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Why there is no heaven or hell (21/07/2013)

There is no heaven or hell as a destination after death because there is 'no one' to go there.

Perhaps the reason why the enlightened talk about "having freed themselves from the cycle of birth and death", is because they realise that it is futile to believe in rebirth or an after life. Why? Because there is no one to go there. How can you go somewhere if there is no one to go?

How can you be imprisoned if there is no one to be imprisoned? Freedom arises out of an understanding that there is no one to be imprisoned. Mind is just layers of thoughts.

No matter what you may believe about an after life - there is no one to go there – all you have is an experiencing of what is right now. This is not mystical – this is so simple, it is in front of your face. It does not require any scriptural understanding. __ © Author Abby Eagle

How to create an environment that brings out the best in you? (31/03/2013)

At the birth of Buddha the astrologers predicted that he would either be a world leader (chakravartin) or renounce the world and become a Buddha. As the king had no other sons he did not like the idea of his son Siddhartha leaving the kingdom so he went to great efforts to protect him from death. In winter they went to a warmer palace; in summer they moved to cooler palace; the garden was kept well tended with no so signs of decay or disease. Old men and women were kept from his sight. He was given all pleasures and comfort. Only young beautiful women were allowed in his world so as to keep him in constant desire. But when he did eventually see examples of old age and death he was compelled to go on the search for what is beyond death - for the ultimate Truth.

Who knows whether the astrologers predictions were correct or not? Who knows whether his past lives had anything to do with his current life? But what we do know is that the king created a situation in which Buddha had all possible comfort and pleasure and was prevented, as much as possible, from seeing and experiencing discomfort, suffering, decay and death. When one goes to an extreme then a foundation is created, energy is stored until eventually something triggers the pendulum to swing in the other direction.

Siddhartha’s eventual renunciation of the world and his search for Truth makes sense in the light of the Hindu environment and his wealthy pampered lifestyle. What he did was go from one extreme to another. And so is it surprising that he should eventually come to the concept of a 'middle way'?

In the 1990's I remember hearing NLP trainer, Tad James, say that he did everything he could to prevent his son from playing with guns. But his efforts backfired because when his son became old enough, he joined the Police force so that guns became not just his preoccupation but his occupation.

If you prevent someone from doing something then you risk building in a compulsion. Buddha’s search for truth may have little to do with the astrologer’s predictions and his past lives, and more to do with his extreme upbringing. For those of you not familiar with the story of Buddha it goes something like this:

On the way to a youth festival he saw an ill man. He asked his charioteer if this could happen to him, and even though the charioteer had been told by the king to say "no" to a question like this he found himself saying, "yes it could". Then they came across an old man and he asked if he could also grow old. The charioteer found himself replying "yes". The story is that the charioteer was puzzled at his responses. It is said that the disembodied soul of an enlightened being took control of the charioteer to make him say "yes". Personally I find that statement to show a lack of respect for the charioteer. I think that it was just one of those moments when we find ourselves compelled to tell the truth and I think the charioteer should be given credit for his honesty. (But ironically the scriptures are replete with fantasy and distortions of the truth.)

Then they came across a dead body being carried to a crematorium and Buddha asked if one day he would die. When the charioteer replied in the affirmative Buddha ordered him to turn the chariot around and go back to the palace. On the way they came across a Sannyasin dressed in orange robes. He asked who is this man? The charioteer told Buddha that the Sannyasin was a seeker of truth. That night Siddhartha deserted the kingdom, and abandoned his wife and baby to search for that which never dies. (Reference: Osho Dhammapada Number 2 volume 3.) __ © Author Abby Eagle.


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