that he uses to help people discover peace within themselves. He thought the results were obtained because of the content of the exercise but let's see if they really are? Read the article.

Those who have the greatest need have the right to... (2008-12-28)

I was at a friends place the other afternoon. A 4 year old girl and a 3 year old boy were playing house. Each had built their own 'house'. The girl had her feet on a stool. The boy pointing to the stool said to her, "You have to share." He kept on repeating the statement. Read the article.

How to read minds consistently? (2008-01-27)

Many years's ago I was on Port Beach in Western Australia with my girlfriend. In my mind I said, "Let's run?" She then said, "Okay!" and started running. I had not uttered a word aloud but she was able to hear my thoughts. Another example. I returned home to my house... Read the article.

Does there need to be any 'I' to run the human organism? (2008-12-28)

... The human organism is a complex machine run by coding in the DNA. It is much like a robot that is programmed to fulfill needs, wants and desires. So the human learns to feed itself. Once this need is fulfilled it moves onto a higher need... However with all of the complexity of the human organism there does not have to be any 'I' that makes the decisions. Read the article.

Mounted Police shepherd Gold Coast rioters like sheep (2009-02-03)

... Two Police officers on horseback chased a youth across the park into James street. They were followed by about '2,000' screaming teenagers. I don't know if they caught the youth but when they turned their attention to the crowd all they did was get their horses to walk sideways and shepard the teenagers like a sheep dog herding sheep, back to the beach. Read the article.

Are you being manipulated with hypnosis? (2009-03-07)

... Who and what are hypnotists? As we know Hitler was a successful hypnotist. He got people into a state of fear by talking about the economy, etc. Fear sensitised the brain and made the people receptive to his suggestions, which he repeated over and over again. He also used a hypnotic technique of giving speeches at night on a podium forcing people to stare at the glare of bright lights. Read the article.

Is hypnosis imagination? (2009-03-17)

... People think they are in touch with reality but in fact they are just lost in the mind. Playing the pretend game of hypnosis is a great way to loosen up the conditioning and challenge your perception of reality. Read the article.

Does the hypnotist have power over the subject? (2009-04-02)

Mention hypnosis and most people think of it as entertainment where someone is made to quack like a duck. This has created an idea in the mind of the public that the hypnotist has power over the subject, but nothing could be further from the truth. Read the article.

How to regress to your birth with hypnosis? (2009-04-11)

The other night I did some very simple waking hypnosis to regress me back to my birth. As you will read, the actual trance induction was very simple. I just made the following statements aloud to do the regression: "When I snap my fingers I will regress back to my birth. I will see and hear everything that occurred. It will not be a memory but of an actual happening." (snaps fingers) Read the article. __ © Author Abby Eagle


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