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Astral travelling
OBE's, meditation experiences. Entering into sleep with awareness. I have touched the face of God. Cosmic orgasms
Meeting Jesus
A felt presence. Deeksha. Authentic happiness.
Osho gives me Deeksha
Meeting Jesus.
Vastness Meditation
Osho and Buddha. You are God.
No Internal Dialogue
Going beyond the mind. Dropping beliefs
The passage between lives
Delving into pain. The brilliance of success. Sleep meditation.
Bardo Instructions
Guidelines for how to approach and experience the passage between lives.
There is no one there
The feeling that I am God. Being conscious in a dream. The river of consciousness.
Past lives. Near death experiences. The mind is silent - what next?
Awareness showers down
Who stands to gain from creating conflict? Be willing to take a risk. War is a play.
Heaven and hell.
Why did Buddha attain to enlightenment?
Gain Inspiration
Stories that inspire and motivate us to action.
NLP Coaching Resources
Empowering you to empower others.
NLP Peace Mapping
Application of NLP Model to resolving conflict and creating harmony.

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Abby Eagle challenge everything for the truth


An introduction to the practise of meditation... Phone 07 5562 5718 or email me to book a free 20 minute telephone or Skype consultation to discuss anything related to NLP, Hypnotherapy and Meditation. Gold Coast, Robina Australia.


Why Meditate?


Stress management has come a long way in the last 50 years. When I was a boy in the 1960’s yoga was not something that the average Australian did. Yoga was for hippies out on the fringe. But yoga at its simplest is just a set of physical exercises. If you are new to Zen Meditation then think of it as being much like yoga. Zen has no dogma and requires no beliefs or doctrine. Zen at it simplest is simply learning how to be a witness to your own mind. Out of this practise one develops an awareness that is beyond the mind.

When I got into NLP in the mid 1980’s it was considered by mainstream psychology to be just another New Age weekend workshop. But the business world quickly caught onto it because it delivered powerful results in a short period of time. Now NLP is taught at Universities and schools, and psychologists have begun to embrace its methodology. However the most fundamental aspect of human consciousness is still not addressed by psychology or NLP and that is this thing that meditators call ‘The Witness’.

At Abby Eagle School of Meditation you will learn how to recognise and develop a pure witnessing consciousness. Combine this with some powerful NLP techniques and you have a methodology for creating success that is beyond that of achieving material gains. Unlike hypnosis which might just recondition a person’s mind without any change in awareness, when you combine meditation with NLP it becomes a sort of dehypnosis – a deconditioning process to help you become more consciously aware of your thought processes and how they create your life. The ‘you’ that you think you are is only the cage give to you by society – it is your conditioning. This website is an opportunity for you to free yourself from the cage and fly as high and far as you like.

Throughout this site you will note many references to the contemporary Zen Master Osho. Osho (11/12/1931 – 19/1/1990) is an enlightened master who devoted his life to the raising of human consciousness. He was Professor of Philosophy at the University of Jabalpur from 1958 – 1966 and the All-India Debating Champion and Gold Medal winner in His graduating class in 1956. He has commented on nearly every philosopher, enlightened master, religious leader and religious scripture known to mankind, but he is unique in that he speaks from outside of the square of the politically correct establishment. If you have the courage to listen to His discourses I guarantee they will challenge your most cherished beliefs and your most fundamental assumptions about life. __ © Author Abby Eagle

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How to meditate and find peace of mind
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